Monday, September 28, 2009


Last week a friend of ours passed away. I am good friends with his daughter Brandie. So Jeff and I both went to the funeral today. I usually don't get upset at funerals, at least not for my personal loss. I am good with Life after death. I know we go and live with God again and that we will all see each other after this life. But I ALWAYS cry at funerals. Not for my loss, but for the loss of the family members still here.

I know Brandie understands life after death and that her dad was in pain in this life. So she is glad he is in a place where he is happy and not in pain. But I still feel for her loss and sadness.

I wish peace for you my friend.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Lukas just being cute!

Jeff took these amazing pics of my kids!

Lukas and the bills

Lukas and Chargers

He didn't like taking pictures at first. Of course we started with the Buffalo BIlls theme pictures and he screamed, but then I feed him and put the Chargers Jersey on him and he did wonderful!

Kellsie and her pictures

Kellsie with her dog Harley.

Kellsie doesn't like the Bills (mostly to tick off her Dad). So look at the picture of her holding the bills football. She is trying to drool on it. I love my daughter!

4 kids?????

We don't know why their mouths were open at the same time. We didn't plan it, too funny!

Taking pictures of 4 kids at the same time is a little hard. We couldn't get all the kids to smile, keep their eyes open and look at the camera at the same time. What a pain. But really funny when we were looking at them.


Logan's pictures

Logan had so much fun taking pictures. He wanted more action shots, but we were taking them in a bedroom and there isn't that much room for action shots!

Pics of Jakob

Here are the pics of Jakob (and one of Jakob with Lukas). I love the Charger one the best!

Monday, September 21, 2009

International Day of Peace

Last week at the kids school they all made pinwheels in their art class. Today they put them all around the school. Very cool!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Chuch outfit

Jeff had to work today, so I got full power over his church outfit! Isn't he cute? AS you know with newborns it is hard to keep their pants from pulling their diapers down if you don't have a onzie on under the pants and shirt. Thanks to Aunt Melea and Uncle Robbie I had just the perfect one for him to wear under his church clothes! Thanks guys, you rock!!!

Lukas at 6 weeks

I put him down for a couple mins and when I came back he just looked so adorable! This was on his 6 week bday.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Lovelace NICU Reunion

Lovelace does a reunion for all the babies and their families, that have been born in the NICU every year. They have it out front of the hospital and everything is FREE!

They had tons of food, games, jumpers, a DJ. Nurses and Dr's from the nicu worked the event. They did this all with the help of the March of Dimes.

The kids had such a fun time. Logan even leaned over and told Lukas "God, bless you". Meaning we couldn't be having this much fun without Lukas having the troubles that he did in the hospital.

Hope you enjoy all the pics. We had fun taking them.


Lukas stayed alseep the whole time! Never woke up, never made a sound.

So I took a picture of him in the shade and one in the sun.

The tables

They had a line of tables there with goodies for the kids. A dentist who gave our tooth brushes, the police gave out tattoes, Enfamil gave out coupons, Sports and wellness gave our treats for the kids and showed us how to do baby massages, Parents reaching out had candy. and then the people from the zoo were there with an armadillo. Cool huh, aunt Kim?


Yep, they had a batman car there.

Eat your heart out uncle Randy.

The food...oh, the food!

They had everything there. Hot dogs, Hamburgers, chicken legs, corn on the cob, chips, cotton candy, popcorn, Carmel apples, lemon aid, bottled water, chicken nuggets, mini corn dogs and mini hamburgers. They also had these little homemade truffles...yum!

Here is the boys eating the ice cream. The man told them they could have as much as they wanted.
Kellsie eating a foot long corn dog.

Kellsie eating strawberry ice cream.

Logan at the children's food table getting chicken niggets, mini corn dogs and mini hamburgers.

The size of the cupcakes at the cake walk. Did I mention all of it was free! you could eat as much as you wanted. Boy did Jeff miss out!


I just have a really big problem with people who bring dogs to public places. I know my kids love dogs, but they always want to pet them. It drives me crazy. Then the people walk right next to the food or sit and eat at the tables and I don't like dogs sitting in the same area that I am eating food. Just keep your dog at home and bring your kids. Sorry for all the dog owners out there. I am one myself. Don't hate me. Just keeping it real.
Here is Nurse Jen. She was one of my favorite nurses. She was so nice and kind to Lukas and to me. When we moved to the other side of the Nicu and she wasn't our nurse anymore, she would still walk over and see how he was doing. It was nice to see her and meet her husband and son. Here is the dr (the one in the samon print shirt) that told me Lukas was having all those problems because of me and my body. If you want to print this picture off and throw darts, I give you my permission.

Here was Nurse Jessica manning the jumpers. She wasn't our nurse, but she was the one who put his IV in his head. I was not thrilled about that, but she did a great job with Lukas and I was grateful she was fast and got it done the first time.

Martha is the one with dark hair making the cotton candy. She was one of the nurses we had towards the end. She was great. She would let me do anything I wanted. No hassle, no stress. She gave us support when we needed it, but let me take care of Lukas myself. I LOVE HER!

I did see Dr. Olguin there. She was our dr most of the time. She was soft spoken and sweet with Lukas. I talked to her for a while. She said Lukas was still Jaundice, but he was looking really good and not to worry. She said I looked like I was getting more sleep then I was in the hospital. I must have looked really bad.
We also saw Mary, one of the other nurses. I was stressed with her at first because she was really slow at taking blood. But she was really comforting to me as a mother. She had a duaghter in the same NICU a year before. After her daughter came home, she went back to school for nursing and went to work for the same hospital. NICE


They had a lot of games for the kids to play...

Basketball. This was Logan's favorite game. He made it in the hoop the first time, everytime.

When Jakob did it, it would take him 2 or three try's to get it in. Then we would do a little dance, and the girl would laugh... HE was too funny. Here was the prize tables. Each ticket was one toy. After they got some things they used the rest of the tickets to get rubber ducks for Lukas. So for Christmas Lukas is going to unwrap 20 Rubber Ducks. HOW MUCH FUN WILL THAT BE?

Jakob loved this game. Grab a duck and toss it in the basket. It was so easy.

Kellsie liked the bean bag toss.

They had a cupcake walk. The first time we did it...EVERYONE won. So we went to the cupcake table. Pictures to follow. THEY WERE HUGE!

Mascotes at the Reunion

So the mascot from the Thunder birds was there dancing. I don't know where the bear was from, but he was pretty cool.

Here is the lovelace mascot with the kids, but I am not sure what animal he is. Any guesses?

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Lukas sleeping

Crazy position to sleep in. But he slept that way for 20 min.

Bronze Award

Our Girl Scout Troop is working on their Bronze Award. It is the highest award you can earn as a Junior Girl Scout. They have done everything for the award so far except for the 15 hour service project.

The choose to make small bean bags (to give weight and comfort) and little pillows (for them to sleep on) for the Lovelace NICU (or Preemie unit).

They started cutting and sewing last night. Most of the girls don't or didn't know how to sew. I was able to sit down with them and teach them how to use my machine. Each of them left knowing how to sew both of the projects we are working on. I was so proud of them.

They also learned how to cut out the patterns and then pin and cut them out on material. They could use some help on cutting straight lines, but I think we all could use help with that.

I am really proud of the girls and how hard they worked. It was nice that KEllsie already knew how to cut fabric and sew. I was impressed by how she worked and how she helped other girls learn. She is an amazing daughter and I love her!!! YOU ROCK KELLSIE!

Enrichment Blog

So I am not working with the Woman's group in our church. I am working on the activities that we do as the Women in our Church. It is the Enrichment Program.

So I started a blog that will hopefully help some of the ladies get information and dates on the activities we are doing. Just one more way to keep everyone updated.

Check it out. If you have any ideas on things I could add or change, please let me know.

Also, for you ladies at church. On the right side of the blog is a calendar just for enrichment activities. As we plan them, we will put them on the calendar.

Monday, September 14, 2009

So not funny

Lukas woke up at 5:30AM this morning. That was so not funny. He is all cute and wanted to play. I love it when he is awake and wants to play, but I was so tired. I did my best. Hopefully he won't notice that I wasn't totally up. He still has a stuffy nose. Poor baby. I am drinking extra vit. C drinks and eating extra vit. C, but that only shortens the time frame. The nose Sucker and saline solution are helping a little. He is still really happy. Just crys every once in a while when he can't breath very well.

Kellsie stayed home from school today. Her tummy hurts again. I need to make her an apt with a female Dr to do a check up and check her tummy. She didn't like missing school. Her teacher does a ton of work in class and she knows she will have massive make up work.

At least with Kellsie home, she can hold Lukas while I take a nap. 5:30AM, that needs to stop.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Tim and Kim

My brother in law, Tim is getting married in December. I was looking at their engagement pictures and they are so adorable! They look great together and I am excited that they are getting married. Congrats guys!

Trisha's Baby Shower

Last night we had a baby shower for Trisha and her son Cayde. Tons of people showed up and we had a lot of fun! Thanks to all the amazing people who brought food for us to eat.

Here are the tons of gifts she got. We almost had to rent a truck for her to take them home.
Here is the cake (with the cupcakes, my favorite). It says "Come home soon Cayde" Do you see the cute little baby in the flower. Way cool!

Trisha and Allory playing a game

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