Friday, May 28, 2010

Jakob's graduation

Jakob graduated from Kindergarden!
This is his teacher Ms. Rodriguez. She is the best tracher!

see the kis walking away from the teachers? that is my kis walking so fast that I couldn't get a picture of him getting his diploma.

All the kinder kids.

Jakob walking under the arch


Isn't his look changing? Getting so old. He is the kindest kid I know. I LOVE YOU LOGAN!


Kellsie, isn't she beautiful? She takes after me ya know.

Logan was playing ball with Lukas. He is the kindest big brother!

Lukas trying to pull off Jakes nose. Jakob is the funnest big brother!

Lukas trying to crawl under the car. Don't worry, I stopped him before he was under. I just had to take the picture first!

Girls across the street

I am always talking about the Girls across the street. They come over all the time and play at our house or in the front yard with us. This is Maureen. Jakob was 6 months old when we moved here and she fell in love with him. He can still do no wrong in her eyes. She is really good to Lukas as well. And she is our babysitter.
Mary is the middle girl. She loves playing sports, so Logan and her get along really well.

Jillian is 1 year older than Kellsie, so they play all the time.

This is their house! The same floor plan as ours. Funny!


The kids love to go out front and play basketball. This time Lukas wanted to join.

Looking Cool

Jakob likes to look "COOL" in his photos now. See the posing he does. Totally reminds me of my brother Randy.


So one day, someone forgot to close the gate on the stairs... The kids were so excited, they followed him up to make sure he didn't fall!

Gotta love doing everything as a family. Glad we all bonded!


Jakob is getting so big and growing so fast. Everytime I turn around he is doing something nice and kind for someone! I love you Jakob!

Girl Scouts

Here is our Girl Scout Troop 193
All our Girls earned their Bronze Award and are now Cadett Girl Scouts!

Way to go Kellsie! You worked so hard and put in so many hours. THANKS!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Kellsie is growing up

So this week was really special for Kellsie. For Girl Scouts she earned the Bronze award. The highest award you can earn as a Junior. She (along with the rest of her troop) cut and sewed 5 blankets, over 100 small bean bags and over 50 pillows for the NICO ( preemie unit) of Lovelace hospital. Kellsie liked doing thing (among other things) because this was the place that Lukas stayed for 2 weeks after he was born. Kellsie rocked at the sewing. She was quick and able to fix almost any problem that happened.

This past wed we had the Girl Scout End of the Year party, awards ceremonies and the Flying up ceremony. So Kellsie is now a Cadette. Talk about fun times. She can't wait to start next year and work on the new and exciting things they have to offer. Cadettes are more responsible to plan and carry out their own activities. Helping them become better and stronger leaders. I LOVE IT!

Kellsie also made A-B Honor roll this semester. This also means she has A-B Honor Roll all year long. Nice work babe!

Kellsie is so amazing! She is growing up so fast and learning more and more each day. She is great with Lukas. Most of the time Lukas would rather go to her than me. She is so much fun! She plays with him and hugs him and holds him. She is the best big sister ever!!!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

my favorite

I just love it when Jeff puts the kids asleep for me! He is so thoughtful and kind. Thanks Jeff! I know you give up your free time to help him sleep. You are the best!

I don't like this homework

Logan's teacher gave them all a cabage plant and they have to grow it and turn in a picture of the result. They are graded on this project. I am really don't like this project! But so far, it is going ok. The leaves are getting a little dry, but we water it every day. I hope this one grows!

Lukas discovering new things (to drive me crazy)

Isn't he just the cutest?

I love boxes and kids. I think it is so funny how much they love them.

why can't he just look at the chair. Why does he have to climb up it?

We had to start putting the chairs sideways, so lukas would stop trying to climb up.

pics of kellsie

Just some pics of my favorite daughter...

Kellsie talking on the ohone to Grandma Joan on mothers day Kellsie getting ready for school

Book Exchange animals

Jakob with Orbitz (the Isotopes mascot) Logan with Orbitz

Kellsie and Lukas with Orbitz

Drew and Lukas with the cow.

Kids and their school friends

This is Jakob with one of his friends Caleb E. Logan with his friend Colby

Kellsie with her friends Evany and Angela (they were the girls who were coming over for the sleep over when I got sick and had to cancell it).

More Book Exchange

Here are some more pics from the Book Exchange. The kids were allowed to bring up to 5 used books and they would exchange them with the same amount of books. Brandie had a cotton candy machine, popcorn machine and snow cone machine (all free for the kids). Then a lady from the library was there with a couple puppets and library information. There was a story teller, face painting, wild friends and crafts. This is Charlene (Bran's best friend) making balloon animals for the kids. Her daughter was there making them too. They did a great job and the kids love them!
Lukas and Drew (Drew is Bran's daughter)

Mercedes (Brand niece) and Lukas

Paul (Brand hubby) making all the cotton candy. My personal favorite part of the whole Book Exchange!

Brandie (in the pink necktie) and Stephanie the PTO pres.

Mother's Day Legos

So Jakob was the most creative for Mother's Day this year. He made me a Legos scene ( I could look at it but not keep it). I thought it was so sweet, and then he told me there was candy hidden somewhere in the scene. I had to take apart the pieces until I found the candy.

He also made me a mothers day key chain at school with one side that say I LOVE MOM and the other side was a picture of me and him. AHHHHHH!

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