Monday, November 30, 2009

up all night...the kids home sick

Since the heater is on, Lukas' nose is all stuffy. I have a humidifier, but our room is too open and it doesn't do any good. Down stairs the heat is not so pronounced, so his nose is fine as long as I am holding him upright...All you moms totally know what I 'm talking about.

So the last couple nights I have ended up on the couch, sleeping (if you can call it that) with my little baby boy.

Today I had tons of things I needed to do. But last night Kellsie and Logan woke up with tummy aches (and etc) and Jakob woke up with a hurt tummy as well. No big deal. I will stay home and play nurse. But funny thing is, that the kids are sick, but they have ALL OF THEIR ENERGY!

Kellsie of course is being amazing. Helping. Not running around yelling. The boys however have chosen to push every single one of my buttons at the same time. Keep in mind that I am really tired, so my fuse is a little short as it is.

I send the boys upstairs to play (because the running around playing is waking up lukas). Kellsie comes running down stairs to tell me Logan fell off his dresser (yeah, that is right. I did say dresser) and his head is bleeding. Of course it is. Why wouldn't it be? Lots of blood, but I can't find the cut/scrape/hole. Bleeding stops quickly. Still can't find the source. no head ache, but I have to watch for those other signs.

Turns out Logan climbed onto his dresser (in the closet) to reach the box of cloths the top shelf. He was helping Jakob get bigger pants (I guess on top of the bloody head, Jakob is growing again).

I have now turned on a movie for the kids and came up stairs to NOT be around them. I needed a small brake. Wish I could take them out and buy myself a candy bar. Snickers...Baby Ruth...Butterfinger...I can dream can't I?

As a last note. I called the school to tell them my kids are sick. They want a dr note. My dr wants me to go to the Urgent Care (50.00 times 3 kids) or he will make a special exception and see them (20.00 times 3 kids) just to get a dr's note. WHATEVER! I called the school and told them the situation. They think I should find a new dr that will write notes. Ok! I will put it on my things to do list! I need my husband to go back to school to be a dr, so he can write my kids a note, because the school doesn't believe me when I say my kid is sick...Don't start with me! Don't they know I wouldn't have chosen this day if they weren't sick?????

Monday, November 23, 2009

Kellsie is sick

Kellsie is home sick today. Nothing major! Nice to have her home and awake. She wants to play with Lukas and I am getting a ton of stuff done.

Rosie---I am finally mailing your cookies out! Are you proud of me? Some Christmas gifts for Connor and Casey. Open it first before David does or you won't get any! LOVE YOU!

Next on the list is making 50 rolls for 3rd grade lunch tomorrow. Oh, how I love to cook...NOT (tossed that in for you friends who use to use it ALL THE TIME)!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Duck Pond

Jef took us to the Duck Pond to take pictures for Christmas. I gave the kids my little camera and here are a couple things they took pics of. I will post the ones that Jeff took when he has worked his magic on them.

Feeding the Ducks!

We got to the duck pond and before we got the bread out, the ducks ATTACTED! The kids started running, which didn't really help because the ducks kept running after them.


Today we went to the Children's Courthouse to whitness the Adoption of Porter to Trisha and Wayne.


Old Town

We went to Old Town Today after left the Duck Pond


Jakob wearing every single hat he could find.
Jakob being crazy (AGAIN)

Logan said he was posing so he looked like John Wayne. This is for you Grandpa!

More Old Town

Twilight BABY!

Here is Kellsie with two of the neighbor girls, Mary and Gillian
Kellsie and Gillian

If you didn't notice the girls are flashing the twilight signs. E for Edward and J for Jakob.


Like I said, the boy eats all the time!


This just made me laugh!

Gril Scout Bronze Award

On wed we worked on our Bronze award service project. The girls are sewing little body pillows for the preemie unit in one of the hospitals here. Here is Kellsie and Mariah

Lukas Eating Rice Ceareal

We started giving Lukas Rice Ceareal a couple days ago. He ate it, but not very much. I think I will try in a week or so again. He is eating ALL THE TIME! and I could use a little brake.

Lukas being cute again

What is he thinking about?

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Last night Jakob came down stairs and tried to convince us he was scared and that we should let him fall asleep on the couch. It worked and we did. A couple mins latter he sits up and tells us his feet are cold and he needs some socks. I tell him he can get them himself and that he needs to fall asleep.

He then (and this is the funny part) gets up digs under the middle cushion of the couch and pulls out a pair of socks! I know, right! I shoot him a very disapproving look as Jeff starts laughing his head off (thanks for the back up Jeff).

I then notice that the socks are filthy black on the bottom. It turns out that he has been wearing the same socks for days now. He was getting dressed rather quickly the past couple weeks of school and I was grateful that he was stepping up and getting ready without a lot of reminding. I guess I should be grateful that he is dressed in the morning and deal with the soon to be athletes foot latter. But I should also check the other cushions on the couch and see if anything else is hiding...

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


After Jakob's bday party the girls across the street stayed over for a Twilight Game Party. Maureen won (the one in the grey hoodie) but Kellsie was in second.


Chargers won! Bills suck!

Jakob's Bday party!

Jakob got two hot wheel ramps. He loves them and plays with them all the time. Logan and Jakob have races with them.
Jakob got games from Isaac. As you can tell, he really likes them. The Turners give the best games. WE also love the one they gave Logan for his gift at his bday.

We strung doughnuts on the ceiling fan (Jeff's idea and it worked great). The kids had to eat it without using their hands and then after they ate the doughnut they had to yell "YO JOE"! It was so funny! They kept wanting to do the game over and over again, so we ditched the other games and just ate doughnuts.

Jakob wanted a GI Joe cake. So we bought a GI Joe toys and stuck it in a choc cake and wrote "Yo Joe" in frosting. He loved it!

Jakob and some of his other crazy friends. HE also invited the girls across the street and another 4-5 boys that didn't make the picture.
The party was VERY VERY LOUD! But Jakob loved it!

Jakob turned 6 at on November 4th. We had his bday party with his friends on November 13th.

Jakob's School Job

Jakob's school job this week was taking the recyclables to the recycle center at Walmart. So Jakob and I carried this big box (while pushing the stroller) in the rain to walmart. He had such a good time (Lukas, not so much).

A-B Honor Roll

Here is Logan with his certificate and his ribbon.
Kellsie would not take a picture for me, so I sneaked one in. They set up the gym with red, white and blue balloons and an American Flag as the background. They also put red table cloths down on the ground and each kid was able to walk down the "red Carpet" to get their award. Totally cool and the kids loved it!

Lukas stayed awake for the 3 hours that we stayed there. He also pooped 3 times. I guess one for each honor assembly!
Jakob's teacher had to leave early and was unable to give out her awards, so she is doing it in class another time.

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