Saturday, March 31, 2012

Cookie bake off

Tomorrow, Sunday is general conference. So we dint go to church. We watch the prophet in a broadcast all over the world.

We are also feeding the missionaries for dinner. We thought it would be fun to have a cookie bake off. Logan is making peanut butter cookies. Jakob is making reese peanut butter cup
Cookies. Lukas and I are making m and m cookies. Here is the funny thing. Jeff does not like to loose and is finding a cookie that is the best. Kellsie has a cookie I think will win, but I can't post because jeff will know what he is up against. Ha! The missionaries will be the judges. I'm so excited!!!!


So last week a friend of mine took some pics of zofia. There r still a bunch to come, but here r a few. Ver landscapes, places, etc and posting then to her site. She brought some on the shoot in case she found a place to lay them out. I thought it would be fun to take them with Zoe.

Tina is so much fun to work with and she is so good and kind with kids.

We are going out tonight to take pictures with all the kids. I can't wait!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Logan and Kellsie have testing all week at school. They have to bring a book to read if they r done with their test early. Kellsie finish one book today. So tomorrow I'm going to the book store to buy a bunch of books.


Jeff has had a
Very crazy three weeks. Inventory, audit, district visits ad today a corporate visit. Just normal every day stuff
But all the dates fell in the same time
Frame. Except
The two
Days in santa fe
We havnt seen him. He works, sleeps
And then leaves again. Today he had the last visit and he's in his way home.
We should of planned a welcome home
Party. Poor guy is going to sleep
For five days straight. Well, he has to
Work the rest of the week. But at least they are normal
Grateful I married a hard working man. Glad ur inventory, audit and visits went well.

Monday, March 19, 2012


Logan and Kellsie have testing all week at school. They have to bring a book to read if they r done with their test early. Kellsie finish one book today. So tomorrow I'm going to the book store to buy a bunch of books.

Friday, March 16, 2012


I went sledding for the first time in my life today! Grateful I didn't die! I really had fun. Next time I will dress better so I don't freeze! It was wArm, but nit with a bunch of snow in ur clothes!!!! Lol!

Santa fe trip

Just pics from my phone. More to post when I get home.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Santa fe baby!

We took off for Santa fe this morning. Stopped for a good breakfast and then right to the snow!!!

Sledding was a blast. The kids had so much fun! Lukas took to it right sways. Stated sledding while on Jeffs back, but found he went faster on his own.

Then to the hotel to go swimming in the heated pool! Zofia loved that part!! I took her back early for a nap and the kids stayed swimming/playing with jeff another hour.

Olive garden for dinner. Jeff and boys played ping pong and then I took the older kids swimming again.

930pm now. Going to get the kids out of the pool and into bed! More snowboarding tomorrow!!!!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Just saw more pictures of my nephew Cooper. He is so dang cute!!!!! I wish I was there to hold him and play with him. And my kids are wanting to visit so they can play with their smallest cuz. It would be a blast to see him and Zoe play together. One day...soon!


So it was inventory week which means we don't see jeff. It's hard on the kids. They miss him so much! He was suppose to work normal days mon, tue an we'd, but then he was told their are some big wigs coming to visit stores. Ahhhhhhhhh. He worked 5am to midnight last night. Poor guy! But at least he will have time off for our Santa fe trip!!! Swimming and sledding here we come!


Poor Lukas woke up screaming last night. He was so scared! I ran in to get him and he hugged me so tight! I brought him back to my bed and hugged him the rest of the night. Feel horrible when my kids r scared but I'm grateful when they let me hug them.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Zoes moving really quick now. Anything on the floor is fair game. So much fun to watch! I can't believe she's 5 months already! What a big girl!!!


Kellsie had a field trip to explora today. So I took Jakob and Lukas and Zoe as well. Then we left, picked up Logan and went back again!

Spring brake

I just booked our hotel for spring brake. Wet going up to Sante fe for a couple days to go sledding and swimming. We r also going to the zoo some museums and the aquarium. Kids r also trying to get some play dates in between those activities. I can't wait!


We went to explora for the first day of spring brake. Sorry but the pic of logan was too blurry.

Monday, March 5, 2012

I love Jakob

Zoe was fussing on the floor. Jakob said he would take her so I could finish laundry. Then he brings me a super happy Zoe. He said, "she was poopy mom, so I changed her." What a sweet, adorable, helpful child. Thanks Jakob! U r going to make a wonderful husband some day!!!!

Thursday, March 1, 2012


Zoe is scooting around the floor now. Like an ultra slow snail, buts she's moving!

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