Thursday, October 7, 2010

Mc Donalds...1.50 Happy meal

thurs are 1.50 Happy meal night. Star wars skateboard toys if you were wondering. Look who thinks he is a big boy

Look who is adorable!

Pumpkin Patch Field Trip

Today was the pumpkin patch field trip. This was major because last year the field trip was cancelled and my son Jake was depressed FOREVER about it!
First we went and picked out our pumpkins. That was so much fun. Jakob ran from one section to another in record time. He got the best pumpkin ever. I had so much fun with him!
Poor lukas was so tired after all the was mom.

Can you see which one Jakob is?


MOre pics of pumpkin patch

Lukas being so cute and sweet...

Awesome slide! See picture below on where he started the slide down.

Jakob took this pic of the bunnies. They are so can they stink so bad?

I wish I had a bunch of these in my back yard.

Pumpkin patch pics

Lukas favorite part of the trip was ridding on the hay ride.
Asked Jakob what the funnest part of the whole trip. And he said playing with Lukas. AHHH!

Here is the best pic with his pumpkin. Mom is not the best photo taker.

They had a whole area of a town built on a kids level. A Jail, a store, a bank, etc. This was Jakob after I locked him up!

So many little time. I want this, this, this one...

Monday, October 4, 2010

I love my kids

Just wanted it on the record that I LOVE MY KIDS!

I get so caught up in the day to day, that I forget just how sweet, wonderful, talented and perfect they are. I wish I could be a better mom for them. But I do my best and pray the Lord will make up the rest!

Family Time...again

My Dad, My brother and my sister in law Caitlin came down for the weekend. We had so much fun! Thanks FOR COMING UP GUYS! We love you! Lukas and Grandpa at the Balloon Fiesta
Jakob and Grandpa

Kellsie and Grandpa

Unlce Randy sleeping on Grandpa

band hero

Caitlin getting down with her bad self!

balloon fiesta

fish balloon
caitlin and lukas

Kids at the balloon discovery tent
Kids with Caitlin and Randy

Jeff walking lukas around

Kellsie loving on luka


Balloons and people

Uncle Randy and Logan

Aunt Caitlin and Uncle Randy

With their yummy drinks

Balloon Fiesta...Starwars Style

Of course the highlight of the morning was the starwars balloon. They inflated it, but it never went up. They did have the "Protectors" of the balloon. We took some fun pics.

Lukas was too busy playing to bother with pics.

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