Thursday, April 18, 2013

Friday, April 12, 2013

Mormon Battalion Visitor Center

We were able to go to the Mormon Battalion Visitor Center in San Diego. It is amazing and so much fun! the kids got the pan for gold, wash laundry like the pioneers, pump water from a well and learn about how the mormons were asked to go to Mexico to fight. they never ended up fighting, but they helped the settler of San Diego build missions and homes and taught them brick work. AMAZING STOREIS!!!

Apple Sauce Baby!!!

We found a great deal on apples. 50 cents a pound. We bought about 50lbs and made apple sauce...and canned them! Jakob pealed all the apples. Kellsie cut them (see how excited she is) and Logan, Zoe and Lukas grinded them!!!! I love my kids! they work so hard!!!

Grandpa's house

So we are at my Dad's house and he has a lot of grass. Uncle robbie tells Kellsie he wants to teach her how to drive a tractor. she is thrilled! robbie teaches the two older boys as well. they don't notice that Uncle Robbie is USING them to cut the grass so he doesn't have to do it. No Worries, the kids had so much fun and they keep asking if we can get one for our house. YES! i need all the rocks and dirt mowed!!! Grandpa's house still has some of the toys that we had growing up. the tire swing and the rope swing. Baseball field. But both tree houses are down.

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