Wednesday, July 30, 2008

You totally want to be my friend

On Monday I went up to Girl Scout Council to pick up some stuff and make copies and I walked into the GS store and they were selling boxes of Girl Scout Cookies for 1.00 a box. I KNOW! I KNOW! I KNOW! So, of course, I bought some. The lady at the store said they had tons of cases left (everything except for the Lemonaides), so if you want some, you are welcome to go there and buy some.


Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Girl Scout Slumber...right

So the girls stayed up until at least 5am. I went to bed a little after 2am and then got up again at 3am, because they were a little too loud. So I hung out in their bedroom for another hour until I finally went back in my bedroom at 4am. I got up at 5am to check on them and some of them were still up.

I know I use to do that when I was younger, but gone are those days...I had to get up at 9am, because my boys were up. I am glad I got to sleep in that late. Logan went to bed at 11pm and Jakob stayed up until midnight.

The girls did work on blankets last night and tied 5 of them for the VA hospital/unm Preemie unit. They worked hard and I am proud of them. Last night we also took a walk to the park and played and then while they were tying quilts they watched Felicity and Anne of Green Gables. They really liked Anne of Green Gables, but only were able to watch the first movie on one side of the disc. I told them we would plan another sleep over and watch another part. They also planned the whole year. They picked good badges, cool activities and very nice service projects. They are good girls.

Kellsie and Allyson just woke up and I need to wake another one up in 15 min to go to her swim lessons. Then we eat waffles and OJ and they go home at noon. They had fun! I had fun! Pics to follow.

Monday, July 28, 2008


So tonight the Girl Scouts are coming over for a sleep over/planning meeting at my house. I love having the girls over. I know I don't get much sleep and the massive amounts of screaming are taking years off my life, but I still like it.

The girls are going to plan the whole years worth of troop meetings and activities. I know Kellsie has her list of the things she wants to do. After the planning meeting they are going to work on tying quilts for the VA hospital. WE did some for the Girl Scout Day Camp and our troop asked to do it again, so we are.

Anyways, I need to go run errands and get some things done before they come over.

Sunday, July 27, 2008


Saturday we went to a party for Destiny (Kellsie's friend from school and Girl Scouts), she was turning 9. Kellsie wanted to do something really special for her since she was a good friend of hers. So she found some material that was her favorite color and hemmed the blanket by hand all the way around it. She did such a good job, and I was so proud of her.

The party was a blast! The boys had been invited also, and they played in the front the whole time playing football with the other boys. I of course loved the food. Noelle is a really good cook, so I was very happy. Destiny scored on the birthday gifts. Everything Hanna Montana, green or frogs.

I need to have a birthday party for myself...I wants to gifts too!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Again with the communication thing...

With the ceramics, the prices I listed were for unfinished ceramics. So if you were to buy one, you would come to my house and paint them or glaze them (glazing makes the ceramic nice and shinny). The price listed included the paint or glaze and materials (like brushes and the final firing) to get your ceramic done.

I mostly do them this way, because people like to make their own for their home or gifts (Look mom I painted you a ceramic for Christmas, type of thing).

If you have no desire to finish them, I will glaze (not paint) them for you for 3.00 more (unless it is the large nativity and then it will be 8.00 more). I do have some ceramics that I have painted and are for sale, but those are more expensive and I put in a lot of time on them. (the native american nativity is 15.00 if you paint your own. If I do it, then it is 25.00)

I hope this clears is up. I am sorry for the misunderstanding.

Highlighs from Logan's birthday

For Logan's birthday Jeff and Logan made football training camp birthday invitations. They handed them out at church and I called one of his friends from school. There were 12 kids that showed up (not including my 3). Jeff had a couple drills they did and then they played flag football. (Logan will post more pics of his party latter on his blog). There is one pic Logan smiling so big. He was so happy the whole time. Jeff was a little discouraged that he CHOSE to wear the charger jersey (my team) instead of his crapy bills jersey (Jeff's team), but I thought Logan made a grown up and wise choice.
Jeff decorated the football field cake (he was worried if I touched it the field would be dishonored or something. It turned out really cool!

Friday, July 25, 2008


I have been working on some more ceramics. The next three blog post are some of the ones I have right now (for more check out my website

The prices include the ceramic, paint or glaze. Come over to my house to do them or take them home. Bring some of your friends and have a party at my house painting.

If you start now you can get them ready for Christmas Gifts.

Mother and Child- 15.00
Joseph Smith- 20.00
San Diego Temple- 8.00

Email me or post to the blog with any more information needed.

Christmas Ceramics

Here are my Christmas Ceramic Prices:

Jungle Bear- 12.00
Nativy American Holy Family- 15.00
Classic Santa- 12.00
Holy Family for large nativity- 15.00
Shepards for large nativity- 10.00
Animals for large nativity- 15.00
Wisemen for large nativity- 15.00
Whole Nativity 50.00 (5.00 savings)

Christ Ceramics

Here are the Ceramics I have of the Savior. And her is my price list for the:

Christ in the Garden- 15.00
Christ with the children- 15.00 (three children come with it, but I can do 3 kids or 1 kid)
Christ with child- 6.00
Christus- 7.00
Christ Knocking- 20.00

The cost includes the ceramic and the glaze or paint.

Come hang out at my house and I can help you, or you can take the stuff home. Come with friends and make it a party. Kids are welcome to come with their parent, but I am not babysitting. They can play with my kids or watch a movie.

School supplies

Here are the school supplies at walgreens. I am going today to finish up what I need. Just FYI for all those mom getting ready for school!

2 Pocket Folder
coupon Good at Walgreens

Reg. 49¢
thru Jul 26

5 Pack Paper Mate Mechanical Pencils
coupon Good at Walgreens

Reg. $2.19
thru Jul 26

coupon Good at Walgreens

Reg. 69¢
thru Jul 26

Mini Composition Book
coupon Good at Walgreens

Reg. 99¢
thru Jul 26

Filler Paper
coupon Good at Walgreens

Thursday, July 24, 2008

My brother

So My brother Randy is now engaged! I am so excited! Randy met Caitlin when he was helping on a scout camp out. The boys went swiming in a pond/lake and Randy and my other brother Michael went to jump off some rocks. There he met his future wife. NICE!

They are working out the date now. Randy wants a Fall wedding and she wants a Winter Wedding. Who do you think will win?

Out of 6 kids, this will be ther 4th married in the Temple. #5 is on a mission and #6 (the baby and my only sister) is still in High school.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Getting so much done today

I was stressed at first, but now I am booking it! Girl Scout stuff is all sorted and in containers ready to go outside in the garage latter tonight. All down stairs is mopped. 60lbs of rice and a box of topromin are upstairs (thanks to my massive muscles). I did two loads of laundry and Kellsie did one. I went thought the mail, did a load of dishes, and still had time to help the kids make guitars from cardboard for their band.

I even got to talk to Gina, Kristi and my mother in law. She sent her first picture via email today! GO JOAN! I am so proud of you!

Time to start on dinner...what should I make?

Will I ever learn?

Sometimes I take on way too much and then find myself bogged down with playing catch up.

I have a front room filled with boxes from Girl Scout Camp, 4 bags of rice, 2 buckets to store the rice in, Stuff from the book fair (I admit that has been there since the end of school), cans of sugar for Laurel ( I have seen her tons, but forget to take her the cans), VA blankets for humanitarian aid that I need to take upstairs and a bunch of things I cleaned out of the car that need to be put away. AND THAT IS JUST THE FRONT ROOM!

I still need to finish Casey's (my niece) blanket for Christmas (my brother is coming down and I am sending him home with Christmas gifts), start the one for Connor (my nephew) and fix some blankets that have become ripped (due to too many forts). I am still in the middle of 3 crocheting projects and need to finish them and get them upstairs.

But instead of doing all that, I am blogging...gotta love my priorities!

What do you remember?

1. As a comment on my blog, leave one memory that you and I had together. It doesn't matter if you know me a little or a lot, anything you remember as long as it's nice;)!

2. Next, re-post these instructions on your blog and see how many people leave a memory about you. It's actually pretty funny to see the responses. If you leave a memory about me, I'll assume you're playing the game and I'll come to your blog and leave one about you. Come and play!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Zoo Trip pics

Just a couple of pics. None of animals, but all of my kids. I love the picture of Logan. It just makes me smile.

I love the one of Kellsie and Jakob. They are getting along really well lately and I love it!
Don't forget the one of me and Kellsie. I think this picture speaks for itself!
Here is Kellsie laying down because her feet hurt.

Here is Jakob laying down because he is being a pain in the butt and won't walk.

I can't complain, he hasn't had a melt down in a long time. I think it was just too hot!

Lettuce Wraps

For the past couple years for my birthday Jeff has taken me to P. F. Chang's . I love their food, and I especially love their Lettuce Wraps.

We went to PF Changs for dinner on thursday with the Cortez's and the Garretts. Mario and Michelle had never been there before ( I know right)! We had the lettuce wraps and I think Mario was in Heaven!

Anyways today Jeff found a recepie and made them for dinner tonight! YOU ROCK JEFF! THEY WERE AMAZING! I am blessed with a man who can cook and who does it really well!

Anyway, Kellsie and I didn't eat any of the chicken made for dinner, we just ate the lettuce wraps. RAISE THE ROOF! JEFF's THE MAN!

Kellsie's Dr. Apt

Today was her Dr apt.

We had some concerns, like:

*She is in Pain with her inserts, how can we fix that?
*She cannot wear her shoes for more than 2 hours without pain. How can she go to school for 7 hours in three weeks.
* Is she getting any better? We can't tell?

So this is what happened. We still have to go to physical therapy. She wants us going once a week, but when she saw me roll my eyes and start laughing, she said we could do it every other week (great that is only 70.00 per month instead of 140.00)

She sent us to get an insert for Kellsie's right foot (great in thought, but she is not the one that has to hear her daughter cry because her right foot now hurts too).

She wants Kellsie to have one or two surgery's. One to lengthen her heal muscle (not really the muscle, but the white stuff that protects the muscle). and one that lengthens the bones on both sides of her feet. The first surgery will put her in walking casts for three weeks. The second one will take her off her feet for 5 weeks. If we do one leg at a time ,then she will be on crutches for 5 weeks and then do the other foot and crutches again for another 5 weeks.

She said when people have pain with their inserts that they do whatever they can to relieve it. But with Kellsie, the inserts are where they need to be and if they change them, then it will not be helping. She said when she is in pain, to let her have a brake, and then put her back in them.

I didn't cry, even though I wanted to. Kellsie told me a couple nights ago, that it is hard not being able to do things because of her feet and the pain she feels. Man if I could take that pain away I would. I don't like seeing Kellsie in pain. She is such a good girl and I love her so much.

So anyway, we need to research the surgeries and pray about what to do next. So the drama (Kim Possible Reference)!

Last two days

WOW! Having JEff home is exhausting! Yesterday we went to the botanical Gardens and Aquarium. It was perfect! Most of the time when we go, we start off by taking pictures of the kids. So many great places to take the pictures. This time we told them to let us know when they wanted their picture taken and where. We got so many more pictures this time (they are to follow when I have more time).

Then we came home, ate dinner and went to a movie at the dollar movie (NOT A DOLLAR ANYMORE! NOW THERE ARE $1.25. Kinda messed up). The movie was good and the kids liked it. As soon as we came home they went to bed.

This morning we were at Kellsie's Dr apt at 8:10AM. This is the BIG foot dr at Carry Tingly Hospital. Then to the park to fly Logan's rocket, then to the Zoo. I have a brake right now, before I go to Laurels house. Then we will take the girls to Faith in God and then try and drop in on a Girl Scout leader. I am tired! But I am glad we have been having so much fun.

Monday, July 21, 2008

My mother in Law

Raise your hands for my mother in law, Joan. She is getting roadrunner internet tomorrow and will finally be able to move between websites in seconds instead of mins. I am excited for you Joan! Email me your new email address when you get it.

We are going to the gardens today, I will take a picture of Logan for you!

Sunday, July 20, 2008


I have been trying to organize my crafts (don't laugh Jeff. I know you don't see progress, but I really am trying). I have a ton of yarn I have been collecting, so I have been working on a couple of blankets for baby shower gifts (if you are pregnant you might be getting one of these).

I have also been working on some smaller blankets and hats for the preemie unit at UNM hospital. I have used up about 5 skeins of yarn. Jakob has me making him a small blanket right now and that will take care of some more.
I really like the grandma square design. I think it is way cool. But there are some other stitches I like too. As soon as I am done with some of those I will post them.

Toast with Jakob

I bought some really good bread at the store last week and Jakob and I have been creating new kids of toppings for our toast. Strawberry Jelly, Grape Jam, butter, Cinnamon and sugar, peanut butter.

So on Thursday he comes up to me while I was on the phone with my dad and Jakob wants to put seasonings on his toast. I tell him to wait and that I will help him when I am off the phone.

This is what he created while he was NOT obeying. I asked him what the red stuff way. He said it was Cinnamon. He knows this because it started with a "c".

I laughed because from where I was sitting I could smell the Cheyenne Pepper he thought was Cinnamon.

Of course I let him eat it (mostly because I thought it was really funny, but also because I was teaching him a lesson about obeying mom).

He ran back to me after eating one bit. He said it was way too hot. Imagine that!

School in the Summer Time

So I have my kids do some school work in the summer. I went online and printed off some Every Day Math sheets and I put them in a folder for the kids along with spelling words and writing. Logan is reading books everyday and I am really proud of him. I have given Kellsie some 4th grade math to see if she can do it and she can. All my kids are really smart in Math, just like their daddy!

I printed off 15 sheets for Jakob with letters, numbers and counting. I gave them to him a week ago, and they are already done. I think I need to give him harder homework!


We are picking some veggies from the garden. Green Peppers are doing the best (big surprise in the Green pepper state). Tomatoes are doing well and good timing with the saminela scare going around. I picked a couple carrots way too early, but they were still good. At least Kellsie really liked them.

We are going to plant another roung of veggies. We planted a ton of pickling cucumbers, but we are eating them too fast.

Kellsie at the park

The pictures are in the wrong order, but kellsie is doing on of her famous tricks on the swing. She can move herself upside down. This should be an olympic sport.

Here is my little girl trying to look ganster. Look at her flashing the "I love you " sign.

Friday at the Park

Friday I took the kids to the park. We have been trying new parks to see which ones we like the best. So far it is this one.

The boys played baseball most of the time.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Bank of America

We have moved a lot and one of the hardest parts of moving is banking. We use to bank with local places, but is is too hard to change over paychecks and direct deposit and work with automatic deductions and all that stuff. So when we moved to El Paso, we went with Bank of America. It is all over the place, we don't have to change banks when we move...

So I hate them! We have had so many problems with them. It started after we got robbed. I had to go down and close the checking and savings accounts and open new ones. Easy, I thought. But then they started charging me fees for the new account. I would email them and tell them I have direct deposit and the account was free. And they would credit the account and all would be fine, for a couple months. Then it would happen again, another 20.00 fee. Finally I went in, and they took care of it. Then the following month, another fee. Over and over again.

Then the old account they didn't close like they were suppose to (like I signed paperwork to close). Then they started charging me 20/per month as a fee for the closed one. I didn't find out until I got a letter saying they were going to send me to collection if I didn't get current. I took the letter in and told them the account was closed with a zero balance and they fixed it and closed it again.

So today I go online and I checked my savings account. It was a year review and they were suppose to put about 100.00 in our savings for a keep the change thing. I dont' check our savings account a lot because If I know how much we had, then I would spend it. Anyway, they have been charging me 3.00 per month for the past three months. aHHHHH!

I went online and did the online chat with a service rep. What a waste of 15 min. She told me that it was only free savings if I do an automatic transfer of 25.00 per month. I told that is not what I signed up for, because I have had the account for 1 year and they never charged me before. I still have to go into the branch and get them to fix this.

I want to go to bank of Albuquerque. That is where we have our Girl Scout acct and I love them. Every time I go in to do paper work to change names or whatever, they are really nice.

But then again, if I change, I have to correct things with Jeff's work. Switch over all my online checking, fix Jeff's va deposit and do a whole bunch of other account stuff. That does not sound fun to me. I have to think about it.

Another busy day

Today I am off to Humanitarian Aid from 9am to 12noon. Jeff has today off and said he would take Kellsie to physical Therapy today from 10:45 to 11:45. He then has to race home (a 45 min drive) to get home by 1:30, so I can leave.

Girl Scout Council wants to meet Laurel and Myself for lunch to go over the things we want to do for our serice unit and see if we need or want any help. I have no idea how that will go. I am hoping for a lot of support.

Then I run home, shower, Iron (yes I said Iron), change and off Jeff and I go to the Temple. We are meeting at Stacey Garretts home and taking them up to the Temple with us and meeting Michelle and Mario up there. I think we are going to dinner afterwards.

I am already tired, so I don't know how craky I will get as the day goes by. Wish me luck.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Almost done

So I have done every room but my room with the carpets. I do need to do some more spot cleaning and I need to find something to get rid of the red spots, but other than that...

Melanie just came by with warm M n' M cookie bars. They smell so good. I told the kids we would have them for Family Home Evening, but I am up here typing and eating one. Don't tell because I just reminded the kids if I found any food up stairs someone would die. I love how I make the rules and then don't follow them.

Gotta love life! Thanks for the cookie Melanie, you rock!!!

Humid and cleaning

So today is rather Humid and it kinda sucks. I have the air going and some windows open to help. I borrowed Stephanie's steam cleaner (anything else you got that I can borrow while you are gone? By the way, your garden is looking really good), so I am just finished the stairs. I have not cleaned the stairs (unless is was to vac) since we moved in. I was kinda hoping we would move and I would pay someone to come and do it. But since I have no date for moving, I had to do it myself. I have a couple stains I need to work on, but other than that, they are looking better.

I just went into Kellsie's room (she is at Destiny's house playing) to do her carpets. Now how long ago was that that I helped her deep clean her room? Oh, yeah that was Friday afternoon. You really could not tell. I piled everything on her bed ( And I do mean piled) and I will clean her carpets when I am done with this blog. Then when she comes home we will have a little talk (or grounding depending or extra chores depending on how mad I am at the time).

I think I should get the hallway and the boys room done today. I might have to borrow Stephanie's cleaner one more day and do my room. Because as much as I would like to clean all day, I do need to make lunch and spend time with the boys.

Anyways, back to being humid, I feel really sticky. It is really gross and I will enjoy a bath after the carpets are done. Wish me luck!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

The water boy

We have had really bad luck with our fridge. First the ice maker stops making ice ( I am sure we can fix it but we haven't yet). Yesterday afternoon the water stopped coming out also. The kids are all upset about it. Logan will not drink the water unless it is "Cool and Fresh" as he puts it. He will not drink it out of the sink. I tried filling up water and putting it in the fridge, but it is not working for Logan. In fact he told the girls across the street that the water is not working because I did not pay the water bill.

Just FYI- I did pay the water bill. The rest of the water in the house is working just fine!

I found a website that I think will help in fixing it. But it will have to wait until Jeff has time to do it. I don't feel the urge to work on that problem.

started off bad

On Thursday I got a call from Gina Bradshaw saying that she was coming down on Saturday and wanted to spend some time with us. Of course I was amazingly Happy at the thought and so were my kids.

Friday night she calls and tells me they are unable to come. Of course I was sad, but I understood. My kids on the other hand were very upset. Way to go Gina.

So today I took them to the park. After that we came home, ate lunch and went outside to play. The girls from across the street played with us. They played baseball, basketball, some type of rescue game and rode bikes.

I cleaned out the garage and cleaned and fired some ceramics. Laurel wants 5 Nativity sets for Christmas Gifts, and I want to finish them soon. Most of the figures are poured: Mary, all three wise man, two Shepard's. the cows, the camels and the sheep. I still need two more baby Jesus', 3 More Josephs, and 4 more donkeys. For some reason every time I pour a donkey I brake his ears off. It is really sad and really frustrating. So that is my hold up. I can get them all painted in a day, but those donkeys are taking forever. Wish me luck.

So the kids spent 6 hours outside today. NICE!

Also I am out looking for paint. Some type of white in a 5 gal container, if anyone sees them on sale let me know. I am also looking for a paint sprayer. I saw a price of 74.00 and I don't want to spend that, so keep an eye out for me.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Steam Cleaner

I am looking to borrow a steam cleaner to clean my upstairs carpet and stairs. Not that I want to, but that I need to. I don't want to rent the ones from Wilmart because I can't get into smaller places like hall ways without massive amounts of stress.

Let me know if anyone has one and wouldn't mind me using it for a day or two.

Girl Scout Day Camp Pictures

The first day of Girl Scouts was pirates. They did crafts (like the pirate eye patch that they decorated with pretty shinny things). This was my favorite day because I got to spend the most time with Kellsie (hence the reason I go).

They also learned compass, knives, fire, bananas and knots. The older girls did some dutch oven cooking.

The second Day was Shipwrecked Day. Kellsie cut up one of her old Tshirt and messed up her hair and put "Fake" dirt on her face and leaves in her hair. I was really proud of her dressing up silly. She use to only dress up as long as she looked cute, but she is more comfortable with her self now and can dress silly and still be ok with how she looks.

During the first and second day we take time for Units. That is where the girls get in their age groups (Brownies and Juniors) and work on badges. Laurel and I ran the Junior Units. The first day we did Fun in the Out Doors. They learned a little First Aid, What to do in case of an emergency, How to take care of the environment when you are camping, Songs, Games and Knots (thanks to the Cadettes).

The second Day we worked on the Citizen Badge (this badge also helps earn the Sign of the Rainbow). They learned how to do a flag ceremony (thanks to the Cadettes), They learned history on the National Anthem and Pledge (Laurel did great on that). I taught them about Rights and Responsibilities of living in this Country, and About being a good neighbor. I also talked with them about how to voice their concerns (protest) if they don't like what is going on in their community.

We also needed to do one service project for this badge. I asked the Humanitarian Aid Group that I go to on Thursdays to make some quilt tops for the Girl Scouts to Tie. Our Humanitarian Aid Group is making a whole bunch of blankets for the VA Hospital here. So they made ) 6 blankets for us to work on. Most of the girls really had a lot of fun working on these. This is the second time our troop has done this. Two other troops want to start working with the Humanitarian Aid group in tying quilts for the VA and for the Hospital. I think this is great! Three of the Ladies from Church (Dixie, Elsie and Debbie) also came up to help teach the girl how to do them. THANKS LADIES!

Today was the last day and It was Cruise Ship Day. Some of us wore grass skirts and flower bras (that is right, I included me in that sentence. Are you impressed or scared?). I took one picture of me in it and you will never see it! The girls did Karaoke, learned how to do the Hula and watch a video I made of all the pictures I took the first couple of days.

I loved going to Day camp and I had a lot of fun. Kellsie said she loved every bit of it, except for painting with the dead fish...

She is also upset that her favorite Cadette "Red" is moving. She gave her my email address, so she can keep in touch. So Sad.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

First Day of Girl Scout Day Camp!

Amazing! Kellsie had so much fun. I did too. My camp name is "Hot Mama". I couldn't choose one, so I asked for some help from the girls. I LOVE THE NAME! Feel free to call me it anytime!

Laurel was at work when we were picking camp names, so I asked the girls to help me pick one for her. I love hers...are you ready? TOOTSIE! I called her to let her know that because she was not at camp, that we picked her name for her.

I got a text from her latter one that said" I took tomorrow off to go to Day Camp, No more stupid names" Too funny!

Pictures to follow!

Monday, July 7, 2008

So much to say, so little time

Today was crazy! I woke up and cleaned the house, did laundry and made waffles (for Logan's birthday) and then we left the house at 11:00am. We shopped (Good Will, Walmart, Staples, Bank, Laurel's work to pick up Shirts, Savors and Sketchers( until 5:45pm came home and left again at 6:45pm. Went to a Girl Scout Day Camp Meeting. Then on the way home we stopped by and picked up two quilting frames for Day Camp. The kids helped me packed the car with all the stuff we need for Day Camp. and then off for baths.

I am so tired, I don't have time to post pictures of Logan's Family Birthday Party on Sunday or the clothes he bought today with his birthday money from his grandma's. I will do that latter.

I did want to mention that Sketchers is having buy one get one 1/2 off right now. And they have a clearance section that beats prices at walmart and pay less. I got Logan shoes for 14.00!

Staples is having there 1 cent sale this week. Pencils, hand sanitizer (small), folders all 1 cent. There is a limit of 2 for the pencils and sanitizer and a limit of 10 on the folders. I took each kid in with me and gave them 15 cents each.

I am tired and I just got the kids to bed and now I am taking a bath, I STINK!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Fire Works

We went to the Balloon Fiesta Park for the 4th. We rode the park and ride up and back. We paid 1.00 for Jeff and Myself to get in. All the stuff for the kids was free and we had the best time!

This is my favorite part of the 4th. I LOVE FIREWORKS! My camera is small and it doesn't take good pictures of fireworks, but here is what I got.

The last picture is of my boys wrestling. Do you see that green stuff they are on? That is grass. I know you don't see it in too many of my pictures, but there is grass in Albuquerque, it just doesn't grow in my yard!

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