Monday, March 31, 2008

Eating better? or less?

So I am a little older than 30 years and I am concerned about my health. Well, that is not really true. I looked in the mirror and I have bags under my eyes. You know the ones you get when you don't sleep good. Well I have those and they are not going away. So now I have to buy eye cream to try and rewind time. So that has gotten me thinking about how I am aging and I need to do it a little more gracefully. Right now I think I am diving right into age 50. And nothing is wrong with that unless you are still in your 30's.

So I am keeping a record of what I eat during the day.

Here is my first (and might be my last) day of my food log

Bowl of cereal
1/2 English muffin
Taco cups
whole pack of life savors (that needs to be explained latter)
low fat fudge bars ( I accidentally bought the low fat ones. That will never happen again)

Latter in the day I was talking to my sister in law Rosie and Logan came in a gave me a roll of life savors. I don't know where he found them and I guess I should have asked. Anyway I was telling Rosie about my new idea on eating better...keeping my list. I told her it already deterred me from eating another bowl of lucky charms (I love them). And then I started laughing. That is right, I had eaten the whole roll of life savors. THAT SUCKS!!!

It's a Jungle out there!

Jakob goes to preschool on mon and wed each week. Our neighbor (and friend) next door is the teacher. So he goes over there and loves it. Today they went on safari in the Jungle. Jakob said they jumped over a web of spiders, played with snakes,walked on alligators, and ran into a bat cave. How fun does that sound? He came home with a safari had and neckerchief to complete the awesome adventure. He also had a snake he made out of a paper plate ( I wish all snakes were like that)!

He also came home with a sticky frog toy. One of those that you can toss on the wall and they stick! So much fun for him. I wish he would stop tossing it at me! It is all dirty from being tossed at EVERYTHING!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Girl Scout cookies!!!

Kellsie has some Girl Scout Cookies left. Thin mints, Carmel Delights, Shortbread, Thanks a lot, Tagalongs, and Lemonaids. If you would like any, please email me or call and talk to Kellsie. I will not let her post on my blog (still too young) so she is telling me what to say.



Wednesday, March 26, 2008

600 pounds of flour

Those of you who know me, know I don't get embarrassed too much. Years of child raising have numbed me to those horrible events, but I did feel a little crazy yesterday at the store.

My friend Gina called (she lives in Los Alamos 2 hours away). She keeps me updated on the grocery store adds. She says one of the grocery stores here has a 5lb bag of flour for 99 cents. WHAT??? that is amazing! Four is going up in price and so I HAVE TO GO BUY SOME FLOUR.

Gina was planning on coming into Albuquerque last night because she and her hubby are going to CA for the week and she was sleeping over to fly out today. She was going to stop by that store and pick up flour.

I went to the store as well and called her and told her I would pick up her flour to save her a trip. I asked how much she needed or wanted. 100.00 worth and I had wanted 20.00 worth. Totalling 600 lbs.

I cleared out their shelves and asked for a rain check on more. They had some still in the back to they came out with shrink wrapped flour. They loaded up 2 carts and helped me load my car. EVERYONE kept looking AT ME!

But hey after you can it, you can keep it for 3-5 years. Who's laughing now! Of course I didn't tell any of the starring people that. I just told everyone my friend made a lot of bread. Which is true.

HATS OFF TO YOU, MY FRIEND GINA. You rock! I hope I don't get compared to you on judgement day...I would fall very short.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Totally Excited!

Jeff has been off all day and we have been working hard on getting our living room and kitchen remodled. We changed the curtains in the kitchen (still working on one). We added curtains in the living room. We also added new couches, entertainment center and floating shelves. YES! It looks decorated and cool. I am still working on getting some pics framed, but I don't need JEff's help for that.

Tomorrow we are taking one of our old couches to a neighbors home and a guy from craigs list is picking up the really old and beat up couch soon. I hope! Then I can rearrange my front room and my down stairs will look finished.

I was not planning on hanging so much stuff up and I usually don't put that much work into my homes, because I don't plan on staying too long. In fact we were only supose to be here 1 year, but I guess the Lord had other plans. So Since I now live in Albuquerque and I don't see any hope of getting out, I will just make my home a home and stop crying about it (just kidding I will still complain about it, but I will have a better looking house while I do).

Pics to come. Just charging the battery.

Don't forget my pampered chef party this thursday at 7pm. Bring your kids and hubby if you want. Or leave them behind if you want to.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

More Easter pics

Here are the kids getting ready for the easter egg hunt.
Jakob with his nerf gun

Here is Kellsie getting hit with a nerf dart (see it flying in the picture) by Jeff in the above pic.
Kellsie looking pretty holding her choc. bunny


Last night I told Jakob that at night when the easter bunny comes with the baskets, he likes to jump on littly boys tummys and lick them on their faces. So he ran up to bed, because he was all excited for the bunny to jump on him. In the morning I woke him up and asked him if the bunny licked his face. He said yes! Too funny! Here is Jakob with his basket
Here is Kellsie in her Easter dress with her basket. Do you like the green frog earings? She wanted to ware them because it was an easter color. Who was I to argue?
Here is Logan already eating candy
Jakob got a PEZ. He was so excited! HE must have forgotten that he picked it out last week.
All the kids (including Jeff) got a nerf multi shoter dart gun.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Easter Eggs

Kellsie looking cute while decorating eggs
Logan had a blast and was very carful as he combined colors.
Jakob is a blast no matter what you do with him.
Aunt Kim called while we were decorating eggs. Logan wanted to tell her all about Judo and taking 1st place (even thought he already told her earlier that day). He also told her he was going to send her one of the eggs she was decorating. The one that said "I love you". I told him he could not send it to her, because it would smell bad once it got there. Aunt Kim also send an easter box and the kids got bouncie balls, eater straws, cups, plates and napkins. Pens and stickers. YOU ROCK AUNT KIM!

More Judo pics

Sorry this is in the wrong place. It is Jakob with an easter egg holder. He thought they were pretty cool.
This is Jakob on the first place box. A forshadowing of things to come?
This is Logan with his Judo Master (and the one who put on the turniment) Jesse
Another mix up. But Logan sure does look cool!

HE did it again!

Logan had the southwestern Judo Championships today in Rio Ranch NM. Of course he took first place. But he had to fight really hard for it this time. Here is a picture of him fighting the second place winner. He was from Mexico and he was really good.
This is a picture of Logan crying! I know! He got hurt! The kid elbowed him in the ribs (not on purpose, but does that really matter?) He was really upset about it and ended up loosing to the kid on that round. And when Logan came up to fight for first place with the same kid, Logan was still crying. But still managed to throw him and win the match. WHAT A STUD!
Here is Logan getting his medal. The kid from mexico is on the red box.
Logan with his medal
Logan with Jeff. Not a great pic of Logan, but doesn't Jeff look so hansome?

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

New Furnature

So I am the happiest camper ever right now! Last night Jeff brought home the last of our new Living Room Furniture. 2 Leather couches, 1 Couch table, 1 side table and 1 entertainment center. The couches and tables are in the right place, but the entertainment centers need to be switched out and Jeff promised that tomorrow morning it will be done (but I plan on nagging him all night tonight, so we will see if he gives in. Unless he reads this first and doesn't give in on principle).

I already sold the old end tables on Craig's list. And the neighbor across the street has a friend who is moving and has no furniture, so if she wants it, she can have it.

Then I bought the hardware for the new curtains and we have floating shelves for above the entertainment center.

Jeff has tomorrow, sat, sun and Monday off. Little does he know... I also added cleaning the garage to his list since the girl scouts are coming over twice in April to work on ceramics. Gotta love taking days off to relax. Sorry babe!

Tonight we turn in most of our cookie money, I am happy it will be out of the house. Then Kellsie only has about 40 more boxes left to sale and we are done! My front room can look normal again.

Other reasons I am happy. The Federal tax return should be deposited on Friday! I love that! I feel all powerful!


Kellsie just finished her No child Left behind testing. It was three weeks of math, reading, writing, science. For an incentive, the children who came everyday and were on time were able to get a grade dance. Tuesday was The 3rd grade dance. Is anyone surprised that I let Kellsie go? Me too! At first she was not going, but then I talked to her teacher. She said that no slow songs were going to be played and that the girls just stay in their groups and talk while the boys run around the room. The parents were encouraged to attend. I was already going to be there to sell snacks for the PTO (What a perfect cover).

Kellsie's teacher was right. The girls stayed in their groups and talked. Sometimes moving around (I think they thought they were dancing). The boys were off on the wall and some of them tried to brake dance (that was funny).
Here are Kellsie's friends. Destiny, Melanie, and Larissa. They all stayed really close together the whole time.
Here is Kellsie and Melanie. They broke from the pack for just a couple of min to get some snacks.
Here is Jakob who did more dancing than Kellsie. I am not sure what move he is doing here, but it is the only clear shot I got of him. He kept brake dancing (better than the 3rd grade boys) and everything was a blur. The girl behind him is Bella. Bella is Destiny's sister. They are about the same age. I think she might be doing the chicken dance, I am not sure). Jakob hung out with a couple of the third grade boys most of the time ( I think they were trying to pick up on some of his moves). I came on the dance floor and spent some time with Kellsie. She was impressed that I knew the dances to electric slide and macarena. I would have thought she would have hated me going out there, but when I tried to go back to the table, she grabbed my hand and asked me to stay. Most of the 3rd grade teachers were out dancing too, so I was not the only adult.

Saturday, March 15, 2008


I have made a mistake ( I know it is hard to belive). Kellsie surgery is May 22nd (not March 22).

Thank you for understanding!

Another Surgery Date

So I have a new Surgery date for Kellsie. It is March 22nd. I have an apt a week before to find out what all is going to happen. I am not sure if she is getting one leg done at a time or if they are doing both. I guess I should call the nurse and see.

I am hoping that school will be over by then, but since there is snow in our future, I am not sure of the date. You see they add more days to school if we have a snow day. But we have to have the surgery that day or blow the whole summer. I guess it is OK if she skips more school. I am already over my 11 days that they can take. What are they going to do, toss my in prison. I welcome the rest!!!

I am still working on one thing... With the last visit to this Dr. They billed under a different name then they signed the insurance contract with. So my insurance is telling me that they are out of network and that I owe 750 in deductible along with the fact that they only cover about 20% off the bill. I told them that they are in my in network and they cover at least 80% and a 250 deductible. I have the hospital billing department working on it. The hospital says that the ins paid everything and I don't own anything else. Something is wrong. But I am not having surgery unless I have it in writing the pre bill from the hospital and a letter saying that the ins will cover under in network prices. AHHHHH! WHy do I pay so much money to ins just to get screwed!

Friday, March 14, 2008

My friend Gina

I need to say I am sorry to my friend Gina for not including her on my best friends list on one of the blog entries. It was a horrible mistake that I will never forgive myself for. I am trying to go through the steps of repentance. I have said that I am sorry to Gina for the mistake I made. I also edited the blog entry adding her to the best friends line. I am trying to heal our relationship! PLEASE FORGIVE ME GINA!!!


Hockey Game

While we were in AZ we went to a Hockey Game. Here are the pics.

We didn't win. Here are the kids pretending to be sad about it.
This is Jakob who miss most of the game because he fell asleep. I am sure he would have been sad that we lost too.

AZ State Judo turnament

This is the only pic I have of Logan fighting. I can't even tell which one was him.
At the start of the tournament they all have to line up with their teams. Logan is somewhere on the right, but I can't tell where.
Logan waiting with Dad.
This is the second place award. I really like it. It is a rough cut marble with a silver type design of a cactus and wolf. and under it says 2nd place. We are so proud of him!
This is a picture of Kellsie with her Friend Destiny. Destiny and Kellsie are in Girl Scouts together and Destiny also does judo with Logan. She got 2nd place also.

Pics of Girl Scout World Thinking Day

Here are the pictures of the Girl Scout World Thinking Day. The first three pics are of the posters the girls made of information on Spain. The first one is about the king and queen, maps and tile work.
Here is the poster on soccer(futball), castles and food. The food in containers is Piaea (?? rice, sausage, shrimp) and Flan (custard).
This is the poster on Girl Scouts in Spain (thanks to Aunt Rosie who helped translate the information for me into English). The main thing about the girl scouts in Spain is that they are mixed with boys. All the pics we had were of girls and boys. Our girls wanted to cut the boys out of the pics before gluing them on.

Funny story: The woman who ran world thinking day also has a son in Boy scouts. So she asked his troop to come and help out. They were given the table right next to us. I told the girls that council liked how Spain ran their troops, so they were merging us with the boys. Man was there a lot of screaming. I was laughing really hard.
Here is Kellsie doing our art project. We were doing a craft about Mosaics. She is so cute!
We had to go in the center of the room and talk about Spain. The girls dressed like they do in running of the bulls and one of the girls thought it would be fun if I pretended to be a bull and chase them around. Can you see me in the brown shirt chasing them?

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


The neighbor across the street came over yesterday and asked if we had extra cookies for her friends at the jail (she is the nurse there and the friends she is talking about are the ones she works with, not the ones she treats).

She had taken 4 orders and asked if she could take the cookies in tomorrow. Kellsie said yes. Normally I would have Kellsie take the cookies in and thank them, but since it is a Jail...

But on the other hand, Kellsie might be able to sell a lot of cookies in Jail. I wonder...just kidding.

She is making thank you cards to go with the orders.


A- Attached or single: ATTACHED
B- Best Friend(s): Laurel, Kristi, Gina!!!!! and Jeff (depending on my mood)
C-Cake or Pie: Sounds good to me
D- Day of Choice: Sunday
E- Essential Item: TOILET PAPER (this was Roxy's idea, but it is perfect)!
F- Favorite Color: pink
G- Gummi Bears or Worms: no thanks
H- Hometown: Lakeside, CA
I-Indulgence(s): everything. I should be a lot thinner!
J- January or July: January (my birthday)
K-Kids: I love them
L-Life is incomplete without: Jeff
M- Marriage Date: 07-14-97
N- Number of Siblings: 5 (4 of them are boys)
O- Oranges or Apples: oranges or apple pie
P- Phobias or Fears: someone taking my child
Q- Quote(s): Live, Laugh, Love
R- Reason To Smile: I have a great life!
S- Season: Summer
T- Tag Six: Susan, Chris, Laurel, Gina, Kristi, Jeff (but he won't do it)
U- Unknown Fact About Me: I used to dress up as grimice at mcdonals and do birthday parties
V- Vegetarian or Oppressor of Animal: I LOVE MEAT!
W- Worst Habit: eating
X- X-Rays or Ultrasounds: None, I am too busy
Y- Your Favorite Food:root beer and fried anything!
Z: Zodiac: Capercorn

Lost camera

I still can't find the camera so I can post the pics of the AZ trip. I know we brought it home with us, because Kellsie was taking pics in the car.

So Jakob came down with some kind of cold last night. Kinda out of the blue. About 7pm he started sounding congested and within hours he looked horrible. He did not go to bed until about 12 at night. I bought him some decongestant today, so we will see what that does. He had to miss preschool today and he didn't like that very much.

Kellsie came home today and said she made honor roll again (we are not surprised)! We are really proud of her. Her award thing is on Monday and she told me not to forget the flowers. WHAT??? Flowers? I guess she thinks she earned them. If I remember, I will get her some flowers. She said not to tell Jeff, because when he comes to school he embarrasses her. Funny! At least it is not me.

Monday, March 10, 2008

small update

We came back from AZ last night about 7pm. Logan took 2Nd place in the AZ state judo competition. We are so proud of him. Pictures to follow as soon as I find my camera. He had a blast and I love watching him! Logan has really big news. He has his first loose tooth. He is almost 7 years old and this is his first one. Life is going great for him right now.

While we were in AZ we went to a NHL game. Phoenix was playing Ottawa and they lost, but it was a really good game. So that was cool.

We went swimming twice while we were there. The kids loved it. The pool was heated and they had a jacuzzi that was amazing. So basically we had a great trip.

Back to reality. Kellsie still has testing for another two weeks. She was really worn out today. I guess it was really hard. She still has some girl scout cookies to pass out, so I hope we get that done soon.

Today the kids and some other volunteers helped me and Stephanie unload over 10,000 books. Scholastic had some older books sitting around and they didn't have room to sell them in their warehouse, so they said if we took them we could have them all for 1.00 each. They even gave us some stuff for free. Anyway, the boxes are all in the library and we have to go through it and divide it into age groups. There are also some adult and teacher books that we are selling to the teachers for 1.00. Then we will use the cash to buy more books.

Speaking of the kids school. I went in this morning to talk to the principal and the office had been broken into over the weekend. NOT COOL! They came in through the skylight and took all the office computers. Nothing else seemed to be gone. AHHHHH! Albuquerque sucks!!!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

I need more hours in the day

I picked up more girl scout cookies from council today for the cookie booths that are coming up. The lady at scholastic warehouse asked me to come by afterwards and drop off 2 boxes of cookies for her. I felt bad taking the order, Kellsie has done all the cookie selling so far. I guess she can send her a thank you note. AHHHHH! I am still needing a nap or at least a good night sleep.

I can't wait to go to AZ. I need a brake. Jeff wants to go to the hockey game on sat night while we are there. I don't want to rush things, but I know the kids and JEff would love it. Only a couple more days and I am outta here!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Never a dull day

So I am swamped! cookies are taking way longer to deliver than I remember, but then again, Kellsie sold a lot more this time. I still have not mailed out cookies. My new goal is to pack them tonight after Judo and send them with JEff to UPS on wed.

I am only delivering cookies to the Escara's, Fultz's and Creech Family today. The other families that I was supose to deliver today...I am sorry. I ran out of time.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Where did the weekend go?

Sunday Jakob had a talk in primary. Of course I forgot until that morning and saw the reminder note on the computer ( I didn't see the reminder note, the whole week). So I pulled out all of my small pictures and asked Jakob to help me put his talk together. I told him is was on Jesus and he could pick what he wanted to say. He told me that he loved Jesus, so were picking out pictures that Jakob liked that showed why he loves Jesus (I love Jesus because he gave me a family, because he makes be better when I am sick, because he answers my prayers, etc.) We put the whole thing together and then he says " I want bigger pictures" So we went early to church and went to the church library, where they have bigger pictures. We found all the ones he wanted and then he says, " I think we can go with smaller pictures". He almost died!!! I told him that the option was gone! He worked on his talk before church and had him memorized before he went up. When he got up to give the talk, he got a little scared and could not remember the talk. I helped him out and then towards the end he remembered. It was a great talk. I love that my kids are able to put together their own talks. They are good kids and I love them.

Well, we are off to deliver more Girl Scout Cookies. We are about 1/2 way done. Tomorrow I am mailing out the out of state orders and by Thursday the rest of them should be done.

Wish us luck!

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