Monday, March 18, 2013


uncle robbie taught them how to drive the ridding lawnmore. then the kids took turns mowing. all front yard and side yards got done. well played robbie.

grandpa yard

tacos with uncle robbie

in and out. Jeff favorite

we went to the park and ate with grandpa and aunt melea

its hodads


we went to a place on the beach to eat. can't remember the place but we go there every time trickywe go to san Diego

more beach

Jeff took a bunch of better pics but these were on my phone


more bye

saying good bye


ha! need to get some church stuff done today...of course zoe  climbs on the table and dumps all the salt out. she turns off the computer seven times while I am on it. got into the fridge and played in the butter. looks like no church stuff and bath time.tricky little girl!

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