Saturday, December 25, 2010

Gifts from Aunt Kim and Uncle Tim

Every Christmas Aunt Kim and Uncle Tim send the kids Savings Bonds. They get so excited about it! They love talking about what collage they are going to. Just for the record:

Kellsie wants to go to BYU or NM State
Jakob wants to go everywhere
Logan is waiting to choose. It depends on who has the best football team that year.

Thanks guys. The kids love them!!!
Picture of the three kids with the warning lable. Kellsie had a bleeding lip and a skinned elbow
Logan no injuries

Jakob bit his lip. So much blood

Asked them if it was worth it! YES!!! They love it!!!

Gifts from Grandpa and Grandma Giras

Grandma and Grandpa give me money to get things for the kids. Lukas was done taking pictures but this was one of his shirts. Darth Vadar! He got more starwars shirts, normal shirts,pants, socks and a rocking horse.
Logan's favorite gift a Cow Boys Jersey. Jeff is not happy about this, but life goes on. He got a couple of other shirts, pants, shorts, shoes and another Cow Boys shirt.

Kellsie got hoodie, snow hat (yes that is animal from the muppets. Big out here), lots of tshirts and stuff to decorate her room.

This was suppose to be a pic of Jakob. But here are the shoes they got for Logan. Cool!!!
Jakob got jeans, shorts, shirts, shoes (in form of a gift cert, so he can pick them out), Lego starwars (darth vadar's ship)
Thanks PaPa Ed and Grandma Joan! You guys rock!!!

Aunt Kims' Gifts

Aunt Kim spoils the kids...and they love it!!! Kellsie got two hooded jackets, two tshirts, a watch and 2 vests.
Jakob got another hooded jacket, shirts and ben ten toys.

Logan got a hooded jacket, shrits (the one pictures is his favorite) and ben 10 toys.
Lukas got a bunch of cute clothes, but everything paled when he saw the grinch. He grabed it and ran away ( I guess we have been taking too many things away from him lately).

Kim gave Jeff a tshirt from Buffalo and I got a pretty watch. Which is great because I don't have one!!! Thanks Kim!!!

Gifts from Santa

Santa brought Lukas shoes. of course santa didn't know how fat his feet were and we have to take them to walmart and get a bigger size.
Kellsie got a gift tag from Lowes to buy paint and things to redecorate her room (she is older now and wants and older room)

Logan got starwars toys. Yoda, darth vader, clone troopers and anakin.

Jakob got a guitar. Heaven help us all!

To Grandma and Grandpa Logan

This is a message from Kellsie to Grandma and Grandpa Logan.


Grandma and Grandpa Logan bought us a Trampoline for Christmas this year. We set it up as a family this morning. so much work, but so worth it!!! Kellsie went into change her clothes (dog poop on her pants), so the boys took the first turn. NATURALS!!!

Christmas PJ's

Before Bed on Christmas Eve we have the kids open their Christmas Eve gift. It is always PJ's (so on Christmas Day they look cute in the pictures). Aunt Kim bought them PJ's this year. Thanks Aunt Kim! They look great!!!

Pictures of all the kids in their costumes.

Christmas Eve Nativity

As tradition goes on Christmas Eve was have pizza for dinner and then reinact the Christmas Story. Kellsie was Mary, Jakob was Joseph, Logan was the inn keeper, the wiseman and the shepard. Jeff and I were the other wiseman and the shepards. As always, Jeff is a donkey!!! Lukas wouldn't stand or do what we wanted, so he was the 4th wiseman that got lost.

Getting a pictures with all four got to be very difficult.

Cleaning up the yard

The kids helped me clean up the front yard. So many leaves. We have been putting it off because no one wanted to do it. But we sucked it up! chocolate for all!
Jakob blowing all the leaves to the side walk

Lukas standing in the middle of the leaves and kicking them all around. Thanks for the help Luke.

Logan is a really hard worker and we would have never gotten done without him.

Christmas Cookies

The boys made the sugar cookies for Christmas. They did such a good job. Thanks boys!

Picture with Santa

We went to a Christmas Party and Lukas was not too excited about Santa. So as the good big brother, Jakob picked up Lukas and sat on Santa's lap.

Thanks Giving 2010

Lukas loved the food for Thanks Giving! Logan helped to brake all the bread for the stuffing. He did a great job.

Olives is the big hit of the day.

Jakob loves to put them on each of his fingures.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Girl Scouts and Silver Award

Kellsie's Girl Scout Troop this year is working on their Silver Award. They are working with animals that need help. Yesterday they went to help at the Mega Adoption even at pet smart. They were helping The Espenola Humaine Society with their dogs.

The girls wanted to donate to the shelter, so they asked for a list of things they needed and they went shopping at petsmart. The shelter was so excited to get the donations.
Here is Kellsie with one of the puppies. I think he looks more like a stuffed animal than a real dog. But he was sweet.
The Pet Smart Charities photographer was there and took a bunch of pics of our kids and the dogs. We went out to the parking lot and each of the kids held one of the puppies. I was taking pics behind the lady, so I will post a link when she posts the pics.
Jakob , Logan and Lukas went with us.

Pre Christmas Boxes

Aunt Kim sent a box of gifts for the kids that they can open early. Lukas got a pair of socks with snoopy on them. He LOVES them! He likes puppies and he likes socks. I didn't get a really good picture of him wearing them because he kept moving to fast.
Grandma Joan sent ST. Nick Day gifts for the kids. Lukas was THRILLED that I gave him the whole chocolate sucker to eat. YUM! YUM! YUM!

Science Night

We went to the kids school to see their science projects as well as do some of the activities they had set up for us. We had a lot of fun!
This was Kellsie's project "Does Practice Make Perfect?" She picked a song she didn't know on Band Hero and worked every day for 30 min. At the end she got better and got a great score.
Sorry this is so dark. The lighting was not the best. Logan's was "Do video games raise your hart rate?" They do.
Jakob's class learned how to draw the Milky Way.

The Art teacher is trying to raise money for more supplies and she asked Kellsie if she could put on of her art works up for sale. Of course I bid and the art teacher pulled it right away, so we could win it and take it home. She made a bowl out of blended up paper. It was really cool.

More Random

Aunt Kim and Aunt Denise sent some clothes to the kids. The boys loved these hats!
We were at Barns and Noble and they had this train set up. He loved it! I had to pick him up when it was time to go. I think he could have stayed there all day.

Kellsie, Lukas and myself went to Hobby Lobby. Kellsie was putting hats on lukas.


Jakob really wanted to get outside, so he moved the stroller over to the door and tried to unlock it.

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