Monday, February 22, 2010


Lukas got 2 teeth today. He has been sick and cranky, so I couldn't get a clear picture of him. But this will mark the day. TWO popped up! YEAH LUKE!

Rock Hero!

The kids had garage sale on saturday. They have been driving me crazy for over a year wanting to sale some of thier toys. Pokemon cards and stuff like that. Jeff put some of his stuff ( I really mean some of his crap) up for sale as well. Things he has had in the garage for YEARS AND YEARS but won't give up. Anyways, they made enough from the sale to buy "Rock Hero". we played it sunday after church. It is so much fun! 4 of us can play at a time. I even got some great video of Jeff singing "Kung Fu Fighting", but I value my life, so I will not post them (If someone wants to steal them off my computer they are under pictures dated 2-10).

Kellsie and Lukas

Joan, does this onzie look familier? Someone in Cheektowaga Loves me.


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Daddy Daughter Boot Camp

For Faith in God last night, Kellsie took Jeff to boot camp. They got to paint each others faces with paint. Jeff got the award for the best paint job. You can ask him what his inspiration was.

They did target shooting with Nerf guns and played sock wars.

Kellsie had a lot of fun. Jeff's arm was sore from the sock wars.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Chunky Bling BABY

For my birthday my friend Kristi got me a great bday gift from She got me 2
interchangeable watches. One is has these big chunky brown beads with a cute watch face. The other one is in my favorite color PINK! I wear one to church every Sunday. I am excited because they came out with some new products that I can't wait to buy (or have Jeff buy them for me for valentines day...HINT! HINT!). I really like the chunky bracelets, beaded watches, and the rings. I was looking at the interchangeable charm necklaces for Kellsie. She has already tried to wear my interchangeable watches. That's what happens when you have a daughter...they steal all your stuff.

Anyway, check out their site They have new products and colors all the time. In fact they are having a naming contest. You can sub a name for one of their new beaded watches. If you win, you get it free. I haven't won yet, but I keep trying. In fact they have a "blogging for Bling contest". That is what I am doing right now.


World Thinking Day- Girl Scouts

We took the girls to Girl Scout Council this past weekend. They chose to do a table about Irland. They dressed up in jeans and white tshirt with green hats, necklaces, etc. Here they are in front of a pic of Robert Patterson. The table was England (where he was born).
Kellsie all decked out!

Lukas loved all the props

one of the posters the girls did.

Our Girl Scout Troop 193

Lukas and Elmo

Grandma Joan gave the kids some money for Vday. Lukas bought a talking Elmo. HE LOVES IT!

Happy Valentines Day

Grandma and Grandpa Giras sent a valentines box to the kids. Kellsie got a chocolate hart and the boys got chocolate monkeys (lukas was a little baby one. Too cute).

As you can see he really liked it! So did I, I couldn't let Luke eat all that chocolate by himself :-)

Kellsie's bday cake

Kellsie's favorite colors are black and orange (not my choice). So I asked that the cake be decorated in what she liked.
"Team Edward- Happy Birthday Kellsie"

What kellsie looked like after eating the black flower.

Happy Bday baby girl!

Jessica came over for a sleep over for Kellsie's bday.
Like the 11 candles for her to blow out?

She got a "Jacob" doll from grandpa and grandma Logan

Twilight shirt, mickey mouse shirt and a couple more shirts from grandma and grandpa Giras

Aunt Kim's gifts

Aunt Kim's box came with Kellsie's Bday gifts. Twilight Pillow and Twilight blanket with tote bag. Kellsie is in heaven!

Aunt Kim put the recpt in box in case kellsie wanted to return anything. This is Kellsie tearing it up!
Thanks Aunt Kim. She loves them!

As seen on TV

Kellsie has been wanting a snuggle since it came out on TV. Grandma Joan got it for her for her bday. SHE LOVES IT!
Kellsie pretending she is queen in the snuggle (PJ Pants from grandma joan as well)

Kellsie showing how long her snuggle is.

Kellsie, Jess and Lukas with the snuggle


Do you see the size of the snow ball jake is throwing?

The kids came home from school early on wed because of snow.

Helping in the Library

I have been helping my friend Brandie in the kids Library. She is transferring all her books to be scanned in. I have been helping put the bar codes on the books. I was in helping when Jakes class came in. Jakob and his friends were playing with Lukas.

Eagle Project

Logan had an Eagle Project due last week. He had to be over 5 inches tall and realistic. How do you make a 3rd grade bird realistic? I think Logan did a great job. We stuffed one of Jeff's socks and glued massive amounts of paper feathers until it started to look like something. Thanks to Kellsie and Jakob who helped cut some of the feathers. Logan and I were getting really tired. He got and A on the project!

Thunderbird Game as a family

Kellsie excited that we won! And that we got to go home. she was way tired!
Lukas and Jakob. Notice Luke is looking to the side? The ladies behind him were playing with him. He kept trying to grab their beers. Thank heavens they didn't share.

There wern't a lot of people around, so it was a laid back game.

Lukas trying to eat Jeff.

Boys playing dress up

After Kellsie's field trip they said we could keep the ticket stubs and come to the game the following night for free. Jeff and I took the kids! Logan and Jake were asked to go on the court and play a game. They each got a jersey and big shoes. They had to get all dressed and the first one to score a basket won a gift cert. Logan won a 20.00 cert to a sports store.

Jakob was the one in orange way down the court.

After they played I told Jakob that the cheerleader standing next to me said that he was really cute. Jake asked me which one and I pointed her out. Then he asked for the camera, so he could take a picture of her. NOT FUNNY! Especially since two days latter a girl in her class kissed him. AND HE LIKED IT! We had to sit down with our 6 year old and tell him he can like any girl he wants, but he can't date them (or kiss them) until he is 16 yrs. What a trip!

Thunderbird Field Trip with Kellsie's class

We went to the Thunderbird Basketball Game with Kellsie's class last week. I took Lukas with me (because I don't do anything without him).

This is Kellsie and Evany
This is Lukas eating Kellsie's and Evany's icee. He wouldn't let go of the cup.

Kellsie and Evany with the BIRD!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

6 months old

Lukas is 6 months old today. Where did the time go? I will take more pictures and post them. I have a ton on my camera, but not enough time to down load them and post them. My little baby is such a big boy!

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