Saturday, May 31, 2008

Better than me

So I was at a birthday party today and Tiffany was telling me that one of the girls who was invited name was Willow ( I like the name). She went on to tell me that her mom has a green baby (not the color but the environment green). I asked what that meant. She said she doesn't use diapers. I said cloth diapers suck, but as long as I am not changing them. And then Tiffany said...NO, Katie, she does not use any diapers at all!


Party Day

Jeff is off today (crazy huh?) and he thought he was going to have a relaxing day, boy was he wrong.

Jeff is going to drop off Logan at a birthday party at 1pm.

I will be at a baby shower (for two sisters) at 1pm. I will leave at 1:45 to pick up Logan and then pick up the rest of the family and be 1 hour late for another birthday party at a down town park.

And today is the day Jeff promised he would have all his stuff from the closet looked over and tossed (well he thinks he is keeping it all, I KNOW he is tossing it)

I had better get down stairs and finish the last baby blanket for the baby shower.

Have a good Saturday!

Friday, May 30, 2008

Life today

The kids slept in until 8am. I was very excited about this event. And Logan even slept in until 9am. Of course I was up at 7:45am getting the stuff out for Clothes Helping Kids, but it was worth getting rid of all that stuff.

AT noon we went to Sara Fultz's house to help her set up her blog. I am excited to see how it turns out. She also feed us lunch. The kids loved it. Thanks for thinking of that Sara!

After that we came home and cleaned. Having the kids home all day is taking a tole on my house. I don't like to clean as it is, but the house is more like a pig pen lately.

I just put the bread on the oven to rise. I am making Cinnamon rolls for the Elder's Quarm get together tonight. At least I hope they turn out. Last month they didn't even rise (and for those of you who know me...I DID PUT YEAST IN THE BREAD). Cross your fingers.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

American Girl Doll

When Grandma Joan found out about Kellsie needing surgery, she called me and told me that she wanted to buy an American Girl Doll for Kellsie.

when Kellsie found out she was not having surgery, but casts, she was a little Sad because she thought she would not get the American Girl Doll.

Grandma bought one for her anyway. Kellsie got to pick it out. She wanted Felicity. Felicity loves horses and tea party's and was brought up during the Revolutionary War. Kellsie also got the DVD that went with it and she is excited to sit down and watch it.

Thanks Grandma, YOU ROCK!!!


So a couple nights ago, the kids ask me if it is ok if they make and sleep in a fort. Of course being the fantastic mom that I am, I say YES!!!
That night they didn't get to sleep until 10:30, but I was ok with that, because they were playing and having fun and there was no FIGHTING!!!


Happy Birthday to Tiffany Bushman and Allison Ficklin. I hope you guys have a great day!


On Thursdays I go to Humanitarian Aid at our church. we do lots of projects to help our community and even things that Salt Lake can send to other countries in need.

Anyway right now we are working on blankets for the local VA center here in Albuquerque. I like this project for a lot of reasons. First, because I want to show my support of the people who put their lives on the line every day to keep us free. I also like learning about the different ways you can make a quilt. And third because I like having my kids help with service projects.

As soon as we got there, my kids went to work setting up tables and chairs for the women to work out. Kellsie went right to work on pinning blankets together so we could sew them. That saved a lot of time right there. And then after we were done, my kids went right to work taking down tables and putting things away. I was so proud of them. They are hard workers and I love that about them.

On a side note: If you have any fabric, thread, yard or stuff that can be used for quilting, and you want to donate it, now is the time. This is for a good cause and the goal is at least 50 blankets. We already have 4 done with many more in the works. If you are local, then come help us out from 9-12noon at our church.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

All Better

I talked to Tiffany today ( The friend who's fish I killed last week). I am happy to say that our friendship has withstood the horrible blow of killing her fish. She is still my friend. THANKS TIFFANY!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Updating Things

Clothes Helping Kids called and they are picking up used clothing and household items and they are in my area on Friday. So I told them I would have some things for them. Mostly CRAP of Jeff's that I am getting rid of (that's right baby, you had better find a place to put all your CRAP or I am giving it away).

So I started looking at our linen closet. We need some new stuff. If you know of any major deals on towels and sheets for kids let me know. Logan is down to one sheet, so when I wash it (or when I remember to wash it) I have to do so first and get it back on his bed that day. Jakob has two, so he is still OK. And Kellsie just has one also. I also need pillow cases. I know I can make them myself, but they are almost cheaper if you buy them at Wilmart.

Anyway, Clothes Helping Kids will be at my house on Friday before 8am. If you want to donate anything, bring it over to my house before then and I will set it out with my stuff.

Monday, May 26, 2008


Here is my side of the master closet after I am done reorganizing it.
This is Jeff's side of the closet. Do you see how he has way more room. That is becuase he has more clothes that I do.
Here are his toys stacked on the side of the master closet
Here are his toys up on the shelves of the master closet. He still doesn't have a place to put all his computer parts or his 2 rubbermaid containers of CRAP that he HAS TO KEEP BECAUSE HE MIGHT NEED IT SOME DAY.
Here is the start to my new food storage closet. One bookshelve. I use cake mix alot, and I found it on sale last year for 50 cents each, so I bought a lot. I thought I was out, so when the sale came up again, I bought a bunch more. Then when I was taking some items from Jakob's bed, I found the ones from a year ago. Now I have 38 boxes of cake mix. PARTY AT MY HOUSE! Bring your own frosting!


Well, I am working on doing it. For sometime now I have been working on Jeff to change HIS room into an OUR room. I have been moving in files (funny how the bills and tax returns all fall under MY STUFF) in really slow as not to stress him out too bad.

So I came upstairs this morning to try and clean HIS room a little more, so I can move a little more stuff in. The room is so Dusty and messy. I don't ever clean it, because it is HIS room. Anyway, I got to thinking. He has that whole walk in closet with all his toys and CRAP in it. And I have all my extra food (or food storage) stashed around my house (under Jakob, Kellsie's and Logan's bed) and I would really like it if it was all in one place. I don't have a lot of food shelves in my kitchen, and I shop the sales and buy over what I need to save money, and it is spread all over the place.

Like yesterday Jeff was making pasta and we did not have any pasta sauce in the kitchen. He asked where it was, I had to think a little, because there are so many places it could be, then I remembered, I bought a case of pasta sauce and it was under Jakob's bed.

Anyway I convinced Jeff to let me take all his CRAP ( I used a nicer word to describe his stuff) into the master closet in the back and let me have the whole closet for the extra food. HE SAID YES! I know!

So I have spent the past 2 hours rearranging the master closet to accommodate his CRAP. We are done moving all the stuff out of the closet and most of the stuff is in the master closet already. I just have to tell the kids that on Tuesday we are moving 15 million tons of food into the upstairs closet.I am also going to move some bookshelves in there to help organize it and make it look all pretty.

Oh, Happy Day!

So this morning was 50% off everything day at Savors (a thrift store). I was very excited about this and I have been planning the day out for some time.

I went with my friend Sara and we had a lot of fun!

I bought (they look brand new) 2 black church pants for Logan, 1 grey pleated church pants for Jakob. Each one was 2.50. GO KATIE!

Then I bought 5 cargo uniform pants for Logan in blue and tan for 2.00 each. THey are in really good condition.

I also bought 4 uniform polo shirts for Logan for 1.50 each.

I bought PJ's for the fall and winder for the boys for 1.50 each.

I got PJ bottoms for kellsie for 50cents.

I got church shoes for Jakob for 2.50.

And three new skeins of yarn all for 1.50

They also had clue Jr, monopoly and a murder mystery game for 1.00 each.

SHOPPING WAS GOOD TODAY. I only need a couple more shirts and pants for Logan and then I am done for school in August. Kellsie is another story. Because she is so tall and thin, I have to buy her clothes closer to school and usually for a lot more money. AHHHHH!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Owner Found

So a couple min ago this teenager comes to the house holding a picture of the little kittlen we found a couple days ago. So I called Brandie and told her we know who the owner is. Brandie is on her way here to bring the cat. I am glad the girl is getting her cat back. I am glad we didn't take it to the pound.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Kellsie's last day of school

Kellsie wanted a group pic of her friends. She had a really good last day of school. They watched movies all day (don't get me started). Ms. Sandoval was her teacher and worked really hard with each kid. She was great with Kellsie.

Logan's last day of school

This is Logan's best friend Joey. They play football all the time. And when they are not playing football, they are talking about playing football.
This is Keon. Keon plays football with Logan too. This is how Keon smiles in all his pictures. He is a really nice kid.
Here is Logan with his teacher Ms. Naase. She was amazing with Logan and he liked going to class, because she was his teacher.
Here is Logan with his speach teacher Ms. Parker and her baby Sophia. Notice that MS. Naase and MS Parker are twins?
Here is Logan with the football gang: Keon, Joey, michael and some other kid who I can never remember his name.

Kellsie and the Cat

Here are the pictures of Kellsie and the stray kitten that came to our door. Cute, right?

Here is Kellsie getting ready to cry, because Brandie is coming to get it.


While we were feeding the dogs. The lady let the kids hold three of the puppies. They were really cute! Not cute enough to keep, but cute enough to take pictures of.

Pics of dogpound

Here are the pictures of the kids feeding the dogs at the dog pound. CUTE!!!


I am so proud of my niece Laura, she is graduation from college today. Jeff and I tried to figure out how we could go and see her, but with airline tickets the way they are ...

Our thoughts are with you Laura. Have fun! We love you and we are proud of you! Call us when things settle down and let us know how everything went.

Just my luck!

So I suck as a friend!
My friend Tiffany asked me to watch her 2 beta fish while she was gone on vaccation. Two days in and one is dead and the otherone is looking really bad.

By the time she gets back I will have killed bother her pets. AHHHHHHH!

The scary thing is that the next door neighbor is on vaccation too and she asked us to feed her mice and frog. To also water her flowers and strawberries. How much you want to bet that I will kill her pets and fry her plants?

Summer Plans

It's funny. You think of summer as all this time to do fun things and then you go and plan all the fun things you want to do and suddenly there is no summer left. Here are the things we want to do:

1. Library fun days. We are working on what day we want to do. Tuesdays at 10am or Thursdays at 2pm.

2. Summer reading program

3. Fishing with Dad (I don't like putting the worms on the hook. I like the holding the pole while the line is in the water. But I cry when I catch a fish. So fishing with Dad is good)

4. Swimming at the community pool. (as soon as Kellsie's casts are off)

5. Camping

6. Going to the Brandshaws for Timmy's birthday

7. Three judo tournaments

8. Dollar movies

9. Free movies at the Mall's movie theater

10. Girl scout activities

11. Teaching Jakob how to ride his bike without training wheels

12. Getting ceramics poured for all my Christmas projects

13. Relatives coming to visit

14. Sprinklers at the community center

15. 50 million birthday parties and baby showers

16. Humanitarian Aid on Thursdays

17. I have also told the kids I would pay them 50 cents for every book they read accompanied with a book report (nothing too long, because I really don't want to read it. But just to keep them reading and writing during the summer).

18. I want to put Rock in the back yard ASAP. So depending on how I can con Jeff into taking days off and hauling rock into the back yard during the hot days.

19. I would also like to take a small family trip somewhere new. Just for the weekend or something like that. Maybe down route 66 again and stay at a crazy weird hotel. Those are my favorites!

20. Logans birthday ( he has so many amazing ideas for his party. I hope I can put them into action. Wish me luck.

21. Girl Scout Hotel Sleep over. I will let you know how that one goes. most of our girl hate camping. I am hoping to start small camping trips next year or maybe next summer. We will see.

Any other ideas?

Thursday, May 22, 2008


So last night was Kellsie's end of the year Girl Scout Party. The girls watched a DVD of all the pictures from the past year. They also got their patches they have been working on for the past couple of months.

I am very proud of Kellsie with the patches that she earned. She really wanted to earn on of the 4 signs. Each sign has a list of requirements and 2-3 badges that you need to earn along with the requirements. She worked hard to earn the Sign of the stars along with her JR. Leadership award. She worked hard and I am really proud of her.

Today was the last day of school. I took the kids in the morning for the volunteer breakfast. Then we went to say good bye to Kellsie's and Logan's teachers. We then went to Humanitarian Aid and worked on blankets for the VA hospital.

After that we went to the pound to see the lost dog we found last night. That story will follow with pictures. This is just my luck!

After that we came home and relaxed a little before finding a lost kitten. I know the story just keeps getting better. Pictures will follow latter as well. I called my friend Brandie who came and took the cat to her house. She loves animals, so she is happy. Kellsie of course cried and cried and cried. She is so tender hearted and she loves animals so much. She would own every pet there was if we let her. But of course she has the meanest mom ever and only had 1 dog and 1 rat.

Just a quick catch up on what is going on around here. Jeff is still sick, but feeling better day by day. The kids are out of school and we are celebrating tomorrow by going to the movies and out to red Robbin to eat. Jeff is off, so this will be a fun family day.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

crazy times

So the end of the school year just keeps getting crazier and crazier. Tomorrow both of the kids have parties. I am making 50 cupcakes for one party and Kellsie just wanted a veggie platter for hers. And since I ran out of time today, I just bought one instead of making one. But she thought it was cool and that is all that matters.

Tomorrow night is also Kellsie's end of the year party for Girl Scouts. It will be at my house. I thought it was a good idea until I remembered that I have to clean the house a little before people come over. I have been working on a DVD for each girl with all the pictures that Laurel and I have taken over the year. It looks really cute! I hope the girls will like it.

Jeff got the swamp cooler up and running today. It was well over 90 degrees here, so we really needed to cool down. Jeff is still sick and I wish he wouldn't go to work tomorrow. At least he has been on antibiotics for over 24 hours now, he should be feeling better soon.

On Thursday there is a parent volunteer breakfast. I am also helping with that event. The principal asked me to make some food and after I stopped laughing, I let her know that I don't cook. She then went and made an announcement to all the teachers that it was a potluck and they needed to bring food. FUNNY!

Monday, May 19, 2008

A sick Hubby

Jeff is still sick. He did go to the doctor and get antibiotics and major cough meds. I hope those help. He will be off work today and tomorrow and then back to work on Wednesday. I having him home, but not when he is sick! He is no fun when he is sick. We can't go do things, or get things done around the house. He just has to rest. AHHHHH

Saturday, May 17, 2008

The garage sale

So we set up for the garage sale. There were only 3 cars that even came on our street. One car stopped and bought 7 cars from the boys.

Logan and Jakob split the 2.00 sale and I chipped in the extra 25 cents to make it even (worth every penny of it too).
Then we went garage sale shopping ourselves. We bought some boardgames, chapter books, wrapping paper (deal of the day. New rolls of boys birthday wrapping paper for 10 cents each. You know I got 5 rolls), A basketball hoop for the boys room. And the most exciting news...I bought the original HE-MAN set (except for HE-MAN and Skeletor, because the man would not give those up). I have a big bag of them. I use to watch that show all the time with my brother Robbie and David. David had the Skeletor castle and I think Robbie had something with HE-MAN. Anyways, David is getting them for Christmas. Sorry Robbie, maybe he will share...well we all know he wont, but we can put good thoughts out there anyway.

Kellsie's water day

The last full week of school, each grade gets their own water day. The teachers organize water games at the part next to the school and the PTO cooks hot fogs for lunch. Of course since Kellsie was still in her casts, she was unable to play any games. By the time I got to her class in the morning she was also in a lot of pain. I went to the nurse and got some Motrin for her and she told me the school had a wheelchair and said I could use it that day for her.

Here is Destiny and Kellsie (Destiny is also from Girl Scouts with Kellsie. They are also in the same class)

Here is Kellsie acting SAD. I don't know if it is because she can't play games or if it was because Jakob kept crawling on her. The school nurse is in the back ground. Her daughter is in Kellsie's class also.
Here is Kellsie and Melanie. Melanie was the one who came with us on the school field trip to the zoo.
Here are the girls kellsie hangs around with the most. Destiny, Larissa and Melanie. They took turns pushing kellsie around the park and playing with her, so she would not be sad. They are good friends to her.
Here is Kellsie and Shayla. Shayla is the nurses daughter and a good friend to Kellsie.

because I am a good mom

Our neighborhood is having a garage sale today. I was all excited at first, because Jeff has like 3 computer monitors I want to get rid of. Some printers, a bike, and some other odds and ends stuff I would like out of my house. I told the kids they could get rid of some of the toys they don't use anymore.

Now that I have to have the stuff outside in a couple min, I don't want to do it anymore. I am tired. I want to sleep. But the kids have been up for 1/2 hour already and have made signs.

So, because I am a good mother (the more I say it, the more I will believe it) I will go out and watch my son sell Pokemon cards for way more than we paid for them. Kellsie has her stuff set at really good prices. Jakob keeps trying to sell everything that we own.

This is going to be an exciting day!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Honor roll...again.

So after school I asked Kellsie how school went. "OK" she said.

Of course this is where I have to ask lots of small questions so I can see what happened the past 6 hours of her life.

Finally I got out of her that she made honor roll again. She always makes honor roll, but I don't think she thinks it is a big deal.

We are so proud of her. Jeff is off tomorrow and that is when they are getting recognized.

So good job, kellsie. I love you and I am proud of you. You work really hard on your home work, your reading and your attendance, you deserve this!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Laurel

Happy Birthday Laurel! I hope you have a great day.

Monday, May 12, 2008


After 2 hours of nagging (I can't think of a better word, because that is just what I was doing), Jakob is done with his side of the room. Of course if you took out the crying, whining and deal making it would of only taken him 10 min.

The kids only have 7 more school days!!! Kellsie has her water day tomorrow. Logan has his on Thursday. No more homework as of today, so my job is just about over.

I did go to the Library today to help get the books in order. It took me 2 hours just to get the A's and B's done. I told her I would help some more, but that took forever! We will see how I am feeling latter in the week. Maybe I can help on Wednesday and Friday.

Moving from Baby to Big Boy

In Many ways Jakob is a big boy. He is good at so many things. But sometimes he still acts like a baby (not a cry baby, but the youngest child, baby). His job is to clean his room along with Logan. The boys made a deal with each other. The divided the room in half when it comes to cleaning time. Logan always cleans his room fast and then the drama starts. Jakob doesn't want to clean his side. Or some of Logan's stuff is on his side and he doesn't want to clean Logan's stuff. or (and this is my favorite) Someone has to help me, I can't do it by myself.

Of course he can do the dishes by himself. Mop the floor by him self. Even clean Kellsie's room by himself. But there is no way in this world that he can clean his 1/2 of the room by himself. So right now I am hearing him cry and cry and cry. Then I hear him making deals with the other kids. He likes asking his sister to clean his room for him, but as soon as I found out that was happening, I stooped it really quick. He can't use her like that.

He doesn't get to play Wii or watch TV until it is done. So he wants to do it, just not bad enough to actually do it. It would take all of 10 min to get the room clean. I need him to take that final plunge from a baby to a big boy, before I loose all control over this house.


Sunday, May 11, 2008

More amazing friends

So at church today, Chris Bushman tells me she was thinking about kellsie and thought it might help to take her to a chiropractor. She reminded me that when something is not right with our feet, legs, back, etc. It also means more of our body is out of wack. She thought it might help to work on her hips or back or other body parts to see if that can help with her leg that is not adapting as much as the other one is. That is another great idea. I will call the chiropractor in the morning. Thanks for thinking of her Chris!

Also a couple weeks ago I taught Sunday school and the lesson was on fasting. So I taught the 12 and 13 year olds about the correct way to fast. To have something in mind that you or someone you know needs help with and then offer a prayer and fast for two meals. I challenged them to think about what they were going to fast for ahead of time. Some of them wanted ideas. I told them that me and our family were fasting for Kellsie and for help with her feet.

Today I asked if anyone remembered to fast and how it went. Many of them remembered and I was happy. But one girl told me she fasted and prayed for Kellsie as well and asked how everything had gone. I was excited to tell her that the dr thinks she will not have to have surgery and what great news that was. I could tell that she had a great spiritual experience and I was happy she thought of Kellsie. I am still amazed how blessed we are when we follow the commandments of God. Prayer and fasting, two basic things the Lord has asked us to do and yet we are blessed beyond our expectations.

Funny Story

So I dyed my hair (nothing major, just trying to get the grey out). Logan notices right away.

"Mom, you look great. Did you dye your hair?"

"Yes, Logan, thanks for noticing"

"Mom you look a lot younger...well, at least your hair does"

I know he meant it in the nicest way possible. So I smiled and hugged him while inside I was crying. Kids are so cute, but they are very honest.

So now every time I look in the mirror I see a really old woman with young looking hair.

Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to my mom, Jeff's mom and all my friends and family who are moms. I hope you have a great relaxing day.

Last night Jakob came down with a fever, so he didn't go to church today. Either did Logan who still has a nasty cough. Jeff stayed home with them and he isn't feeling too good himself. But they still got up and made me breakfast. Pancakes, sausage and OJ. We are having BLT's for lunch (they are working on that right now) and for dinner we are having Chinese food. Chicken Stir fry, fried rice, egg rolls and noodles. I am really excited to eat today!

For mother's Day Jeff bought me a digital picture frame. I am excited about this for two reasons. I love pic of my kids and now I have millions of them flipping in one frame. And also because Jeff got it on clearance and it only cost him 25.00. I also got flowers and candy bars.

Kellsie bought me the prettiest necklace. It is two dolphins wrapped around a black marble. It is very cool. I wore it to church today. THANKS KELLSIE I LOVE IT!

Logan gave me some Pokemon cards, football cards, his old backpack (because I don't have one), and his bean bag chair, so I can sit in it while I play the Wii with him. He is very kind and thoughtful. I don't have any of those things, so he really filled a void.

Jakob gave me a box of candy that he made in Preschool. Of course we can't find it now. He can't remember where he hid it. He is also giving me everything he sees around the house. Pens, crackers, toys, etc. He loves giving gifts and he gets so happy.

So far this has been an amazing mother's day. I feel loved and I LOVE IT!!!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Amanda and Roxie

Gotta Love Amanda and Roxie
Ever have one of those friends that you don't see much, but who are a big part of your life? Roxie moved away last summer. Her daughter Hailey and Kellsie are best friends. Roxie and I don't talk on the phone but we post to each others blogs all the time and keep in touch that way. When I need help, I can always count on her to give me inspiring words of wisdom. Roxie, thanks for reminding me that Amanda can help with Kellsie. I miss you!

And Amanda is amazing. She is a nurse and I cannot tell you how many times she has come to my aid. Worried about my kids cough?I call Amanda. Crying in pain because my tooth hurts? Call Amanda.I have no idea why I didn't think to call her about Kellsie's cast. Thanks Roxie for reminding me. And thanks Amanda for volunteering to help.

I have been so worried about Kellsie and I keep praying for help and God reminds me of the people he already put in my life. Thanks! I love you guys!

What do we do?

So the cast that we had re fixed is turning outwards really bad when she walks. I don't know what to do. This is the 3rd time they re fixed it. I don't know if they can even do it any better. I think I will call on Monday and tell them what is going on and see what they think. I want this to work, so she doesn't have surgery, but I don't know.

The right leg is feeling really good to Kellsie. I think that one is working well in casting.

Last night she was in pain again. The nurse said she should only be on Motrin for a couple days and it has been 5 days now. I wish I had more understanding of how this works, so I can help Kellsie out more.

At least there is no itching yet. But I am sure that will come over time.

Keep her in your prayers.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Cast Pics

These are all out of order, but you get the idea. I didn't have my camera with me the first time (since I didn't know she was getting casts at the time). But Kellsie had some problems with her left cast and it was causing her pain, besides being done wrong. The first pic is of her with her original casts.
Here is the second cast. They needed her to walk on it to see how it was. It sucked, so they took it off and did it again.
Here they are taking off her first cast.
Here are the insides of the first cast. Looks great, right?
This is the picture of the first cast, not the 3rd cast like I wanted, but I don't have time to fix it now, I need to get some stuff done. You get the idea. 2 hours at the drs again was a lot of fun, but I hope this time the casts stay on the whole month.

Jakob's first Library Card

Yesterday the kids were off of school. I LOVE THESE DAYS! We went to the Main Library Down Town (for the first time) and the kids loved it. Jakob was able to get his first Library card, because you have to know how to write your own name and he can do that very well. Enjoy the pics.

The first book he checked out was Pokemon.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Pre Opt Apt

Pre Opt Appt
So yesterday we have a Pre Opt apt for Kellsie's surgery. We go in and the Dr says we have two options (I thought we only had one at this point, but...) She talked about putting Kellsie in casts instead of surgery. She said that after casts there is a slim possibility that she would still need surgery. So we talked about it and said we would try the casts.The Dr took us right back to casting and Kellsie is now in two heavy, up to the knee walking casts. At first Kellsie was excited. No surgery, she got to pick out cool colors (blue and neon pink), but then as the casts started going on, she realized how uncomfortable the whole thing was going to be.She went back to school (her idea, not mine) and she got a lot of attention from the kids in her class, something that she does not like.After she got home she started to feel some pain. I am suppose to give her Tylenol until she is no longer in pain. I feel bad, there is really nothing I can do for her except meds. Her feet and legs are in positions that hurt her.Please keep her in your prayers and thoughts. We love her and this needs to happen, but it is hard watching her go through this.

Monday, May 5, 2008


If you do not know, I have a wonderful Avon Rep, Mary, who I buy Avon from. I included her website on the side of my blog.

If you are interested in anything on her website, just email her and she will get it for you. If you are local, there will be no shipping charges, if you are no local then she has to charge shipping.

The cool thing is that every person that buys from her and says they are buying from our Girl Scout Troop 193, she will give 10% of the total order to our troop. She will also put you on the list and any time you buy something to her, so will donate the 10% to us. She is really cool to do this. There is no time frame, so check it out!

Saturday, May 3, 2008


1. Do you like blue cheese? It smells really bad to me, yuck!
2. Have you ever smoke heroin? No
3. Do you own a gun? No, but I wish I did.
4. What flavor do you add to your drink at Sonic? Lemon berry baby
5. Do you get nervous before doctor appointments? Yes, I hate to go, because I always get a messed up insurance bill afterwards.
6. What do you think of hot dogs? I only liked them grilled
7. Favorite Christmas song? Rocking around the Christmas Tree
8. What do you prefer to drink in the morning?Hot chocolate
9. Can you do push ups? Why would I even try?
10. What's your favorite piece of jewelry? My wedding ring
11. Favorite hobby? ceramics
12. Do you have A.D.D.? only when I have to clean the house
13. What's one trait that you hate about yourself? Need to loose some LBS
14. Middle name? none.
15. What are you doing this exact moment? Typing
16. Name 3 drinks you regularly drink - Water17. Current worry right now? Kellsie’s surgery
18. Current hate right now? People who talk bad about me
19. Favorite place to be? Home
20. How did you bring in the New Year? I can’t kiss and tell
21. Like to go out? YES! I love going on dates with Jeff.
22. Name three people who will complete this? Susan, Laurel, Stephanie
23. Do you own slippers? Yes, mickey mouse ones
24. What color shirt are you wearing? Brown
25. Do you like sleeping on satin sheets? I have never tried it.
26. Can you whistle? yes
27. Favorite color? Pink
28. Would you be a pirate? If Johnny Dep was a pirate on the same ship…yep!
29. What songs do you sing in the shower? NONE! I don’t make any sounds, because if I do, the kids will hear me and all want to talk to me.
30. Favorite girl's name? Kellsie
31. Favorite boy's name? Jakob, Logan and Jeff
32. What's in your pocket right now?? a dime, a nickle
33. Last thing that made you laugh? Crazy people at the cannery
34. Best bed sheets as a kid? Did I have any bed sheets? I think I had a purple one34. Worst injury you've ever had? Big gash on my leg
35. Do you love where you live? NO! NO! NO! NO!
36. How many TVs do you have in your house? 2
37. Who is your loudest friend? Brandie, Laurel and Amanda
38. How many pets do you have? 2 dogs, 2 snakes, 3 fish, 1 turtle and 3 kids
39. Does someone have a crush on you? A Kid at my kids school. He gave me a flower that was taped to a sucker.
40. What is your favorite book? Book of Mormon
41. What is your favorite candy? Snickers bar
42. Favorite Sports Team? San Diego Chargers baby!
43. What were you doing 12 AM last night? Telling my 4 year old that the reason his chest hurt when he slept on it, was because he had a sucker stuck to his shirt. Another reason why we do no sneak food into our rooms.
44. What was the first thing you thought of when you woke up? It is way too early
45. Worst habit? Yelling at my kids.
46. Do you play an instrument? No
47. How long does it take you to get to work? no time -- I'm at home.
48. Plans for the weekend? Celebrate Jeff’s birthday
49. If you could eat anything in the world right this second? Cheese cake w/ cherries on top

Drawing to a close...

Today was a great end of the week day. We woke up early and went to a cub scout fundraiser breakfast. They had pancakes and breakfast burritos. They were really good.

Then Jeff took the kids home and I went to the cannery with with Stephanie and Melanie. We canned Rice and potato flakes. The canning part went really fast, but we stood in line for 1 1/2 hours to pay. A lot of people showed up today and we waited forever.

While I was there, Jeff took the kids to the Flea market. They bought two aloe plants ( I love aloe plants. Great for sun burns and regular burns) , a soccer ball and a Pokemon toy. Jeff loves the flea market, we all do.

Since I got back before they did, I cleaned the kitchen, did some ceramics and watched the end of a TV show I taped.

Jeff and Kellsie were suppose to go to a father daughter dance tonight, but they choose to go see Spiderwick instead. Kellsie has been wanting to see that movie since it came out. They had a lot of fun. The boys and I meet up with them afterwards and had a family birthday dinner for Jeff at Red Robin. The kids loved that the waiters came over and sang to Jeff. Ahhh, the joys of life.

We came home, cleaned out the cars and the kids are taking a bath right now. Time to get ready for church tomorrow.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

How fun was that!

Today was Multicultural Day at the kids school. I was really excited because I loved it last year and this year Jeff was taking off the day to spend there too.

It started off with a flag ceremony that the Girl Scouts did. Kellsie was able to carry the flag. She did an amazing job, we were and are really proud of her.

Then she preformed with her class "Let it Be" by the Beetles. Again, AMAZING! Pictures to come latter.

Then we took Kellsie around to all the tables and events. Then she had to back to class for lunch. So we took Logan out for a while.

Jeff went home with Jakob and I stayed. We watched the K9 unit show how the dogs attack. And the best was the Chinese Dragon that came out at the end. Very cool!

We are home now and getting ready for the 12 Girl Scouts to come over and learn how to pour and clean Ceramics. Still a long day ahead.

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