Monday, October 27, 2008

Getting ready...

So we are leaving for San Diego on Saturday Nov 1st. We will be down there until Nov 9th. My Brother Randy is getting Married on the 8th and I am really excited. He is getting Married to Caitlin. I am a little sad that I have not met her yet, but I have talked to her on the phone and she is really nice. And bottom line is that I want someone who makes Randy happy and she is it!

On Monday when we get down there we are going to Disney Land. The kids are using part of their Christmas Money to pay for their tickets. They wanted to go so bad while we were down there, but we didn't have the massive amounts of money to pay for gas, food and Disney land. It was Kellsie's idea and the boys jumped on board really fast.

Of course I am really excited to go myself. I love Disney Land. I just hope my ankle is better in time.

Saturday, October 25, 2008


7 facts about me~

1. I won't take the giblets out of the Turkey. It grosses me out!

2. I played Softball all growing up. I played on all the All Star Teams. I played on a traveling team and on my High School Team.

3. I traveled to Hawaii and picked up my Hubby

4.My natural hair color is blond

5. I want to write a book. The Story of my life. I think I have had a crazy life and I think I can write a light hearted book that will make people laugh. Or at least feel sorry for me.

6. I just learned how to do Multiplication and Division the EVERYDAY MATH way.

7. I have lived in 5 Different cities since I have been married (San Diego, Albuquerque, Provo, Austin, El Paso)

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Funny How Things Turn Out

So after I posted this morning I got a call from Laurel. She was calling to tell me that Brady's soccer game was changed to 9am and that she could take the girls to Girl Scouts. I told her what happened to my ankle and how thankful I was that her plans had changed. Once again Laurel, you Rock!

Stephanie drove me to the School so we could clean up the Book Fair. We got there and the lights would not turn on. We felt our way around until we found the electrical box and Stephanie flipped all the switches. NOTHING! So we opened the Windows (the little small ones) to get a small amount of light in the room. It was still pretty dark, but Scholastic is picking up the book fair early Monday morning. I called the Principal and she sent workers out, but they didn't fix the lights until 12noon. We started at 9am and didn't get home until 1:30. CRAZY!

I spent the rest of the day with my feet up trying to get the swelling down. The the new Mc Donalds opened up right up the street, so I took the kids for dinner. BIG MISTAKE. My ankle is killing me. Driving was not a great idea. But the kids loved it. I then went to walmart to get an Ace Bandage ( I thought I had one, but I didn't).

The kids are going to bed and I am going to rest again.

Book Fair and Fall Festival

The Book Fair went really well. Stephanie Rocked the house as normal on this book fair. We had our Clifford Family Night on Wednesday. We were telling the kids that the first 20 kids in the door would get a coupon for a free dinner to Golden Corral. Well I showed up at 5:30 to get the money set up and turn on the lights and so on. I went to unlock the library and there was already a line. A big line. When we opened the door at 6pm I handed out all the coupons,, plus another 8 and it still wasn't enough for the line that had gathered. CRAZY! We sold 900.00 in Books that night.

The Fall Festival was amazing! I was a little worried at first. We had problems with the class rooms doors being locked. Then the jumpers that we were putting in the gym didn't fit and we were trying to take part of the door off. Then the power tripped int he gym and we had to get that back up and running. 7 Teachers just didn't show up to do their game which took the extra volunteers we had to help run things and put them in the class room.

But by about 6:15 we were up and running. There were enough games that they didn't wait in lines for long (which were one of our goals), we almost sold out of tickets (which was one of our goals).

We had too much food. We lost money on pizza and on cotton candy and Carmel apples. I am hoping we can sell some of them on Monday and make some of the money back. I don't think the Festival was a money maker last year and I didn't think it was going to be this year. We are counting the money on Monday and I just hope we brake even. Making a little would be great too.

Last night after I went and put the money in the Principal's safe, I was walking in the dark back to the cafeteria when I totally fell. I sprained both ankles and skinned up my knee. I thought a good nights rest would help, but I am having trouble putting any weight on one of my feet. I am going to take some pain killers and see if that helps.

I have to go and take down the fair today with Steph and then I have to take three Girl Scouts to a Girl Scout thing.

But then starting Monday I should have a normal week (I think I am dreaming because next week I have to close out the financials on the book fair. Count tons of money and roll coins for PTO. Clean the PTO room and organize the mess that is in there. Clean the house. Pack all our stuff for San Diego. Pour and paint ceramics for San Diego (we are leaving on Nov 1st) and try and be a semi good mother).

Wish me luck!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Fall Festival


We are having our School Fall festival tomorrow (friday) if you want to come you are invited. It is at Carlos Rey Elementary School from 6pm to 8pm. We have balloon jumpers, face painters, jugglers and a whole bunch of food and games.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Great Day to be alive!

So today was the first day of Bookfair. As normal Stephanie's decorations and creative ideas were amazing! We made oer 700.00 just today! We rock!

I also had my first PTO meeting today as the new Pres. I was couldn't sleep very much last night, so worried about who would say what and who would be mad.

It went great! I am excited! Life is good.

The kids have their homework done and dinner is almost ready. And then we will go to our Girl Scout Service Unit Meeting and my day will be done.


Monday, October 13, 2008

Balloon Fiesta with the Hunts

While Logan and Jeff were on their football trip, Kellsie, Jakob and Myself were at home. So on Saturday, Laurel gave me another pass to get into the Balloon Fiesta for the glow (THANKS AGAIN LAUREL, YOU ROCK!). Well it was windy and raining off and on, so there was no glow, but we had a lot of fun anyway.

Here is a picture of three ladies who were walking ahead of us. Do you see their hats? Chicken hats? I was laughing so hard. What a trip.
Here is Jakob and Zach. They were having so much fun together.
WE went to the kids tent and they had a balloon glow craft for them. It was a balloon made of wood, that they colored with markers. Then they attached a Christmas tree light with a battery and it glows. Too cool!.

Friday, Family Day

The kids were off from school on friday (thanks to APS for our 1 day of fall brake). We were lucky that Jeff had the day off too, so we went and ran some fun family errands.

Here is Kellsie and Jakob in the car. Brandie gave the kids some thick cardboard rolls, so they had a lot of fun pretending they were various things while we were driving.

We went to costco to pick up a couple of things. It was great timing, because they had all their snacks out and the kids got to try and bunch of new things.
Jakob is almost 5 now, and we told him he could have a pet. We went to 3 pet stores looking at different rats (of course we wants a rat, can my life get any worse?). While we were at costco we ran into some Girl Scout friends. They ate lunch there with us. This is Kellsie and Savanah.

Here is Logan finishing his big pizza. He ate the whole thing! Then we came home, tired and worn out. But we were together and that is all that matters.

Sunday, October 12, 2008


Balloon Fiesta with the Girl Scouts

WE went to the Balloon Fiesta with the Girl Scouts (thanks to Laurel) and we had a blast. We went early and had breakfast burritos as a family and then went down to watch Laurel's piolet set up the ballon and take off.
The Piolet was from Flagstaff AZ and his tradition was to put down pine needles and pine cones before he laid out the balloon. He let the Girl Scouts and Jakob put the stuff down. Here is a picture of Jessica and Jakob helping out.
Here is a cute pic of Jakob and Kellsie. Jakob was trying to do a looser sign again, but I took the picture too fast. It now looks like he was doing #1 sign.
The piolet let us go under the balloon while it was blowing up. WAY COOL! This was the highlight of my day. The girls really liked it too!
Here is Jakob while I was taking a picture of the inside of the balloon.

Science Fair Project

Kellise and her friend Shayla are working on a environmental project. They are planting three flowers. One they will feed bleach, one soda and one car oil. They think that the bleach will kill the plants the fastest. Here they are planting the plants so they can kill them.

Look for the video where Kellsie explains the project.

Jeff's Sense of humor

Jakob made paper dolls last week in preschool. They are supose to be his friends. Zach is on the left. Jakob is in the middle and Logan is on the right. Jakob told me that Logan was wearing a diaper. Of course Logan was really made about that, but we thought it was really funny. Again, Jakob has Jeff's sense of humor.

Science Fair Video

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Clifford the Big Red Dog

Stephanie and I are doing the Book Fair again. October 22nd from 6-8 clifford the big red dog will be at our library to take pictures with your kids. Just bring your camera and your kids. Let me know if you need directions to the school.

Fall Festival

Our School, Carlos Rey is having our Fall Festival on October 24th (friday) from 6-8pm. We are having 3-4 balloon jumps, professional face painters tons of booths and food.

Everyone is welcome. Please come and invited your friends. The tickets are 3 for 1.00 at the door. If you want them 5 for 1.00 you would need to buy them at our school the week of the 13th. Just email me and let me know if you are interested in the cheaper tickets.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Funny Story about Jeff

Chris made a comment on my blog that said" At least he didn't take pictures of the cheerleaders". She was talking about my post about Jeff not taking very many pictures of Logan.

So, I have a funny story, that you will have to read fast, before Jeff makes me take it down.

Well, when I started dating JEff I knew he loved taking pictures. And he had a whole box of pictures he had taken at football games. Mostly of cheerleaders. I found that box again when we moved here 4 years ago. And he had all the same pictures of the cheerleaders. So I tossed them. I thought he would freak, but he didn't. He was lucky that he didn't take anymore pics of cheerleaders this time. I would have kicked his butt!

Fall Festival

Our Fall Festival for School is on Oct 24th from 6-8pm. Everyone is welcomed!

Of course before I was running for PTO Pres we scheduled the Book Fair to be Oct 20-24th (the same week as the carnival). Now I am involved with planning two big activities.

For the Book Fair I am not too worried. I do this with Stephanie and she rocks! She does all the cute stuff, so I know the place will look amazing and the kids will love it. I usually do all the publicity. I need to get on that. I did most of the flyer's, I just need to translate them to Spanish and get them printed off. And then post posters all over the school.

Then for the Fall Festival, it looks like it is being organized really well. Sharese is getting all the volunteers assigned to booths and she already made and distributed the first flyer. We need to buy and order the food and pizzas, but that shouldn't be too hard ( in theory). Scharese and Gina are selling tickets and candy grams next week and the following week Noelle is selling them. Scharese is doing most of the work on this while I work on setting up all the financial stuff for the PTO. So rock on Scharese! This night will be great because of you!

Jeff is dead

I told Jeff when he

left, to take massive pictures of Logan on this trip. He PROMISED!!!

I just went through the pictures and there are 3 files of football players and only 3 pics of my baby. Boy is Jeff dead when he gets home. So I picked my favorite football picture that Jeff took. This is one where the AZ team scored ANOTHER touchdown. Did I mention that the Bills lost. Sorry Jeff. They might have won if you took more pictures of LOGAN!!!

Logan's Trip to AZ

So Logan left Saturday after the Balloon Fiesta to drive with Jeff 8 hours to AZ to watch a Buffalo Bills football game. The Bills are Logan's 3rd favorite football team (they rank under Cow Boys and Chargers for Logan). Here he is at the stadium before the game.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

This weekend

Some months ago, Jeff bought football tickets for him and Logan to go see the Buffalo Bills and AZ Whatevers play in AZ. This is the most excited I have seen Jeff in a while. But this is Logan's first live football game and it is all he can talk about. They are leaving on saturday after the balloon fiesta and coming back on sunday. Can life get any better for a 7 year old boy?

Logan started packing today for his trip. Jeff of course had to get involved, because he was packing so much stuff...too funny.

That will leave Kellsie and Jakob here with me. I plan on sleeping most of the weekend to get cought up on my health. I have lost my voice, so I need to baby it along.

Tomorrow is popcorn day at school and the last day I need to stress about PTO for a couple days. I am actually looking forward to popcorn day.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Kellsie's Science Project

She has to have three plants. One she pours motor oil on every day. One gets soda and one gets bleach. They she has to see which ones dies fastest. It is all very lame in my book. But the teacher and Kellsie and her partner want to do it.

What they don't know is that I can't keep any plant alive, so the motor oil wasn't really important anyway.

It's all fun and games...

First Day

Today was the first day that I was PTO pres. We had a meeting with the people in office, so we could get on the same page as everyone else and run the PTO. I thought the meeting went really well, better than I expected.

Then I came home. I was planning on staying home until school was out, but then I had to go back and take care of some things that popped up.

I need a nap. But first I need to finish some Girl Scout stuff and eat dinner, do homework and go to walmart to get motor oil and soda for Kellsie's science project. Then I can take a nap or go to bed.

Did I mention that I am getting sick. You should hear my voice. I am sure after Girl scouts and singing those fun songs, my voice will be gone.

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