Monday, August 30, 2010

Jakob earned his yellow belt

Tonight Jakob was given his yellow belt in Judo. He worked so hard for it! We are so proud of him. Way to go Jake!


We have been doing Judo since Logan was in kinder. Jesse (the man pictured here) has been running the PALS Judo program for 15 years now. He has been doing judo since he was in the military (and before I am sure). He is an amazing man.

He also really likes my kids. He has been impressed with Logan since he started. Logan picked up on Judo really quick and Jesse loves that about him.

Before Jakob joined judo he would bring his toys to the dojo and play with Jesse. Now it's Lukas' turn.

Jakob's always telling Jesse that he could beat him in a match.

Jesse won!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Rain? Where did you come from?

We came home from the zoo on saturday and we were unloading the car. Then the sprinkle stress, just finish up and let's go inside. 2 seconds latter...massive down pour. We close up the car. I take sleeping Lukas inside and the kids stay outside to play.

ARn't my kids adorable? I sure love them!

Corn from our Garden

Kellsie and Jeff picked corn from our Garden last week and we had some for dinner. They were a little on the small side, but they had great flavor.

Jakob testing for his Yellow Belt

Saturday Jakob tested for his yellow belt. He was the first one to go. He needed show 4 of the 8 throws and 2 of the 4 holds is order to pass. Along with taking a written test. The instructer knew Jakob knew all the holds and throws, so he told Jakob he wanted to see all of them.

Jakob did...with flying colors. Latter he said he was so scared he wanted to cry, but was proud of himself when he didn't. Jakob asked Logan to be his partner.

Here are all the kids. If you see Logan on the far left. He is the highest rank. So he lines everyone up and helps them get ready. He also helped the younger kids read and write for their written test.

PIcs of the kids at the Zoo

I didn't take a lot of pics at the zoo, but here are some of the kids. Lukas trying to walk away from me. Funny...he hangs on my leg all during the day. But take him to a public place and the kid can't wait to leave.
Jakob playing with Lukas on the grass.


Kellsie and Mariah

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Marissa's 1 year Bday!

This is Marissa, she is 1 years old today. Her older sister Savannah is in Girl Scouts with Kellsie. She had her bday party at the zoo today. We had so much fun! She really likes monkey's, so I made her a blanket with monkeys. I hope she likes it. I think it is cute!

Kissing? So Young?

This is at Marissa's 1 year bday party. Lukas gave her a hug... ...then a little kissy kissy. LUKAS! What am I going to do with you?

Kellsie the mother

I came down stairs and Kellsie had put Lukas to sleep. She is going to be the best mom in the whole world. Thanks for all your help and support Kellsie. I couldn't do anything without you! I love you!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Just being adorable!

He is just so cute! Don't you want to eat him up?

Love the garden

Jeff just pulled off beans out of our garden. I am so excited to be getting fresh food to eat. We have been eating tomatoes (well not be, because I think they are gross, but the rest of the family is).

Frozen treats

So Kellsie saw this in a magazine. She cut up fruite and put them in ice trays and froze them. Then after they were frozen she put them in sprit. They were totally cute and the girls liked them.


The kids keep asking me why I don't use the Wii fit right now... Here is Logan trying to do snow ball wars and Lukas is helping him out!

Girl Time with Jessica

Jessica came over to play last friday and the girls worked on new hair styles for school. After this cute do, Kellsie did a crazy one for her, but I told Jessica I wouldn't put it on the blog. But I will email it to you Jess, remind me!
Kellsie and Jessica being adorable!

Jess did this crazy hair for kellsie. I really liked it, but the girls just kept laughing.

This was my favorite! I hope Kellsie wears this to school soon.

Working hard

AT this stage I think it is great how the babies see people do things and then copy. COPY! COPY! COPY! At least this time is it paying off. He grabed a sponge from under the sink and started washing the dishwasher. I LOVE YOU LUKE! Bathrooms next please!

I have the PROOF!

Lukas likes to take everything out, knock everything over and move everything around. I don't think Jeff really believes the stories I tell him. But now I have proof.

Lukas started walking to the kitchen and I followed with the camera. He went into the laundry room and took out some dirty clothes and put them on the floor, then he knocked over the broom and mom and pulled some cans off the shelves. Then he went to the cabinet under the microwave. PUlled out a strainer, lid and some mixing bowls.
Went to the stove and took the kitchen towls down and put them on the floor.

I caught a picture of him at his last cabinet before he took out all the pans.

Joan, do you still want me to bring him to visit?

Jake has lost another tooth

Waiting has finally paid off! Jakob lost another tooth. He was tired of waiting for it to come out, se he just pulled it out. I thought the tooth fairy had more time to get the cash ready, but he pulled it out too fast. So the tooth fairy gave him .93 cents for his tooth. Jakob is thrilled!


This little boy has a ton of toys. Everything he could ever want in life to keep him happy. So he choose this day to play with the bathroom step stool. He turned it upside down and sat in it.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

More Randome pics

Lukas at the botanical gardens.
Lukas trying to walk in shoes that were way too stiff.

Lukas was totally excited to be on the ant. Kellsie was standing by to make sure he didn't fall!

Look how grown up she is!

randome pics I forgot to add...

Here is Lukas playing peek a boo with the dog (see below post about the animal shelter). The dog doesn't know he is playing it, but Lukas is having a blast!
Kellsie decorated for Lukas' bday

She mad a bunch of these and put them around down stairs.

Here is Lukas trying to be like his brothers (see below posting about the boys and the botanical gardens)

Here is Logan and Jakob playing Logan's DS. Doesn't that look fun?

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