Monday, May 27, 2013


Yep, more feelings. I can't believe my little girl is in High School. She has been talking to me about her future plans. She applied for a High School that does duel credit. As a sophomore she can start taking classes that give credit to college as well as High School. If she passes the class with c or above, they will pay for her books as well as the tuition.  She plans on having almost a two year collage degree before she graduates from High School. Then she plans on going to BYU!. She is looking for classes that will be the best when applying.

She is off and running and I am amazed at how responsible and smart she is. I know she will reach all her goals and be more than she ever thought because of her hard work and determination. I love you Kellsie and I am so proud of you!

Aunt Kim's Treats

For Kellsie's graduation Aunt Kim sent Kellsie a box of chocolates. Kellsie was so happy and felt so special. Aunt Kim also sent a tin of Spring candy for the other kids, so they wouldn't bug kellsie for hers. It worked! Zoe and Lukas were thrilled with their pile of loot! Thanks Aunt Kim for thinking about Kellsie.


Kellsie graduated from 8th grade last week. We went to a gold course for her graduation.
Kellsie earned an award for best behavior, leadership, Student of the Month and Principal Honor Roll for all A's! We were so proud of her! Not surprised, because we know how amazing she is, but still really proud!

Kellsie with Jessica

Kellsie with Maria and Kaylee

Kellsie with Meridith

KEllsie and MAria

Kellsie and Kaylee


We went to the pound and found Lukas the perfect dog. A one year old jack Russell mix. His name is Juke and he loves lukas! For nap time Lukas likes to sleep on the couch, and he puts the dog blanket (a buffalo bills blanket I made the dog) on the couch with him. And Juke lays down with him.
Juke is an inside dog for the most part. And now that Ransom is so old, she is in most of the day as well. The kids love playing with the dogs and the dogs love the kids.

Jakob earned his bear in scouts. We are so proud of him! They paint the boys faces when they advance in rank. Totally cool and the boys love it!

Post School Bone Fire

The boys build a fire in our back yard fire pit on Saturday and we burned all their uniforms and school work. It was so fun. So you see Jakob's uniform pants in the fire already?

Jakob being adorable!

Jakob burning left over home work

Logan burning his uniform shirts that are stained.

Kellsie burning her homework and agenda

Lukas thinks the whole thing is really cool

Zoe got to sit in a big chair next to me, so we didn't have and situations. She was scared at first of the fire(good), but then calmed down.
We had a lot of fun! Kellsie saved some of her clothes and papers because she wants to have her friends over and do it again. Fun times!

lukas loved captian america

Lukas pretendes that he is Captain America all the time. So Jakob made a shield out of cardboard for him and Kellsie painted it. He loved it so much. Played with it for weeks until it met more shield.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Summer Bucket List so Far
1. Zoo
2. Botanical Gardens
3. Aquarium
4. Eat Hot Dogs (Lukas)
5. Dog Park
6. Football party at the park
7. Pizza making contest
8. Sleep over on the trampoline
9. move bedrooms (again)
10. Krispy Kreme
11. Library
12. Car Shopping
13. Sonic 1/2 price drinks
14. Baseball game
15. Dion's summer reading program
16. Library summer reading program
17. Barn's and Noble summer reading program
18. dollar movies
19. bowling
20. Fishing
21. Camping
22. cliffs
23. kill ants (Lukas)
24. canning
25. history museum
26. Dino Museum
27. Camp Fire in back yard
28. Mc Donalds for ice cream
29. Grandpa To come to our house (lukas)
30. Train Dog to do more tricks
31. walk dog
32. water balloon fight

Still adding things, any other ideas from you guys?

Thursday, May 16, 2013

My friend Rachel

Part of my job as Relief Society President is to help sisters and their families who are passing away. To help ease their burden, help with planning and carrying out of funeral arrangements.

I have a strong testimony of the Plan of Salvation. That our lives do not end in death, but that we live forever with our families if we live a good life. So when I am helping families through this sad and painful process, I can remember and rely on my testimony that all will be made right and we will see each other again.

2 years ago a sister moved into our ward, Rachel. She has had a hard life with many physical difficulties. I have had the honor of helping her over come and endure some of these difficulties. knowing that Rachel would not live very much longer, we have talked about death and living with the Savior again. I have loved our conversations and have envied her peace at this time in her life.

Rachel just called, she had been put on hospice and has been given 3-4 weeks to live. Rachel is still at peace and she is ready to go. I am grateful for a Heavenly Father who will take her from this life and give her a strong body and mind. She will be free from this worlds problems and from her bodies imperfections. I will miss my friend and the love and laughter that she has brought in my life. but I know how happy she will be in the next life. May the time pass quickly my friend.

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