Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Luka's new stage

Don't you hate it when your 10 month old takes off his diaper and pees on the floor?

tooth fairy and day care

So like I said before Jakob still believes in the tooth fairy. That being said...

Jeff finally went into the dentist to get some work done. One of his teeth just had to be pulled. The dentist said it was the longest roots he has ever seen. So Jeff brought it home to show the boys. Jakob told Jeff to put it under his pillow to get money. The next morning Jeff told Jakob that the tooth fairy gave him 100.00 for his tooth.

A couple days latter...

We were in the car and Logan was talking about how he is going to save his money to buy a DS. Jakob then said he was going to save his bday money to buy a DS too. I told him his birthday was not even close and then he said, "I wish dad would die". Worried about the statement I asked him why. He said if Jeff died, then he could have the 100.00 that the tooth fairy left him. HA!

Then here comes Logan...

"Jakob, if Dad dies, then mom would have to go back to work. She would have to work a lot longer to make the kind of money dad does (thanks for the dig my son). So we would have to go to daycare and they would feed us dinner. And they don't care about us like mom does, so they would feed us ONIONS!"

Jakob took back his wish. Jeff will not die. He will keep his 100.00 (like that money didn't already go to bills) and I can stay home and cook food without onions. All is well with the world!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Cub Scout Day Camp

This years theme was "Coy Boys". The did a mess of things...woodworking, painting, ridding bikes, bottle rockets, BB guns and the list goes on.

Logan had a blast. I was able to be with him 3 out of the 4 days. Logan and the bottle rockets
His camp leaders, Jessica, Mack, Chris and Amanda

The Fire dept came out and hosed the boys down.

totally wet!

More of Cub Scout Day Camp

Logan shoting Jason while he is learning how to rope a cow.
Logan is the one in the tan shorts. Sling shots!

Ridding bikes

Logan and Santiago.


For Christmas Aunt Kim bought the kids a Wii Bakagon game. I just wanted to show her that the kids LOVE it! They play it every chance they get. Of course they only get 1/2 a day, but they can earn more time with more chores or good behavior. THANKS AUNT KIM! YOU ROCK!

Mellor Visit

Our friends from Austin Texas came to visit (really just a stop over on the way to Utah, but we will take it). Kellsie and Patrick (their oldest) were really good friends. And Maira and Logan were really good friends. They have six kids now, and I wish I would have known them earlier...they are amazing.

We loved having them over, I wish I would have taken more pictures. But here is it!
they made a fort in Jakobs room. It was totally cool!

Lukas coming out of the fort.


I try and post a lot of pictures of Lukas because we don't live anywhere by family, and I want you all to see how fast he is growing. And then you will want to visit us more often. HINT! HINT!

This is where is loves to be. On the video game chair trying to climb on the entertainment center. Last week he moved the purple box next to the entertainment center. Then he climbed on the chair, then onto the box, then onto the entertainment center, then was trying to tug on the TV. NAUGHTY! NAUGHTY! NAUGHTY!

Pack Meeting

Logan had his last pack meeting at a "wolf". In a couple weeks he will be a "bear". Logan earned a ton of belt loops and patches from day camp. YOU ROCK LOGAN! WE ARE SO PROUD OF YOU!


First thing from our Garden. A TOMATO! We ate it today. YUM! YUM! YUM!

Are you kidding me???

So I couldn't find Lukas anywhere! looking everywhere on the floor. Then I heard a noise higher up. Lukas had climbed the painting ladder and was pulling at the blinds. I DON'T MAKE THESE THINGS UP!

Kellsie's pictures

For Faith in God the girls learned how to take pictures. Michelle taught them to work on angles and action and what some of the buttons on their camera's ment. Thanks michelle! Kellsie loved the class

Saturday, June 19, 2010

First Place Baby

Jakob and Logan both took 1st place in the NM State Games. That means that they both qualified to represent our state in the 2011 State Games of America in San Diego on Aug 4-7th of 2011. We are so excited and proud of both of them.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Cub Scout Day Camp "The Wild West"

So this week was cub scout day camp. These pictures were taken on wed. I was not able to attend on Tuesday, but I am there the rest of the week. This years camp theme was" The Wild West". All the dens had their own colors handkerchiefs. They could wear them around their neck or over their faces like bandits. We had 25 boys attend this year, so they had to be divided into 2 dens. Logan was in Den #1. They were green! Here is a picture of our 13 boys with their leader Chris. She was amazing and the boys love here!
The made stick horses too. They had to sand and paint the faces and put them on PVC pipes. Totally cool. After they made theirs, they had to "ride" them around to all their classes. I would have thought the boys were too young to like those, but they were having a blast!

Today (wed) the fire dept came and showed them all the compartments on their truck and what everything was used for. Then they turned the hose on the boys and drenched them. They were soaking wet! And of course our boys were the last to do the class, so my seat were totally wet. But they had a blast. Jakob was able to come the last 1/2 of the day while Jeff took Kellsie to her dr. apt.

They shot BB guns and bow and arrows. Logan got a bulls eye. So proud! They also learned how to play marbles, learned about crime prevention and how to play sock baseball.

Today (Thurs) Jakob, Lukas and I were there all day with Logan. They shot BB guns and bows and arrows again. They did some sanding and painting on a craft (special surprise to the dad, so I can't say any more). They made drums (kill me know) and learned how to play horseshoes and basketball. Long day, but I loved it!
Tomorrow is family day. Where they show off everything that they have learned. They have tons of water games and do some skits. Jeff is off and we are going as a family.
Thanks Chris for all your hard work! YOU ROCK!!!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Church Softball game and BBQ

On sat night we went to our Church Softball Game and BBQ. Mario grilled some amazing Kbobs and hot dogs. We then watched some of the members play a game. I was still tired from the water park, so I sat out with Lukas and Kellsie. Jeff, Logan and Jakob played. They had a lot of fun.
Here is Kellsie feeding Lukas chips. It was so windy.

Baseball with the Flowers

We went to the Baseball Game with The Flowers Family. We had a blast. I had some problems with my camera, so only a few pics turned out. Here are the BBQ chicken nachos. Jimmy always eats these and this was the first time I had them. I LOVED THEM! Thanks Jimmy!

Logan...he is so adorable!

Lukas and his first pair of shoes. HE HATED THEM! They came off in the first 5 min.

Me and my baby!

Girl Scout Trip

The girls for their cookie reward chose to go to the Radissen Hotel and Water Park. We had so much fun. we went Friday afternoon and swam the whole day. Only taking a brake to have a snack and to eat dinner at Rudy's BBQ (yummy) . Then the girls slept (around midnight and woke up at 7:30a not too bad) and we ate in the restraunt down stairs and went back to swimming until 1pm. LOVED IT! Kellsie had a blast and so did I. We are both really tired and could use a day or so to recoup.

girl scouts hotel and waterpark

Jessica, Mariah and Kellsie
Kellsie, Haylee and Jessica


Kellsie ans Jess coming down the slide

Kellsie on the wave machine

Lukas and the hotel

I left on friday at 1pm to take the Girl Scouts on their hotel/waterpark trip. I left the boys, including Lukas with Jeff. Jeff was so great!!! He brought Lukas down around 5pm so I could feed him. And then brought him back again at 9pm, so Lukas could sleep with me. Then he picked him up from the hotel at 9:30 the next day. YOU ROCK JEFF! THANKS!!! This is Lukas sleeping in the hotel
This is LUkas at dinner

This is lukas NOT sleeping at the hotel and grabbing EVERYTHING!!!

This is Lukas in teh water with me.

The Cheese Touch

So the movie "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" has a part in the movie, where there is a piece of cheese on the playground. It is green and moldy and gross. The rumor has it that if you touch the cheese you with be a social outcast and people will run away from you. You can only get rid of the "cheese touch" if you touch another person. Then they will have the "cheese touch" and no one will be around you.

Ever since that movie I will randomly hear my kids start screaming and running away from whom ever has the current cheese touch. Mostly Jakob gets it because he is slower than the older kids.

So today we were waiting for church to start. I hear the kids moving around and turn to see what is going on...that is right, Jakob gets tagged and now has the cheese touch! He is really upset and sad (because I guess he believes it???). To stop the drama, I ask Jakob to take our tithing envelope up to the stage where the Bishop is sitting. He does and while he is up there, he shakes the Bishop's hand...that's right...Bishop now has the cheese touch. Jakob turned around with a big smile on his face. I wonder who has the cheese touch now?

Thursday, June 10, 2010


David (my brother, the one who chased me with snakes and hammers) just finished his last class for his Masters in applied physics!
I am so proud of you David! I wish I could be there to hug you and tell you that in person. I am totally impressed and I can't wait to see what you do next!!!

That's it! You are grounded from reading!

That's it! You are grounded from reading!

I totally love my kids and I am having a blast with them being home. But we have to get this reading thing under control!

The kids love to go on the computer at the library and put books on hold. TONS OF BOOKS ON HOLD! They read them all ,but it is getting out of control! On wed we picked up 10 books that Kellsie put on hold. Of course she already read one of them and returned it today (it was a big book too. I wish I could read that fast). She is reading three books right now and then she is going to start on the other 6. One of them is even a book about Princess'. My friend Kristi said she would like it, so she put that on hold too.

Jakob and Logan now want to put star wars books on hold all the time. There are star wars books at our library, but they would rather have the titles that are at another branch. At least they are reading, right???

In fact the kids go up to their rooms at 8:30pm but can stay up to 9pm to read. In fact I give them extra time for reading for treats if Jeff is working that night. Whatever works!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Kellsie's Feet

We saw a new Dr. Today. His name is Dr. Michael James. He is in alternative medicine. He works a lot with herbs and healthily alternatives. He lives about 45 mins away and we will need to start seeing him once a week. He hopes to see improvement within about 4-5 months. Each visit is suppose to be about 1 1/2 hours. She will start in a hot tub kinda thing to loosen her muscles and then have massage manipulation to move and strengthen the inside of her arch and legs (and hips and back). He gave her some things to do at home to help.

He says all of the muscles Kellsie's needs to walk correctly are there. He needs her to build up the muscles she is not using and stop using the ones she is overly using (making sense? I think you would have to be there). He says he thinks that her feet might have been in the process of being club feet, but didn't get there. GREAT NEWS FOR US!

My hopes are up! I am excited for Kellsie to be able to walk without trouble or pain. I am grateful that we didn't do surgery like the other dr's wanted. I didn't feel right about that at all. We will keep working and praying. Kellsie deserves the best in this world!

Funerals and Things

So as I have already said, we have had two people in our lives pass away and their funerals were on Monday (Marth Brink) and on Tuesday( Marilyn Smith). The kids have never gone to a funeral before and they had a lot of questions. We talked at length about life after death and that we will all be together again. They are sad that the ladies are gone, but not sad that they died, because they know we will see them again. That being said...

After the last funeral the kids were asking me why the funerals were different. One was cremated/ one was not. One had a family lunch/ one feed everyone. and the list went on. We then talked about how everyone wants different things for their funeral. Some people make a will and put all their wants on the paper for their family. Some don't put anything on paper and let their family chose ( I left out the part that the people who don't have wills, totally screw their family and leave them to pay for the funeral. ). Then my kids asked me what I wanted at my funeral...

I told them I did not want them spending money. Just the basics. cheapest box. No flowers. Just pictures of me and my family. No viewing. and a BIG lunch after for my family and friends.

Logan said he and Jakob would build my box out of wood, because they are so good at wood working (three trips to Home depot making wood crafts and now they want to build a casket?). I said that was great, but I wanted Kellsie to paint it Pink and write " Hot Momma' on the side. She said she will and I totally love it!

Then Logan said because he is so amazing at wood working that he is going to make a big wood "thing" and carve a picture of uncle David chasing me with a snake (ah the good old days. David chasing me with a snake...a hammer...whatever!). I love the idea.

Then I asked who would be making the lunch for everyone to eat. Logan said they would be too busy with the other stuff, so he said the NFL team that he is playing on would do all the cooking and serving. I think that just about covers it (hope he is playing for the Chargers).

Then Jakob spoke up (so quiet in the back of the car). "If you die, who will drive us home?" Poor kid thought we were talking about me passing away right then! Wait....he wasn't worried about me being gone? Just about how he was going to get home? Thanks Jake!

WHATEVER! I have my pink box. I am totally happy!

Totally Sucks!

So on June 30th Eclipse comes out in the theaters. Kellsie and I (and the girls across the street) were planning on going to the midnight showing. In fact we were planning on going to see all three of the movies in a row. But Jeff's work has a three day meeting thing that all the managers HAVE to be at!
Kellsie and I are so sad! We can go latter the following week, but we were so planning on being there. We will have to wait....that totally sucks!!!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I'm a Model you know what I mean?

Jake is obsessed with "Looking Cool". So he sits in different poses and asked me to take take his pictures. He is adorable! Maybe he will make me lots of money someday.

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