Monday, June 30, 2008

Four, Four, Four, Four

A) Four places that I go to over and over:.. grocery store, church, bed, humanitarian aid

B) Four people who e-mail me (regularly).Laurel, Kristi, David, NOT JEFF

C) My favorite places to eat... Panda Express, McDonald's (Big Mac BABY), Red Robin and SOMBREROS BURRITOS!

D) Four places I'd like to be right now: Austin, Austin, Austin and Austin

E) Four people I think will respond: Roxie, David, Tiffany and Susan

F) Four TV shows I watch all the time: Gilmore Girls (it was so good the first time, I watch the reruns), Survivor, Lost and CSI (Jeff's favorite, so I watch with him)

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Funny Story about Jakob

Last Friday Jakob and Logan went with Jeff to work for part of the day (Jeff had a meeting and I was at the Hotel with the Girl Scouts). Jeff was in the meeting and the boys were in the Jeff's office playing until he was done. Some of the ladies who worked there would stop in and check on the boys or take them for a walk around the store.

On lady named Amy gave Jakob a magnifying glass to play with. When he put it up to his eye,

she said "Wow, that makes your eye big".

And he said "And that makes your boobie big"

Gotta love a son who is comfortable with who he is. NO SHAME!


I told the kids that on Saturday after they helped me clean our and organize the kitchen cabinets that we would go outside and play.

My kids are really good about doing work around the house (they don't like it, but they do it and I am thankful for that). So they took turns picking the cabinets that they wanted to wipe down and reorganize. My only rule was that they had to put the same things in the same cabinets (the plates had to go back in the same cabinets, but I didn't care on which self or which side...their choice).

I am glad to say that my cabinets are all clean and reorganized. They really had fun doing it too. Jakob wanted to do the cups, but needed help and Logan volunteered (I didn't make him volunteer either) to help him. And then Kellsie and Logan worked on another cabinet together. I love when they get along that well.

Then we went outside and rode bikes with the Hunts and the Girls Across the street. I am happy with the neighbors that we have (I have to say that about Stephanie, because she reads my blog).

Then the Hunts dropped off their boys around 6pm and we watched them while they went out on a date. Before they came over, Jakob asked me where the parents were going. I told him they were going on a date. He asked me what they were going to do on their date. And I replied, that they were probably going to kiss. He got grossed out and went down stairs. TOO FUNNY!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Kellsie's friday apt

We got up early Friday morning (7:30am) to get to Kellsie's apt at 8:30am. The man we were seeing was putting her new insert in for her left foot. They had to cut it down to size and shape it a little more, so it didn't hurt her so much. We were there until 10:30!

I was a little frustrated at first, he came in with am insert that was about 2 inches above her ankle (white plastic), so I asked him if he was going to cut it down. He said no. Something about the insurance only covering one type of insert and it was the one with the tall sides. Jeff said I was a little rude to him in talking to him about the sides, so when he came back in I said that I was sorry for the way I was talking, but that I was under the impression last time, that we were going with the shorter sides (because I told him last time insurance DID cover the shorter ones and I thought he checked that out and agreed with me). He told me not to worry about it, that when he went out he double checked and I WAS right, she could have the shorter sides.

Could you imagine Kellsie starting 4th grade with this while plastic sicking out of her shoes 2 "above her ankles? That would have been messed up!

I really like how well this guy does his job and how well all her braces and inserts work, but I was really frustrated that he didn't remember/ care about the height. I guess I expect them to write things down and then before the next apt READ THE NOTES! I pay a lot of money to these people and I expect them to put more brain power into this. Kellsie is my daughter, and I want them to pay better attention.

I did get a call from the physical Therapy office. They said I was right on the 35.00 co pay after all (I ALREADY KNEW THAT!)

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Kellsie's Physical Therapy

Today we went to Kellsie's physical Therapy. It was her first apt, so we didn't know what to expect. The ladies at the front desk were really nice. But I reminded them I needed to pay the 35.00 co pay and they said not to worry about it, that they would talk to me latter.


We were there 1 1/2 hours. She is working with a lady named Gene. She took measurements and did some flexibility testing. She did some major history on her and it seemed like she really cared.

She sent us home with 6 exercises to do with Kellsie (better Kellsie than me). They are easy in theory, but she starts with 10 reps each and needs to do about 50 reps in the future. She was planning on only sending us home with 2-4, but Kellsie was doing so well, that she gave us more.

We will need to see her once a week. She laughed when I asked her if it was going to take more than a month. What do I care, it is just money.

So on the way out, I asked the lady at the front desk (Carole to her friends) and asked her about the co pay. She said I don't pay a co pay with them, I just pay 20% of the visit. WRONG! I called the insurance co also before and they said I need to pay a co pay and possibly 20% of the bill depending on what they do for Kellsie. She said she would call again.

So next time I go in, I am sure I will need to pay 35 for that visit and 35 for the one they didn't collect for. What? Is this my first Rodeo? I should write a book!

It's off to work he goes

So the Summer time is really busy for Jeff. Is is back to school time. The trucks have already started bringing all the school supplies in and Jeff has been working major hours getting everything stocked. And as that is not enough, he has one dumb manager who is causing stress and they asked him to do a mini remodel.

So Sunday night he went in around 5pm and didn't get home until 5am.

Monday he went in at 1pm and got home about midnight

Tuesday he went in a 1pm and got home around 3:30 ( I was already in bed)

Wednesday he went in again at 1pm and got home about 4am and left again at 5:30am for work again. This time he didn't even sleep, poor baby. Just came home to take a shower.

After he came home today, he took a nap before dinner and then after dinner he went to bed )about 8pm).

We have another Dr. Apt for Kellsie in the morning (8:30am poor Jeff). she is getting her insert for her shoe.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Work, Work, Work.

So today around 4pm my neighbor across the street called and asked if I would take her daughter to volleyball at the middle school. Her other daughter was sick and she didn't want to leave her.

So I took her down at 5pm and picked her up at 8pm. Well she was 15 min late getting out, so we waited in the car. You would have thought I had wild animals fighting in the car the way my children were acting. I was so upset! So when we got home I made them pull all the weeds in my front yard (it looked good when we were done about 8:45 but it was a little dark, so we will see how good they did in the morning).

When we got home, they took a bath and came down stairs to watch the rest of our movie (I said about 15 min, because it was really late). A friend of mine called about 5 min into the movie, so I asked the kids if we could finish it tomorrow and if they could tuck themselves into bed, because I really needed to talk to this friend. I get crying and stomping and fighting all the way up the stairs. After I was off the phone I could still hear them playing upstairs, so I made them all come down and I gave them work to do. Logan cleaned the hallway and did a load of laundry. Kellsie folded laundry and cleaned off the kitchen table. And Jakob cleaned up the Laundry room and wiped down counters.

I just put them to bed and it is 11:21pm. Hopefully I wore them out with work, so they will sleep in tomorrow. I told them if they kept it up tomorrow they would have more work than just their normal chores. But I hold out hope. This was the first hard day we really had since school let out and it only started around 8pm.

I just have to say with all the extra work I gave them tonight, they didn't complain at all. I told them how proud of them I was for keeping a good attitude while they worked.

My siblings and I were all raised to work hard and I hope I raise my kids the same way. I love them and I want the best for them, but I also want them to work for it.


On Sunday Jakob had a fever, so we stayed home. On Sunday he didn't seem normal yet, so I kept him home and we didn't go anywhere. So today I thought we could go to the library and Faith in God. But now I am not feeling too good. Funny how things work.

The kids have been playing really nice today, so I am excited about that. I told them I would watch a movie with them in a little bit. I think Tacos will be for dinner. All the kids like those, so it won't be a big fight with Logan around dinner time.

I hope Wednesday will be better. I really want to take the kids to the library. They love getting new books and getting prizes for reading.

I told the kids I would give them 50 cents for each book report they gave me and I have two from each of them. I was hoping for more, but we will see what the rest of the month brings.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Too Easy

So I went online today to get info on Kellsie's physical Therapy. My insurance only covers four places. One is in Farmington (that is a no!), one is an outpatient program (I have issues with the outpatient xrays, so I won't use them). and then that last two are the same place, just different locations.

They seem nice on the phone, and I have an apt for Kellsie on Thursday afternoon.

Too easy? Something is going to happen once I get there. I know somehow this will end up being harder than it is and costing way more money than it needs to.

I had asked Jeff to take care of the physical therapy apts, so he would understand how hard it is working with Dr's and insurance on anything other than a NORMAL apt. But it is just too hard to have him call on things while he is a work. I guess that just leaves me.

I called Carry Tingley's physical therapy dept (they can't take us, because they have a one month waiting list) to see who they recommend. And of course their recommendations are not on our insurance and they don't know the people I made the apt through, so we will see.

Kellsie has her apt for her shoe insert on Friday morning. If you have not figured it out that will be 70.00 in co pays in a 24 hour time.

Did I tell you I need to dye my hair again. Major grey is showing up again. Maybe I should just go all the way grey. Purple is a nice color too.

Sunday, June 22, 2008


So there are a lot of posts. I am catching up on the crazy week we had. I think it goes on for two pages.Enjoy!

Primary Temple Trip

So the younger kids in our church (3yrs to 12 yrs) go to Primary on Sunday's. They divide into age groups and learn about the Gospel. The Primary Presidency planned a Primary Temple Trip. These are only a couple of pictures, I did not get any off Jeff's Camera yet.

There is one pic of all the kids that went.

There is one pic of Kellsie, Allyson and Jessica at the church (waiting to drive to the Temple)

And there is one of Kellsie and Jess in front of the Temple.

I really like going to the Temple and feeling the spirit there. The lady that showed us around told some interesting facts about the Temple. The one I liked the best was that there is a time capsle behind the stone that says the year it was dedicated. Inside are the Book of Mormon, Bible, testimonies and a quilt. The quilt is in memory of a lady who lived in albuquerque who made a quilt for every missionary who served here. I thought that was a great symbol of service.

Anyways, the trip was really well planned out and I am thankful I was able to go with my family and take the tour. I have been to the Temple before, but my favorite is going with my family!

Jakob and Sushi

Jeff bought some Sushi on saturday and Jakob wanted to try it (Yuck). He really liked it. I think I need to throw up, but we said it was good.

Girl Scout Hotel Slumber Party

On friday night Laurel, Noel and I took the girls to the Hyatt Regency Tamaya Resort And Spa.

The girls earned lots of money selling cookies and this is what they wanted to spend some of it on. Laurel had points on her visa card for the 2 hotel rooms, so the troop paid her 200.00. Which was great because the rooms we stayed in were like 400.00 a night rooms and we got connecting rooms.

There were three pools. We have load of pictures, that I will post latter. I was in the pool with the girls and Laurel took lots of pictures, so as soon as we swap pic cd's I will upload some more.

The horse picture was taken in the Lobby.

The other picture with the girl holding candy is a funny story. Noelle and I took them to the bathroom and there were (and I say were because the girl took all of them) mints on the counter. VERY COOL! I would like to tell you how good they were, but I didn't get one.

We ordered room service for dinner (the kids dinners were only 5.00-7.00 each, so that was not bad.

Most of the girls were in bed around 11:30, but a couple of them didn't go to sleep until 12:45. So of course being the paranoid mom that I am, I stayed awake until the last two went to bed. I was planning on staying up until around 2am, so I got more sleep than I thought.

Bo Bo Brothers

I think they might have been separated at birth!

We went to Los Alamos to see the Bradshaws, but more importantly we went for Timmy's birthday. Timmy and Jakob are best friends and they needed to be together on Timmy's special day!

The picture of them calmly sitting. It was right before they scooted closer down to try to catch the fish. I am amazed that one of them didn't fall in.

Random Crazy Fun

Gina had bought a big box of airhead candy. Gotta love the colors.

Kate and Abby are taking Piano lessons. I got to hear both of them play. THEY WERE AMAZING!

The last picture is of my hand stirring dinner. Yep, that is right, I helped cook dinner. Chicken Enchiladas! With Gina's supervision I was able to stir without burning the sauce. THANKS GINA.

Just FYI, I cooked the same thing for dinner a couple days latter. Still good, but not as good as Gina's.

Some more pictures

Lily is walking!!!

Elsie Bell

So this is Elsie. The Bradshaws 2nd youngest. If I could hand pick another kid, this would be it. I LOVE YOU CHICKIE!

Of course there is another member of my family who loves Elsie. Can you tell who? Logan thinks girls are gross, but when Elsie told Gina that she wanted to marry Logan, Logan was all for it. Isn't she a doll?

Bradshaw's Cherry Tree

So my kids love cherries. Ever since Grandma Joan and Pa Pa Ed let them eat as many as they want at their house. Every time they are in the store, my kids can't stop asking about them.

When they got out of the car at the Bradshaws they went right to the cherry tree. Gina said they can pick as much as they wanted. And they did. I did have to tell Jakob NOT to put them in his pockets. This is the tree!

Friday, June 20, 2008

A little behind

I was going to post pictures of the Bradshaw's visit, but I can't find the camera and I don't really have time to go over the pics anyways.

Last night I went to a Girl Scout Day Camp Meeting. Nothing new really, just the same stuff as last time, but more Cadettes were there, so we had to go over everything again. Laurel and I are doing the 2 Jr. badges, so we need to get on that.

Today The Girl Scouts are meeting at my house at 3pm to go to a resort for an overnight for the girls cookie reward. So before they get here, I need to pack me and Kellsie, clean out the car and go to the store for snacks. I also need to water the garden and do house and mommy stuff. No stress, I can get it all done, but the fact is, I just want to go back to bed.

On Saturday I need to get up early and take Kellsie, Jessica and Allyson and get to the church at 9:30am to go on the Temple Trip. After that we go to the Isotopes Baseball game at 5:30. I am excited about the weekend events, but I really need to get my but in gear so I am ready for it.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


So yesterday at 9am we left to go to Los Alamos to see the Bradshaws. Jeff had to work, so it was just me and the kids. Gina was having Timmy's birthday party on Wednesday (today) and we really wanted to be there. The kids had a blast and they didn't want to leave.

Gina kept telling the kids that the house next door was for rent...

We left today (wed) at 3:45pm to get home and spend some time with Jeff. It wasn't enough time with my dear friend. I would have loved to spend more time talking and catching up. We talk on the phone and email here and there, but it is not the same as talking in person.

I have massive amounts of pictures and I will post them tomorrow. I am tired and the frozen pizza is ready ( I wanted to make stir fry when I got home, but I was too tired).

Monday, June 16, 2008

Father's Day

I hope all your hubbies had a good father's day. I feel a little bad for Jeff this year. I got up early to make him eggs with Bacon so the kids could give it to him in bed. OF COURSE I messed them up, so I can do cook them again ( I never really joke about my lack of cooking skills), which put us late getting out the door for church. I normally get there 1/2 hour early to set up all my chairs in class (if I don't the boys set them up for me, against the wall where they can rock their chairs) and get my items from the library. Well Jeff left with the kids 10 min til 9am and I left about 2 min til 9am. I walked into church right when they were signing the opening song. AHHHH!

Jeff made his own dinner ( I offered, but he declined) of chicken and shrimp kabobs. They were really good. THANKS JEFF!

We had family home evening and for the activity we gave him our gifts. Logan gave a talk on fathers and how great Jeff was and they he talked about the Scriptures and how the Prophets fight for the Lord against Satan and how Jeff was the same way, fighting for our family. I thought it was really cute and he thought of it all himself. Jeff got all his favorite treats: Doritos, Wheinharts root beer, Swedish fish and gum.

Kellsie gave a talk at church also. Her topic was Temples: She wrote the talk herself about what we need to do to in order to go in the temple, like keeping the commandments. She also talked about things she is doing now, so she can be ready for the Temple like dressing modestly. I was teaching at the time, so Jeff went to watch her, he said she did a really good job.

Jakob was asked to give the prayer in Primary (always a little iffy on what he will say). Jeff said he blessed that they would all be able to play and have fun. Gotta love my boy. At night when he says his personal prayers he blesses the food. I told him that he doest' have to bless the food, because we are not eating. He then reminded me that there is food in the house and he wants to bless it. Who am I to tell him how to pray, he knows what he is doing!

Friday, June 13, 2008


quiz thingy

1. WERE YOU NAMED AFTER ANYONE?Just a story about a girl named Katie who saved her brother from the train. I don't know if it was a true story or a book.

2. WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME YOU CRIED?Don't remember. It has been a good week, so...

3. DO YOU LIKE YOUR HANDWRITING? Not really. I wish it was nicer for posters and stuff


5. DO YOU HAVE KIDS?yes. And right now, they all like me, but it is not noon yet, so give them time.


7. DO YOU USE SARCASM A LOT? It's how I roll


9. WOULD YOU BUNGEE JUMP? no. Not even think about it.



12. DO YOU THINK YOU ARE STRONG?I can carry my daughter in her casts around the first floor of the main library. But then I hurt my back...

13. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE ICE CREAM? dark cherry with chunks of choc.


15. RED OR PINK?pink

16. WHAT IS THE LEAST FAVORITE THING ABOUT YOURSELF?weight. I am hoping there is a time and a season for that.


18. DO YOU WANT EVERYONE TO SEND THIS BACK TO YOU?If you read this send one back:)

19. WHAT COLOR PANTS AND SHOES ARE YOU WEARING? Purple polka dot pants and a gray shirt with a pint hart that says 2HOT 2 HANDLE (still in my pj's)


21. WHAT ARE YOU LISTENING TO RIGHT NOW?Jeff fixing the bunk beds to we can put them back up


23. FAVORITE SMELLS? clean kids. I really don't like hugging kids that smell like dirt.



26. FAVORITE SPORTS TO WATCH? Basketball (but I still don't watch it)

27. HAIR COLOR?brown, blonde, red depending on the dye and how bad it turns out

28. EYE COLOR?brown


30. FAVORITE FOOD? pizza





35. HUGS OR KISSES?Depends on who is giving them

36. FAVORITE DESSERT? apple pie

37. MOST LIKELY TO RESPOND?Susan (you are my favorite sister)

38. LEAST LIKELY TO RESPOND? Laurel you are one of my best friends but you never do these. Take a brake from work and DO THIS!!!

39. WHAT BOOK ARE YOU READING NOW? Period Pieces. I got it from the library in the children's section. It is written by a lady who I go to church with. It is full of stories about when each women got their period and the events around them. FUNNY STUFF!

40. WHAT IS ON YOUR MOUSE PAD? Don't have one

41. WHAT DID YOU WATCH ON T. V. LAST NIGHT?the end of oceans 11

42. FAVORITE SOUND? kids playing without fighting

43. ROLLING STONES OR BEATLES?beach boys please


45. DO YOU HAVE A SPECIAL TALENT?packing. I am really good at packing

46. WHERE and when WERE YOU BORN? jan 6th in San Diego


48. WHAT IS YOUR NEW YEARS RESOLUTION? same as every year, loose weight

49. IF YOU WERE A FABRIC WHAT WOULD YOU BE? Something that was stain resistant and did not have to iron!

Kellsie's Tea Party

Ever since Kellsie got her American Girl Doll, she has wanted to have a Tea Party. Her doll Felicity was growing up in the Revolutionary War time and when she was about 10 had to take lessons on having tea parties.

So Kellsie invited two friends (that was all the giggling I could take this week) over to have a tea party. We don't have a tea set, so her friend Jessica brought her Hello Kitty one. Stephanie next door told Kellsie that she could use her grandmother's tea pot (picture down low).

Kellsie wanted Lemon aid in the tea pot, so she made that. She also wanted crumpets (does she know who she has as a mother?).

Instead Kellsie made blueberry muffins (from a box), I made cupcakes (from a box), and Lemon cake (from a box). Chris this is the part where you don't laugh...

The girls had a blast. The first tea party (there were three) was very nice to watch. Kellsie would say, "Would you like tea Ms. Flowers?" And then Jess would reply "Yes I would, Thank you Ms. Giras". And it went on and on while they asked each other for cupcakes and other treats. I remember thinking how proud the other girls' mothers would be.

But by the third Tea Party the manners were out the door...

Fun pictures below. Kellsie wants to make more Tea Parties in the future, so we might have to find her a tea set. We will see. All that cooking (from boxes) wore me out!

THe girls did not go to bed until midnight and they woke up at 7am. What is that about?

Stinky Feet

So I said that Logan went up with Mr. Stinky Feet (and other kids, Lars went up too). Jacque took some pics of Logan and Mr. Stinky Feet. THANKS Jacque!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I was planning on catching up on all the 1/2 finished projects I had around the house. I was only able to finish 1 of them. I finished Crocheting a blanket for a friend of mine who is having a baby girl. With all my friends having babies, I have been making them non stop.

I did start on a quilt for my niece Cassey. I love the material I got for her. Of course most of it is pink (because that is her favorite color just like Aunt Katie, You rock kid)!.

I want to make a quilt for Connor too, but I have not found any material that I like for him yet.

Anyway, Jakob went next door to play and Porter came over here to play. Stephanie came over about 2:25pm and said they were going to listen to Mr. Stinky Feet play at the library, so we quickly got ready and drove down there with them. As always Mr. Stinky Feet is the best and my kids loved it. Logan even went up to play in the "Band" with him.

We came home and Logan challenged me to Mario Cart in which I took 2nd place (behind Logan of course). Then I came in 7th place while playing Jakob and then I sucked with 11th place in the game with Kellsie.

Off to make Pasta with White Sauce...

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Mother In Law

My Mother In Law was in the Hospital for surgery today. Nothing too major. My sister In Law Kim called me to let me know everything was OK and that I can call her in the morning. The kids can't wait to talk to you Joan!

An my grandfather had a stroke yesterday. He is back home already, but he lost his vision and he is not doing very well. I don't have a problem with death because of my religious belief, but I do get sad when I know someone is in pain. Not physically pain, but emotional paid at the loss of his vision causes him a great amount of stress.

I hope his time comes soon, so he can see his wife again. I know he really misses her. My kids never met him. Well Kellsie did when she was about 5 months old at Grandma's funeral, but that was it. We will see what time brings.

The down low on Logan

Logan will be 7 on July 7th. For the past couple months he has been talking like there is a major maturity change coming. He has been trying new foods (without crying or yelling or asking from us. His own choice). He told me that is because he is growing up and that is what you do when you grow up.

So today he tells me that he wants his own room. He does not want to share with Jakob or anyone for that matter. He wants us to move all the stuff out of the computer room and make that his bedroom. At first I laughed and then I thought about it from his side.

Logan likes to play by himself. More than other kids. He frequently comes to me and asks me to play with Jakob so he can have some alone time. The other thing is that Logan is really good at getting his chores done everyday. He likes his stuff pretty organized (for a 6 year old) and Jakob is...well...unorganized, toys everywhere kind of kid (nothing wrong with that. Typical 4 year old).

So Jeff and I were trying to figure how to accommodate Logan and still function as a household.

So on the way home from Judo I ask Jakob if he is excited about Logan possibly moving into the computer room. He says "Yes, because I can't wait to sleep in the computer room". Logan hears this and WWIII Hits.

So basically Logan wants his own space and Jakob wants to be right next to him until forever. Poor Jakob.

Wish us luck on figuring it all out.

To Hailey

Is this enough pictures of Kellsie for you? If you want I can email you the gross ones of what her legs looked like after the casts were taken off. Love ya chickie!

More to the story

So when they took her casts off the Dr came into see her. Big surprise her left foot is not doing to hot.

The good news is that Kellsie is not walking on her tip toes. But her left foot (as you can see in the picture where she is walking, is inverted (towards her ankle) and she has a bunion(???) on that foot as wel. We think this was caused by the other horrible Dr who took 250.00 of our money and will not return it (Another time for that story)

So the doctor wants Kellsie to do rehab for 1 month to start (1 time a week) We think this will be a 35.00 co pay every time we go in. Then we had her fitted for an insert for her left foot. That is the picture of the casting. This will be in in two weeks. She will also need to wear braces at night to help keep her foot extended. And a bunion brace thing for at night as well. There is a picture here of that as well.

I had given Logan the camera to take pictures while Jeff and I talked with the Dr's. I started with 590 pictures left and ended with 482 when Logan gave me the camera back. Needles to say I deleted all the ones he took of my butt! But I did include one of Jakob.

The braces and inserts are not a forever thing, they think this will only be temporary. I don't don't how long that means. We will have to wait and see. Everything has been ordered, but the braces we came home with.

I have to find a rehab place because they have a month waiting list. I will call insurance next. I love talking to them, so I can't wait...

Casts are OFF!

Here is Kellsie the last time we see her standing with her casts on in the waiting room.
Then here are the ear covers, because the saw is so loud. She is sticking her tongue out to Jeff. They have such a great relationship!

Here they are sawing the cast off and cutting the material. Notice the toe of her cast. It was coming apart and we had to keep taping in together. It looked horrible, but what else could we do?

The nurse was nice enough to clean her legs before we left.

But by the time we go to the car her legs were so yucky. Dead skin everywhere. Of course that kept the boys attention for most of the ride home. Logan and Jakob are fascinated with dead skin. GROSS!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Natural History Museum

Se we went to the Natural History Museum at 4pm last Wednesday. It was free because they were only going to be open 1 more hour. Plenty of time for us.

Jakob thought it was great that there were dino bones everywhere. He had so many questions.

He especially liked the one where we are all in the picture because it looks like the same one they have in the "Night at the museum" Movie.

Kellsie liked the Penguin, but wanted to know if it was once real and if they killed it. I told her it was a stuffed animal. Nice to know I can still trick her.
Sorry about the doubles of Logan. But he is so cute, you won't mind seeing him twice. He was pretending to run away from the alligator. What a ham.

We had a lot of fun and we will be going again this week. We didn't see any of the space stuff.

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