Thursday, January 28, 2010

Growing up...

Upcoming Events. My little baby Lukas will be turning 6 month in a week. Didn't I just have Lukas? I can't believe he is growing up so fast. STOP IT!

And Kellsie is turning 11 on Feb 7th. What is up with that? Do you know in 1 year she can babysit? in 3 years she can go to dances. in 5 years she can date and drive (well I totally can't wait until she can drive. I would love the helpm but DATING?????).

Time just needs to stand still. I need to take more pictures!

Modest Fashion Show

For Faith in God for Girls they did a modest Fashion Show. The girls were suppose to bring modest clothes and walk on the stage. This is Kellsie in two of her outfits. Striking her POSE! GO KELLSIE!

Sante Fe Senate

Kellsie went to Sante Fe to talk to NM Senators about what the Wild Friends are supporting this year. They want a bill to pass making schools plant Pollinator bushes. Kellsie told me that this wouldn't cost any extra money because the schools already have budgets for landscaping.

They are taking a pic with someone of importance, but I don't know who he is.

Children's museum in Sante Fe

Kellsie went to the Children's museum in Sante Fe after the Senate visit. Kellsie said it was the best one she has ever been in. Jeff said it was pretty cool.

Laurel and Lukas

Laurel has a ring on her necklace and Lukas really wanted to rip it off her neck. Laurel had to distract him. She was lucky that he wanted her finger just as bad.

Rock on girl!


I know it's blury, but when I have the camra, he tries to eat it! Crazy kid!


Kellsie really wanted Meatballs for dinner. I was way too tired to make them, she said she would. And she did. They were really good. I was impressed that they were all the same size. I never get that part right. YOU ROCK KELLSIE!

Jersey Day

The kids were all asked to wear jerseys to school. Don't they look cool? Kellsie wore CHARGERS!, Logan wore BRONCOS, and Jakob wore BANGLES.

Nice Pose

PA PA ED sent the kids some tennis rackets and they play with them all the time. This is Jakob posing for the camera. Notice the food placement? I think that helps him hit harder.


I think this is so funny! He is sitting in his seat with toys all around him and he zeros in on one and uses all his will power to grab it. I was laughing so hard. What an adorable little boy!

Pine Wood Derby

Logan held the flag in the flag ceremony also. Nice Job Logan!

Logan had his pinewood derby last Tuesday. We had 3 races. We won 1 and lost 2. This was our first one, so we have tons of ideas for the next one. Jeff wants me to go buy kits now to work on for next year. RIGHT! And Logan wants me to make a track (yeah in my spare time).
We also found out the the siblings can do a car too and race at the end of the scout race. We will be doing that for Jakob and Kellsie next year. Who knows, I might do one too (HA! Don't make me laugh, I have no time for that!)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sorry no postings...

I have tons of pics, but not the time to post them right now.

Logan has school projects to finish, pine wood derby cars and race just finished last night.

Kellsie just finished a major school project and she is trying to see Girl Scout Cookies

Jakob just earned star student. We are really proud of him!

Lukas is adorable and wants to be held or played with ALL THE TIME!

Jeff is working normal hours.

I am working on my church calling which is taking a lot of time, but is worth it. Planning Girl Scout meetings and driving in the car most of the time.

There is your update. Must get back to life.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Outside Fun!

Kellsie just kicked the ball and she is outrunning her brother.
Jakob holding Lukas. Lukas trying to lick Jakob.

I was at Walmart and found these hoodies for 3.00 each. Matching boys!

Logan skateboarding. Isn't he cool?

Lukas Loves Elmo

The girls across the street bought Lukas this LARGE Elmo for Christmas. He loves him!

He is sitting with Maureen from across the street.

Legos and Art

The boys made a ship out of LEgos. They started to make the titanic, but lost interest.
Kellsie learned how to make pop out castles in Art class

Jakob stayed up last night building a bigger and better ship.


I was trying to get some blankets finished and Lukas kept crying. I picked him up, and he saw there for 1/2 hour watching the sewing machine go up and down.
Getting ready to go outside! I put socks on his hands so they stay warm. How adorable is he?

Jakob's mouth

Jakob hugging Elmo (or chocking him)

He loves staring at the camera!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Randome Pics

Do you see how wet his shirt it? Drooling all the time. I have to change his shirt multiple times a day, to let him dry.
Kellsie was cleaning the stairs. She thought it would be funny to put the hose on her chin. Thank Heavens I had the camra. That was just too funny.

Lukas trying to get Kellsie's food. Instead of trying to help, I grabed the camera.

We were all watching a movie and I put Lukas on Logans shoulders. Lukas was grabbing his hair and slobbering in it. Before I helped, I had to take a pic.

Arn't they just too cute!

My bday

We celebrated my bday with cheesecake ( I LOVE CHEESE CAKE), but when Jeff came out with it and they were singing, Lukas grabed Jeff's arm and tried to get the cake. On any other day, that would have been cute, but that was MY CAKE! Watch it kid! My love can only go so far!

Wedding in DC

Kellsie and JEff went to DC for Jeff's brother Tim's wedding. Kellsie had such a great time. The next few posts are pics of her and family.

Uncle Tim, Grandpa Ed, Uncle Mark and Cuz Cody
Pa Pa Ed, Uncle Mark and Cody

Kellsie's new aunt Kim and her dad at the reception dancing. Jeff took tons of these pics and they look so amazing!

Uncle Tim and Aunt Kim dancing

THE CAKE! This is one of my favorite parts of receptions. I love seeing what cakes the couples pick. This one is very classy and romantic. I LOVE IT! I wish I was there to EAT it!
Jeff has more pics of the wedding, but he needs to edit them and do whatever else he does to them before I can post them.

Wedding Reception

Cody eating
Just the ladies! Cuz LAura, Aunt Kim (#1), Kellsie and Aunt Denise

Jeff and Kellsie. Look fast, because Jeff is going to make me take this down. Isn't he adorable! I wish I was there. I havn't seen him in a tux since our wedding.

Kellsie and her grandparents. Joan and Ed. I wish I had more of these, but I hope Laura or Kim got some. (if you did, send them to me, please)


Kellsie and Jeff at the national Tree
Kellsie and Aunt Kim

Kellsie and the new Aunt Kim (Kellsie and Jeff were up there for Tim and Kim's wedding. Now we have 2 aunt Kims. The kids want to call them Aunt Kim 1 and Aunt Kim 2. Liket Thing one and Thing Two from the Book.)

Grandkids. Laura, Kellsie and Cody.

Aunt Kim (#1), Cuz Laurea, Aunt Denise, Kellsie and Cuz Cody

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