Friday, December 30, 2011

Zoe is not talking, but is looking so adorable!!!

Here is Lukas talking to Aunt Kim

Zofia Talking

Im very sorry these are sideways. My phone flips it for me, but once downloaded on the computer...

Hope you can still see how adorable see is!

Work over Christmas

I have to rant a little! Both Kellsie and Logan have to do science fair projects over Christmas break. Those take forever!!!

This is a  break !  Break  from school! There should be no projects or homework at all!!! Kids need to relax and enjoy life. Parents need to not worry about projects!!!

Come on teachers!!! Help a mom out!

Monday, December 26, 2011


Just found out how to blog using my phone! Score!

Zoe's hat

I Made this hat! But she only got to wear it
Twice before she grew out if it!


Family Christmas gift!

Zoo time!


Got to love her!!!

Lukas cooking

Lukas likes to make cookies with jeff...he always gets to lick the bowl!


Boys making stuffing

Lukas and jack

They just opened a jack in the box really close to us.
The Nativity

Every year we act out the Nativity Story.

Lukas was Joseph and Kellsie was the donkey.

Christmas Eve PJ Time!

So Aunt Kim buys the kids PJ's every year and they get to open them on Christmas Eve!!!

Lukas got trains with his Thomas the Train PJ's.

 His shirt says "Hey Santa, does being good at video games count?"

Zoe was not too thrilled with opening the gifts. But she looked adorable in the Pj's.

Posted all pics of all the kids, because I couldn't find one with all of them acting normal!

This is how my kids prefer to take pictures...with funny faces!


 Here is the new TV that we bought for the kids new game room. 40" baby!!!

 I made blankets for each of the kids. This is Kellsie's tshirt blanket!!!


Our Christmas was a little different this year! The kids and I had planned a ton of things to do the week before Christmas. Library, door bell ditch goodies, bake cookies, zoo, science fair projects, gardens and the list goes on. Of course the first day off of school we start getting sick. That's right! the FLU!!! we passed it around and around and finally today (the day after Christmas) we are well! THANK HEAVENS!!!

We didn't get Christmas cards out, or door bell ditch our friends. But we did get to spend a lot of quality time helping each other feel better.

For Christmas we transformed our front room into a game room. We got a tv moved the dvd's and music into that room. Moved the sound system in there and moved the couch around and put in a new rug. it looks great. we will want to put up floating shelves, but ran out of time.

This way when the kids have friends over or sleep overs there is one more place for them to be without everyone having to be in the living room.

On Christmas eve we did our same stuff. Ate pizza for dinner and dressed up in costumes to act out the Nativity Story. Jeff ready from the bible, and we each took a part (or two). Lukas was Joseph, Kellsie was the donkey and wise man, Jakob was an angel and wise man, Logan was the innkeeper and wiseman. Jeff and I were shepherds (and photographer and director). It was a little hard with Lukas running off script, but once he figured out what we were doing, he did great!

After the story we opened our Christmas Eve PJ's. aunt Kim buys them for the kids. Jeff and I buy for each other. That way on Christmas morning when we are taking pictures, our kids have cute pjs. The pajamas were so cute. aunt kim always does a great job picking them out for the kids. Pictures to follow!

Jeff then took Lukas up to bed while the older kids brought all the gifts down and put them under the tree. Then we put all the gifts int he stockings. This is another cool tradition we have. we each pick a name and we have 10.00 at the dollar store to buy stocking stuffers for that person. Then the kids went to bed and Jeff and I reorganized the room and put up the TV.

Christmas morning Jeff was the first one up (too excited I guess). Then we went down stairs. I am grateful that I have such good kids. We took a long time opening gifts so we could make sure everyone said thank you and saw what each other got.

Lukas got clothes, shoes, books, action figures and nerf gun. Aunt kim bought him toys and clothes.

Jakob got clothes, books, nerf gun, Xbox games, movies and bay-blades. Aunt Kim bought him a jacket, shirts and gift card

Logan got clothes, books, nerf bullets, Xbox games, movies and action figures. Aunt Kim bought him a jacket, shirts and gift card

Kellsie got books, books, more books and even some more books, t shirts, Xbox games, movies and camera. Aunt Kim bought her shirts and gift card.

Zofia got plates and spoons for when she is ready to eat and clothes. Aunt Kim got her clothes and this adorable glow worm (but it is a glow sea horse).

From my parents the kids got Xbox games and some clothes.

Uncle Tim and Aunt Kim send a box of hickory farms meats and cheeses. YUMMY! the kids have been eating them for lunches.

Uncle Randy and Aunt Caitlin bought them Xbox games

My kids are so blessed to have such great family that loves and cares for them. And thinks about them this time of year.

Since Jeff and I were still sick we were unable to attend church on Christmas day. We were really sad, but we didn't want to get others sick. We spent the day as a family. Playing games and reading books. We even got to talk to Aunt Kim and Until Tim on Skype and see our new nephew, cooper. He is adorable and we were so excited to see him. We talked to Aunt Kim, Uncle Mark, Grandpa Logan and it sounded like everyone was having a great Christmas.

Now that we are all healthy, we have to cram everything into the next week! We can do it! I've got great kids and an amazing husband!


Tuesday, December 20, 2011


I wish I had a picture, but I can't get them off my phone...

Cooper Timothy Giras was born on Dec 12th and we are so excited that he is in our family. Dad and mom are thrilled to have this little piece of heaven in their home! We can't wait for more pictures!!!
 I know how far behind I am with the blog and I am really sorry. The posts are out of order, but at least they are up.

Life with five kids is great, but takes a lot of time, so the blog is at the end of the things to do list.

Right now is is winter brake (not Christmas brake, because that would be silly). Kellsie and Zoe have the flu, but I think they are almost over it. Which is good because we have a lot of fun things to do. The boys want to go to the zoo and gardens and Kellsie wants to go to the library (crazy, I know, but she is out of books again).

We have a couple days before Cristmas so I am working hard on the boys quilts. the three older kids know about santa, so they asked to help wrap gifts and get them ready. I said yes, but they had to twist my arm.

Jeffs only off a couple days since its retail crazy right now, but when we see him we try and make the most of it.

All Christmas parties are over, so it is just family time and I love it!

Zofia is such a blessing and we love her so much. I couldn't imagine my life without any of my perfect children.

ABQ and the SNOW

Lukas thinks he can snow board

Do you know how long it took to get them to stand still

Jakob kept eating the snow. Totally fine with me. But then I remembered Lukas was in underware at the same time I heard..."oh no"

Yep, Lukas had an accident! So I yelled..."Don't eat the yellow snow"

At that point we all came inside the house.

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