Saturday, October 31, 2009


So I have been letting Kellsie read the Twilight books. Most of her friends have read them, so I told her she could too. Well, only the first two books. The third book has a lot of kissing parts so I need to re-read the book and mark what pages she can't read. And she can't read the 4th book until she is a lot older.
She started with the second book becasue she wanted to get it read before the movie comes out, but now she is 1/2 way through the first book. I love that she likes to read!

Decorating for Halloween

The kids put up a massive spider web. They thought it was really funny when they cought real spiders.
Two of the three decorations in this picture was taken from our yard.

Isn't she beautiful? I am a little scared.


They have been allowed in our house again. Jeff and I tossed all the legos out years ago. We had one too many problems with stepping on them. Jeff would cry. It was a big problem.

The kids are old enough now to take care of them, so they have been building non stop.

Here is the Lego city that they made. Star Wars figures, buildings, stuffed animals and dinos. I LOVE IT!

They have been in training their whole life!

On Thursday we went to the kids Harvest Festival at their school. We totally took home the cake walk trophy for the most cakes won by a family. 5 cakes in total! We rock (and are really sick from eating that many cakes and cupcakes. They don't last forever you know and we couldn't let them go to waste) Here is Logan in 1/2 of his costume (the kids started taking off the costumes part way through the night) doing the cake walk.
Kellsie holding her upside down pineapple cake. It was still warm and she was cold.

Jakob with his cupcake plate. I was a little made about this one, because he took home a plate of the cupcakes I made. I had another 10 at home for them to eat, but now we have more.


All week it has been freezing. So my mom sent me a little hat for Lukas. It is a charger hat, totally cute! Thanks mom.

Kellsie's pumpkin

Can you guess what theme Kellsie picked? That is right, she painted a pumpkin devoted to the Twilight books.


Fall Festival

At school there is a family that is having a hard time. Their little girl has cancer and they have to travel to and from Denver to be treated. They, of course, are out of money. So the school has been having some fundraising activities.

One of them was that the some of the kinder kids take home pumpkins and carve them. they return them to the school and sell them at the pumpkin festival. All money goes to this family. Jakob and Jeff did this one and it sold for 6.00. GO JAKOB AND JEFF! Logan did this one. It was suppose to be a pumpkin decorated like a character in a book. Can you guess what Logan did? A couple of our pumpkins had not changed color yet, so he picked the green one and make a YODA! Logan did all the carving and Jeff supervised.

Kellsie and Lukas at the field trip

Kellsie, Lukas and Angela at the evolution mural in front of the horse.
Kellsie and Lukas in front of a volcano

Kellsie and Lukas in a cave (where we found one of the stupid little bats).

Below is a post about Kellsie's field trip. Here are some pics of Kellsie and Lukas.

Dino Trip

Kellsie's class went on a field trip to the Natural History museum last wed. Kellsie's teacher said I could come and bring Lukas (which is great, because I always have him). I was in charge of Kellsie and 3 of her friends. Here is Lukas being really board. He was so good while we were there. He did get hungry twice, so I had to leave the girl with another parent while I went and fed him. But no crying or fussing. What a good little boy.
The teachers gave each kid a packet of questions they needed to answer (I HATE THESE! Let the kids look, read and learn. We spent so much time looking for answers, that they didn't see most of the museum). On the back of the packet were 5 or 6 bats that were hiding around the museum. They gave us clues and we had to find the small brown, hanging, stupid, little bats. They took forever, so at the last one I made the girls point to it. Dumb little bats. I think they hid camera around the museum so they can make fun of all the parents that are pulling their hair out because they can't find the stupid freaking bats!

Kellsie and Evany holding up the world. Evany is Kellsie's best friend at the school. She is a really good kid and I am glad they are friends. They, of course, both like Twilight. Evany wears a Edward tshirt under her uniform, so she can be close to Edward the whole day. That is way too funny.

Evany, Angela and Kellsie. Kellsie is bending over, so she looks a little shorter than the others, but not by much. She finally found friends who are taller than she is. AMAZING!

Here are all the girls in the group standing in front of Stan the T-REX.
We had a blast. It was fun to spend time with Kellsie and her friends.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

New Shoes

Nope, not Kellsies...MINE! As I have found out over the years it is normal for your feet to get bigger when you are prego. I have only had to go up one full size since Kellsie, but it still sucks. I went from an 8 1/2 to a 9. Kellsie got my old tennis, but I needed new ones. I found these and I fell in love. Jeff already hates them, but that makes me love them even more.
These are my favorite. I am going to put the pink laces in. I love PINK!

Kellsie has the same pair as these. I bought them as a joke and then I was going to return them, but she said she wanted me to keep them. We are wearing matching shoes to her field trip tomorrow. HER IDEA!
And the best part is I got them on clearance!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sick babies

Jakob got a fever yesterday and he had a little one today, so we all stayed home from church (Jeff had to go to work). Lukas is sleeping a lot and wont let me put him down. In fact he is asleep in Kellsie's arms right now, just to give me a brake. I don't think he is feeling too good. No fever or other symptoms, so I am grateful. Poor sick babies!

Total Bummer...

So the kids set up Halloween decorations out front. Nothing major just a blow up ghost and a couple 3 feet vampire and ghost figures. They also set up the spider web,which they had a blast doing.

About 3 days latter the big blow up ghost and the small vampire figure was stolen. YEP! THAT IS RIGHT...STOLEN! What is the matter with people! I am ticked, but I feel horrible for my kids. They are so sad. They want me to drive around the neighborhood and try to find out who took them. Jeff wants to do the same thing, but I think he has a different outcome planed then the kids have.

I will look after Halloween for some more decorations that are on clearance. Maybe the kids will get them as Christmas Gifts...

Saturday, October 24, 2009


Jeff fixed my camera. I LOVE HIM!!!

Girl Scout Dog Walking Service Project

Last Saturday our Girl Scout Troop went down to Los Lunas to walk Dogs as a Rescue. I was not able to go, but Laurel and Marie took the girls down. Thanks to Laurel, I have these pics of my daughter ( I copied them from her blog, thanks Laurel!). Kellsie, Hailey, Brianna, Jessica, Brady
Kellsie with Pudding.


My digital camera is broken. Can't take it back to the store. I am so upset! How can I take pics of my beautiful kids without one. We do have Jeff's camera that I am not allowed to use. I guess I can always just take it and use it. I won't brake it right?

Friday, October 16, 2009

My sleeping boys

Logan hugged Lukas to sleep this afternoon. Then was almost asleep himself when I took this pic.

crazy hair day

Only Logan's hair was dark enough to take a pic of. He did green and blue strips in his hair for crazy hair day at school.

crooked smile

Lukas has this little crooked smile. I love it and I snapped about a million pictures trying to get it, but I couldn't. This pic will just have to do. He is getting ready to smile.

This month

This month we watched the 3 girls across the street while their mom was out of town. It was nice to have girls who were thrilled to hold Lukas. Gave me a little of a brake. MAureen is on the right. She is the one who watches our kids when we go out. This is the one Jakob has a crush on.

Video of adorable

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Crazy Hair Day

The kids had crazy hair day at school today. Logan did green and blue strips. Jakob did spiky blue hair. And kellsie did cute green and blue strips. Don't ask me how she pulled off cute when her brother did the same thing and he did cool.

I forgot to take pictures. I hope they still look fun when I pick them up from school, then I will take pics.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

I feel proud and sad at the same time

So today at church Jeff was asked to be the Executive Clerk. That means he makes all the appointments for the Bishop. It is a big calling (as in a lot of work). Jeff doesn't shy from work, so I am not sad for that. I am sad for him because one thing that he HATES to do. I mean REALLY HATES to do is make phone calls and talk to people on the phone.

This new calling takes a lot of talking on the phone. POOR BABY!

But I am very proud of him for saying yes to this new job. He is a good man and I am very proud of him. I LOVE YOU JEFF!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

New Dinner

After I got home from the hospital with Lukas, Kara one of my friends and neighbors brought us a really great dinner. The kids loved it, so I found out how to make it and made it tonight.

It is a Pasta with white sauce or type of Alfredo sauce.

1 lb of Pasta ( I got a fun kind at walmart for 1.00, but next time I will use elbow)
1/4 cup freshly grated Parmesan cheese
6 TBS Butter
1 1/2 Cup heavy cream (not whipping cream. I found out that is not the same as heavy cream)
cooked and cut up Chicken if wanted

Cook Pasta. Drain Pasta. Put back in pan. Add butter, cheese, cream and salt and pepper. Mix until melted. DONE!!! YUM!!!

Thanks Kara, you're the best!

Adding new things

At dinner time we always ask the kids the same question. Tell us one good thing and one bad thing that happened to you today. We used to ask how their day was, but we always got "FINE!". Now we find out a whole bunch of stuff. I love it.

Well last Saturday and Sunday was our LDS General Conference. That is where our Prophet and the 12 Apostles speak to us. President Monson spoke about a friend of his that would ask their kids what they did to help someone that day. I thought it was brilliant.

So starting Sunday night at dinner I added that question to the list. They really had to think. Most of the answers were " I hugged you today" or " I gave you a kiss" I took the answers, but told them I wanted them to really try to do more the following day.

The next day I got things that they did for each other. So I told them the following day I wanted them to do something nice for someone outside of our family.

Today Logan told me that he helped a kid who wasn't good at tether ball, learn how to play better. Kellsie said she made cupcakes for our neighbors and for Trisha's family. Jakob couldn't think of anything. But then Kellsie and Logan jumped in with all the things Jakob did today that were nice. Jakob felt great! Kellsie and Logan felt great! I had happy kids, so I felt great!


And what did I do for someone else today? Well I went to Humanitarian Aid and made a bunch of blankets to go to the Philippians. We are taking the blankets on Saturday to be shipped to Salt Lake City. They will intern ship them to where they will do the most good.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Long day.

Feed Lukas
Change Lukas
Feed Lukas
Cut Jeff's hair
Feed Lukas
Take a bath
Feed Lukas
Change Lukas
Jump out of the shower to get the phone that keeps ringing over and over again
Got Dressed (don't laugh, sometimes this doesn't get done and I stay in PJ's)
Pick up a neighbor girl who has a fever
Pick up her mother and bring them both home
Change Lukas
Feed Lukas
Go to a Dr Apt
Feed Lukas
Change Diapers
Pick up the kids
Come home
Feed Lukas
Pick up Kellsie from Wild Friends
Feed and change Lukas
Make Dinner (left overs, really quick)
Help with Homework
feed and change Lukas
Sew on patches for cubscouts
Feed and Change Lukas

Now going for treats at McDonalds and taking Logan to scouts. Then hoping the polls are still open so I can vote.

Sage Ward Ladies

If you have not signed up for the crafts or classes for Super Saturday, please do so. There are sign ups for sunday, but they are also on the RS Blog. Check it out!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Is the bathroom done yet?

Logan was in charge of cleaning the kids bathroom last week. Before he could go on the computer Jeff had to check to make sure it was done right. Logan was tired of waiting for Jeff to come upstairs and check, so he took digital pictures of the bathroom and brought them down to Jeff. Too funny! That kid is smart.

Logan earned his Wolf Badge

Logan worked so hard in getting his Wolf Badge. We are so proud of him.He earned it in 2 1/2 months. Anyone know what I do with the pins that he pins on me? Do I keep them or do they go on his uniform?

Great memories...

Right before we leave we stop again to massage our feet.
Kids had a blast in the kids area.

My favorite part of the extra large cotton candy! I almosted finished it (with some help from the boys).

Wanted to take a picture of Lukas with a horse. The horse tried to eat the stroller. MY BAD!

After the McDonald's Farm the kids hot a chili's hat. Jeff thought they were stupid, so I asked the kids to wear them for a picture.

What's the fair without the football throwing pigs

This was my favorite show! The pigs played football, rode skateboards, played instruments and tons more. I was laughing so hard.

Solar powered cars

They kids were playing with the solar powered cars. Jakob's was not working, so we went and told the man that the car needed new batteries. I was laughing pretty hard. We had to TRY and explain it to Jakob. Then we found the problem with the car. Jakob was standing over the car and casting his shadow on top of the car. NO SUN! NO POWER!


Deep Fried Bacon! HA! We didn't get any. I thought Jeff would have a hart attack right there!
Then we went to see what our body mass index is. Of course I did NOT do this activity. Jakob is only 4 lbs less than Logan now. Needless to say, Logan is eating anything he can, so he keeps bigger than his little brother.

Our tradion continues...the chicken pics with the kids

Mc Donalds Farm

Jakob on the tractor for the last year. The other kids are too big for them. So sad!
Kellsie pretending to run over Logan in the tractor. She wishes!

Kids on the tractor

Look how tall Kellsie is. Do you know she is wearing my shoes!

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