Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Family Tradition and the State Fair

Jeff and I have been going to the state fair since we have been married. We love them and now our kids love them too.

Jeff did not enter any photos this year, way too busy. But Jakob's art teacher at school entered him in the children's contest. We didn't know, so we didn't look at them, but he got a ribbon for just entering. He was so excited!

our new tradition (the past three years) is to get a funnel cake topped with ice cream and strawberries as we end the day. LOVE IT! I need to learn how to make them!

Lukas had fun. Wanted to run a little more than we would hav liked, but Jeff never lost him.


Pee Wee Stampeed!

Jake was the only one in the age group that could do it this year.

He got to do the "Bull" riding. He was adorable. See the video below, way below.

Every Year!

This guy has been here every year we have gone to the fair. And we have gone every year since we were married. The first year, we bought it for kellsie. It broke when we opened it up at home. Totally sucks! Every year the kids watch him do his tricks and every year they want one. They never get one, but they still ask. This year, they could buy it, if they used their money. No one bought it! Again, best idea ever was to give them 5.00 for the fair.

Logan and HOT salsa???

Logan has never tried salsa. NEVER! He wanted to try it this year. And he goes for HOT! After lots of water he said he liked it and he would eat it again. CRAZY!

Corn Box!!!

They have this big sand box, but it is filled with dried corn instead of sand. We could have stayed their for hours.
Look at what a good sister she is. Lukas loves her so much!
Logan totally burried in corn. Thanks to Jeff's help.

Jakob burried in corn. AGain, thanks to Dad.

more random

Lukas got worn out!

PaPa Ed! the boys like trains!!!

more mc donald pics

Funny what kids find interesting
jake roping

Jeff as a farmer

kellsie and jake as farmer and cow. why cant they keep their hands down?

logan ridding a horse

Old Mc Donalds Farm and Lukas!

This was Lukas first time for Old McDonalds farm. He really liked it!
boys helping him ride the tractor. The boys were too old and tall to ride them this year. So sad.

corn maze

Lukas wouldn't get off. We had to take him off kicking and screaming.

picking apples with kellsie


Kids with the Thunderbird mascote. Lukas still does not like him.
kids on the tractor. One year I will get one with all the kids looking at me. This year I could only get Lukas. AHHHH!

Kellsie looking adorable!

Logan looking cool!

This is what we saw of Lukas the whole time. RUN! RUN! RUN! Comeon kid. just stay in one place!


I didn't get too many pictures of the food, mostly because I was eating it. But here are a few. Kellsie got the turkey leg for dinner. The boys wanted pizza. Jeff got some meat with gross stuff on top and I got a BBQ sandwich
Lukas got a popsickles at old mc donalds farm and a tortilla.


Each year we get this really (and I mean really) big cotton candy. They did not do it this year. Not cool at all!
So when kellsie was like 2 years old, aunt Denise got her this brown horse stuffed animal. After many washings (and she still has it). it looks like this. Poor Sam the horse.

Money and the rides/games

Each of the kids got 5.00 this year. They could do whatever they wanted, but they couldn't ask us for things or more money! GREAT IDEA!

Jakob used his money to play games and ride on the swinging ride. HE LOVED IT! He is the one with the white shoes and you can't see anything else.

Logan played all balloon games. He won!

Kellsie played all games too and won a hulk for lukas. She is the best sister ever!

Kellsie gave each of the kids 50cents to see the smallest horse. Rip off...but we already knew that. Now they do too!

Lemonaid at the state fair

Every year we go and get the extra large lemon aid with free refills. They are 15.00 and this year you even got a shirt with it (see Kellsie). They have three stands all over the fair. So we went back about 30 times to get refills. Making it well worth our money!!!

At the end of the fair on our way out, the kids wanted to have a "chugging" contest. The person who drank the most without a breath won. Kellsie won out of the kids. Jakob ended up throwing up in the trashcan (totally funny by the way. The lady at the lemon aid stand was laughing). And poor husband got played.
Right before the chugging contest, the kids found a baseball hat store. Each hat was 5.00. They had one for each of the kids and they really wanted one, but had already spent their 5.00. Kellsie challenges Jeff to the contest. If he can't finish the drink without a breath, then he has to buy them each a hat. First a chugging contest and now betting, what is my family coming to?
Jeff is not really listening to the rules and drinks more then Kellsie but doesn't finish the drink. HA! the kids won. Logan got a cowboys hat, Kellsie a chargers and Jakob on with a fire guys. I am sure it is a football team, but I don't' know which one. 1 for the kids! 0 for Jeff! Sorry babe!

Last pics of az

Mike and Logan
Melea and kellsie

Jakob in front of a bear place that we ate at. He is saying "looser" to uncle David. We were told that uncle David loves to eat here, so we wanted to take a pic and tease him. LOOSER!

Grandpa entertaining Lukas

Teds Hot dogs

So there is a place in Buffalo called Teds Hot Dogs. Jeff loves it! Now it is in AZ. we stopped there while we were there.

bt the way...gross food!!!

Lukas feeding the goats at the fair

Lukas first time in the petting zoo at the fair. He loved it!!!

Logan and judo

Here is Logan working with his friend

During Judo class the they give the boys time to work with eachother and do matches. THis is Jakob with his friend Mikie.

Corn Box at the fair

At the fair they have this big box full of dried corn. The kids have such a blast in it every year. This is Lukas first time. Jeff even got in to play. But I don't have video of that. Bummer.

Jake ridding a bull

AT the fair, Jakob did the PeeWee Stampeed. He got to ride the "bull". How cute is he?

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

More AZ Pictures

Mike helping Jakob to swim
mike catching a football that robbie tossed him

Jakob on Mikes shoulders

Robbie and Melea

We had a bday party for Mike on friday. Uncle Robbie needs a napkin

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