Friday, February 29, 2008


Laurel and I picked them up this morning. They packed my car from top to bottom. In fact while driving home one of them slid forward and hit me in the head. I have a little headach, but it is a small price to pay for GS cookies.

So for all those of you who bought cookies from Kellsie, we will be delivering them starting monday. THis weekend we are handing them out, so I can' really leave the house until everyone picks up their cookies. For those of you who I am mailing them to, I will try and do that on tuesday/wed time frame. I just have to pack them and get the shipping ready.

Thanks for supporting Kellsie. She sold them all herself and we are really proud of her. She worked her but off.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

I hate home improvement projects!

So I can't remember when we did tile, but it was months ago, we still needed to finish some things. Like under the stove, tile baseboards in the laundry room, stuff like that. Well Jeff was suppose to do it this morning, but it never turns out the way it is suppose to. He couldn't get under the stove without help, so by the time I got home it was too late to start.

Then we went to Parent teacher conferences. Logan's was first. EVERYTHING WAS GREAT! Reading was good, math was good and writing was amazing! She read a couple of his stories and he has a great sense of humor that he uses in his writing. He also has a great imagination. I already knew that with kellsie, she is always writing stories, but I didn't know Logan was so good at it. Ms Naase did say that Logan is attracting some of the girls attention. He was sitting at a table full of girls, but they were causing such a noise that she had to move two of the girls. They are the same two girls that always try to talk to Logan in the hall way and he tries to ignore them. We have been teasing him pretty good about it.

Then we had Kellsie's conference. She has great grades as well. Her teacher did say that she is always raising her hand to answer questions and she volunteers to read out loud. This is fantastic! All of her other teachers have been trying to get her to talk out loud, but she is too shy. She is becoming more confidant and I love it!

After the conferences were over we went to furniture row and bought 2 leather couches, 1 entertainment center , 1 end table and 1 sofa table. We had been looking for leather couches for a while and we finally found ones we agreed on and were a great price. Everything has been ordered and we will pick them up at various times in march.

Then we went home and started working on the title again. Everything is laid and mortared now. But we still have to grout on Friday night and put the baseboards back on. It just doesn't seem like it will ever get done. AHHHHH!

Logan went to Judo tonight. He is really excited because of the tournament next weekend in AZ. He is hoping that the guy who beat him last time will be there again this time. He is working really hard in practise and I know he really wants to beat him this time. We will see. But I love seeing him have a goal and work so hard to accomplish it.

I am off to sweep the front room, so it is all clean for the massive amounts of cookies that Laruel and I are picking up in the morning. Thin mints here I come!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

My Pampered Chef Party

Gina Griego is selling Pampered Chef now, I normally don't give parties (because I would have to clean the house), but I LOVE pampered Chef products. I have bought some in the past and they work fantastic and they last a long time. Like my white spatualla that I bought for 10.00 over 5 years ago and I use it for tomato sauce and for candy making (not at the same time) and it is still the same white and it has never burned. Great deal.
Anyway I am having a party on March 27th. It is a Thursday at 7pm. Gina says they last about 45 min now. They use to last a lot longer, but they are making the party a lot shorter now.
So I will be emailing and handing out invitations. If I do email you, then I might not give you an invitation because I don't have very many. If you want to invite friends, please feel free. Also if you don't have anyone to watch your kids you can bring them with you. And if you want to bring your hubby, you are more than welcome. Jeff loves pampered Chef and he has spent more money buying their products than I have.
Check out their website, but don't buy anything yet, go through me. You know all that 1/2 price stuff and free stuff, I just can' t pass up.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I'm on a roll

So I have been getting a ton of things done today. I went through the boys room and got rid of all the clothes that did not fit and the toys that they did not play with and I took them all to the thrift store today. I also cleaned my room and master bath room. I printed and laminated all the questions for Church Baseball (we are playing it in Sunday school as a review in class), I helped encourage kellsie to get her room looking good.,I took Jakob to McDonald's , I did 4 loads of Laundry, finished Crocheting a blanket for the hospital and I played library with the boys.(I checked out about 40 books from their library and I already returned them all).

Kellsie has Faith in God tonight and Logan also has Judo, so Stephanie next door is taking Kellsie tonight. They are sewing little bags for chalk and eraser for each teacher in primary and they are washing windows in the church parking lot. I am taking the boys to Judo. Logan's tournament is coming up and he wants to work on a few moves. He is hoping the boy who took first place is there again. He really wants to beat him. I guess we will have to work on the love of the sport not the winning thing. Of course I would love for him to take first place again, but that is not what I tell him.

Updating on the Saga of Kellsie's life

The nurse called back for information on Kellsie. Since we are not going to do the Botox the Dr has given us 2 options. #1 just do the casts on Kellsie's legs and feet. She already had said she didn't think this would work that is why origionally we were going to cast and do botox. #2 is do surgery on her calf muscles. They would lenghen the muscles on both of her legs. She would need to rest for a couple days after surgery, and then he in walking casts for 3-6 weeks. If they did both legs at the same time, she would need to stay overnight in the hospital and Jeff or I could stay with her. #2 is the way we are leaning. We still need to do some more thinking, praying and then talk to kellsie about it. She does not know about the new changes. The surgery would have to be after April.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Getting Control

I feel a little more incontroll of my life today. The last couple weeks with book fair and girl scout events, I felt a little spacey, but I am back to normal stress mode now.

Church was great! We stayed late for Choir Practice. I am not a major Singer, but Kellsie really likes to sing and wanted to go back to choir, so we are supporting her. She had fun. The boys were board out of their minds, so I need to bring something for them to do while we are singing.

I am excited because we are picking up Girl Scout Cookies on Friday morning. I have been dreaming of Thin Mints for weeks now. I LOVE THIN MINTS!

Tomorrow Kellsie starts 3rd grade testing. I am very worried about the whole thing. Testing for that many hours for weeks is not a good thing. I told Kellsie's teacher that I would bring in health snacks for the kids, but that was before I knew it was 4 weeks of testing. I had better start cooking (or buying) any ideas on cheap, healthy snacks I can make or buy? The school will be feeding them breakfast and lunch, but I am sending Kellsie with a lunch anyway. Wish her luck, she is very worried about it.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Book Fair and Clifford

Along with our Book fair for school, we had a family night were Clifford the big red dog came and took pictures with the kids while their parent's shopped. It went really well. The boys took a picture with Clifford (You might be able to see that my friend Brandi was is the Clifford costume. Boy can I use that latter!). There is also a picture of the book fair, so you can see how cool the Clifford night was. Did I tell you we make bank and that night? I really have to hand it to my friend Brandie, she was an amazing Clifford and she came and helped even though she had not kids at the school. Just because she loves me. THANKS BRANDIE!

Kellsie's Slumber/Birthday Party

This is Kellsie's birthday party/slumber party. We had ice cream cake, we made bath get and bath salts. And Destiny got Kellsie a hair/bead thing. You can put the beads on this matching and it puts the beads on your hair. The girls loved it. So I spend an hour putting them in there hair. You can see me doing kellsie's hair in one of the pictures and you can also see my living room overrun with blankets. Kellsie got tons of Hannah Montana stuff, a tiger purse (in one of the pics) a over the shoulder bad that she can decorate with iron ons (fun), a dog set of toys, and a gift cert from Hobby Lobby. She made out like a bandit. The Girls had fun and that is what counts.

GS Architecture Badge

Last Saturday we went to UNM (NM University) and worked on our Architecture badge. The girls had a lot of fun. Here are some pictures from the event. One is of All of the girls (if they look tired, remember they were up really late the night before at Kellsie's slumber party). One is of Kellsie working on a "block tower" and the other one is Kellsie helping Destiny with her scale drawing of the room they were in.

most of the stuff done

WE went furnature shopping. We found some stuff we liked at a good price, but we just didn't feel good about it, so we didn't buy anything. A little sad because I liked the stuff we picked out and we need a new couch really bad, but if you don't feel right about something, you shouldn't do it. Maybe something else will come along.

The GS sashes are done, not that way I wanted them, but at least they are not freying. Kellsie helped me sew them. Thanks Kellsie!

We went to do a GPS badge last night with two of the GS. They lady who gave the class was an expert on wilderness adventure. But she had never given a class before or taught younger children. She used the biggest words ever created and I spent most of the time translating into 9 year old talk. But when it came down to the hands on compass and GPS work, the girls loved it.

I have only one major thing to do today and that is GS world thinking day. It is over at 12noon, and then I can come home and clean and do our state tax return online. Well, I still have my sunday school lesson to finish, but I can do it!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Jeff is off work and I am swamps with things to do

I am really sad today. Jeff is off work and I am swamped with things that I need to do today.

1. Jo Annes fabric to buy red material for the running of the bulls sash for the Girl Scouts Sat morning.

2. Walmart to buy 200 spoons for GS on Saturday

3. Finish Arranging the Girl Scout Cookie booth request form

4. Go to school and talk to the principal and the librarian

4. Go to school after school is out and help pass out the Fundraiser

5. sew 8 sashes for the GS world thinking day on saturday

6. Go to check out furnature with Jeff sometime

7. Finish the book fair finaincials (with info I get from school this morning)

8. Still need to do something with that 40 dollars in change

9. Finish my sunday school lesson for sunday (only 1/2 done)

10. Eat (because I think I might be too busy to do it unless it is on a list to check off)

Sounds like a lot, but If I stick to the list I can do it. The cookies booth is mostly done. Just need to check things again.

Wish me luck!

Thursday, February 21, 2008


THe cookie dough fundraier came in today for the kids at school. So I came home with 1 box (more to come home soon) and then next friday I pick up the Girl Scout cookie order. Can you say gain 50 pounds in 1 week? This is not good at all!

Big news, Kellsie wore her hair in a pony tail to school today. She hate doing her hair. Ever since she was a baby and we would put those cute things in her hair, she would pull them out. So I just gave us. She likes her hair down. That is it! She this morning when I sugested again that she ware her hair different, she said yes. I jumped at the chance. And she kept it in until she came home from school.

Well, Jeff is home playing with the kids, so I am upstairs cleaning his computer room. He says it is always me who makes the mess (yeah right), but It is driving me crazy, so I am tackling the project!

Girl Scouts last night

For Girl Scouts we worked on our 3D art badge. With the help of Summer we learned a little Origami. The girls really liked that. Kellsie came home telling me all about it!

Then we had 2 other tables set up. One was for leather stamping. The girls each got a bracelet and they were able to use the alphabet and the other flowers, butterflys and borderart to design them. They caught on quickly. They are going to wear their bracelets to World Thinking day on saturday.

The last table we had set up was woodburning. I have a woodburner (that my mom gave me) and I borrowed one from a friend of mine. I got each girl their own wood picture frame and they were able to design it with words and symbols. They turned out really cool. I will take a picture of Kellsie's and show you it. She put her name and Hailey's name and BFF. She sure misses Hailey!

The night went good. I was impressed with how well they caught one to each project. I love doing stuff like that and I hope we can continue to work with wood and leather. I think the girls would like it!

Today I am going to the school to drop off some Book fair stuff and remind the 3rd grade that they have a free dress down day tomorrow. Then I am off to Humanitarian Aid.

Jeff had his regional visit at work yesterday, so he has been working really long hours (I mean 1 1/2 hours sleep on tuesday night). So today he is coming home at 11am. The kids are excited to play with dad and then while he is doing that I will work on the Book fair financial report.


Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Scholastic warehouse and girl scouts

The principal of the kids school wanted to buy more books, so I am taking her and the title one person to the warehouse today to buy some more books. I will let you know how this goes latter.

Tonight we have girl scouts. We are working on our Art in 3D badge. We are learning origami, leather working and woodburning. I am excited to do this badge. Growing up we did a lot of leather stamping because my brothers were in boy scouts. And I did a lot of woodburning for high school projects and Church Young Woman projects. WE will see how the girls like them.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Judo in Arizona?

There is another Judo Turni in Arizona and we are thinking about going to it. It is a 6 hour drive and we would have to leave friday and come back on a sunday. Still working on the timing. Kellise is going to start 3rd grade testing on monday, so I don't know if they have a test on the 7th of March or not. Jeff is also trying to see if he can take of the weekend or not. The weekend after the turni he has inventory, so he is working that out.

Today I went to the bank to deposite 5,400.00 at the bank for the book fair. I also had 43.00 in change that was not rolled (because there was not enough coins to fill the roll), and the bank teller would not let me deposite it. She said she cannot take change that is not rolled because it would make her drawer too heavy. WHAT??? She can take the 5K, but not the change? You have to be kidding me! Gotta love Albuquerque!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Another Kellsie update

My friend Roxy emailed me about a week ago about a FDA study linking 16 children's deaths to Botox injections. AHHHHHHHHH

We had been working on a time to call the doctor and talk to her about this, to see what is up. Then the nurse called us today telling us about the information of the report and telling us the dr is not doing anymore appts using Botox. I am glad they are being safe. The dr has done hundreds of these procedures, but she feels we need to back off it right now.

So we are back to square one. They wanted me to come in and see what the next step would be. I told them that for me to come in and talk to them would require a co pay of ANOTHER 35.00. And if there was anyway the dr could call or have another nurse call me with options and we could go from there.

I talked to Kellsie about it tonight. Not the children getting hurt part, just about not getting casts and that stuff. She seems upset. She wants her feet to stop hurting. I get that. I just don't know what to do and I feel really helpless. Three doctors already and no one seems to get anything done. I know this dr is working harder and had a better game plan, but it just crashed and burned. Maybe something else will happen. Maybe something better?

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Day of rest

Usually Sundays are not a day of rest for me. I feel overwhelmed and stressed most of the time. But today is different!

After sacrament meeting Jeff left to go to work. He will be there until midnight tonight. So after church I took the kids home and we had leftovers for lunch. We watched the movie with the Rock and the little girl ( I can't remember the name). Then the kids played Wii for a while and now we are at dinner time.

The house is a mess (with bookfair all last week and a slumber party and a whole day girl scout thing) and I don't car. It will get done on monday.

The book fair went amazing. The money count is 5100.00 in dollars. 400 in coins and 600 in credit card repts. We will have to count the checks and we have at least 2000.00 in purchase orders from the school. With just the money we made without Purchase orders we raised more than anyone else did in the past. That means about 6500.00 in prophet for the Library. WE ROCK!

I need to go make dinner.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Another Saturday gone...

Last night we had a slumber party for Kellsie's birthay. She invited the Girl Scouts over. IT went great! We painted fingure nails, made bath gel and bath salts. We put on facial masks (that was funny and I have pictures to prove it). We had lots of junk food and an ice cream cake.

Then this morning (sat) we went to Build it up for Girl Scouts. It was from 9am to 3pm at UNM (university of New Mexico). They work on thier Architechture badge. It started off really boring. They talked about famous architecs and stuff like that. But then they took us on a short tour of UNM and talked about the buildings and their history. Very cool. When we got back to the classroom they taught the girl how to draw in scale. They each had a foot ruler and they learned that when you draw to scale you use 1/4" on the ruler to every 1 foot in real mesurements. They drew the room they were currently in. And then they planned their future or dream room. They had to draw it to scale and then use posterboard to make walls. Then they used materical and paper to make beds, bookcases, closets, windows and a whole bunch of other stuff.

I was really impressed with Kellsie's. It was really imaginative and smart. She had a special room (inside her room) that was just for HArley (her dog), then she had a hart bed that was on a platform. She was the only one who thought of book cases. She also had carpet, computer desk with computer, area rug and then we ran out of time. She wants to work on it more tomorrow.

Some of the other girls were funny with some of their ideas. Jessica had a hot tub in her room. Savanah had 9 closets. Of course they were ontop of each other and she needed an elevator to get to them. Mariah had only 7 closets. She needed one for every season, one for shoes and I forgot what the other 2 were for.

Other than being gone all day, we had a blast. The girls are fun to be with and that is why I love girl Scouts (well, that and COOKIES).

Jeff just got home, so I think I will see how he is doing. He has been working major hours at work. He is a good manager and make sure his store looks good all the time. I just feel bad that he works such long hours. I hope he brought home ice cream. What a man!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Crazy Week

So this week is book fair week. Stephanie (my next door neighbor) and I are running it this year. We really put a lot of time and effort into this week and it is paying off. We are selling tons of books and I think we will sell well over what we did last spring. Tomorrow is our last sellling day and then on monday we will clean it up (because they are picking up all the left over stuff on tuesday morning) and then on mon/tue/wed we will be counting the money, depositing the money and finishing the financial paperwork.

I am tired.

Happy Valentines Day!

Kellsie's birthday party is tomorrow. It will be a sleep over with all of her Girl Scout friends and then in the AM on Sat we will go to UNM to do a girl scout badge. I need to get a babysitter for the boys on saturday. AHHHHH!

After the book fair ends at 4pm tomorrow, I will take my kids and One of the Girl Scouts (Destiny) and go get Jessica (another Girl Scout/church friend) and take them all to my house. Then I will feed everyone and get ready for the party.

I think I am doing way too much this week. But I love doing the book fair. It is a blast!

Monday, February 11, 2008


Life is normal once again! JEff found the snake last night right next to the computer room closet door. Jeff said he was cold, but still alive (bummer). Kellsie's slumber party is back on for this friday. All is well! thank you for your constant prayers during the past horrible week.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Fight! Fight! Fight!

Last night I went to my first Hockey Game and I LOVED IT! The Girl Scouts got discounted seats and so our family went along with Mariah's family and Jessica's family. At first I was not very impressed. They didn't seem very good. But in the last 1/2 of the game they came alive. Goal! Goal! Goal! They just kept scoring. Very exciting! There was even a fight! I laughed! I cried! It was a blast! Jakob and Logan really got into it. Logan loved yelling "Fight" every few mins of the game. Jakob loved all the songs and chants. Kellsie bought a Scorpians tshirt with some of her birthday money and wants to know when we are going back.

I also wore one of Jeff's hockey jerseys. No one laugh, but it was the Buffalo Sabers Jersey. He seemed very happy.

The New Mexico Queen of something was at the game. She was hosting a table for breast cancer. She shoke hands with all the kids and even took pictures with them. Every time we walked over by the table, Jakob would run over and shake her hands. He even gave her a hug. By the last hand shake she remebered his name. He kept saying she was really pretty. Too funny!

Pictures from the Hockey game will be published as soon as Laurel puts them up on her website so I can copy and paste them to mine.

Kellsie's family birthday

The sunday before or after one of the families birthdays, we have a family party for them. Today is Kellsie's family party. We bought a cake last night and she can open her family gifts. We got her the new dogs movie, some clothes, bath stuff and a Hannah Montana poster and frame for her room. We also bought her a pair of shoes and a cheetah and clothes from build a bear that she already has.

Still no snake!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Still no snake

As of today at 5:44pm there is still no snake! What is my life comign to!

I was at the school all day today setting up the bookfair with Stephanie. It looks fantastic! If you want to come by we are open 8am to 3pm M-F and on wed night from 5-8pm. Clifford will be there to take pictures with the kids. So come on by Carlos Rey and bring your camera.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Still no snake

We still can't find the snake. Jeff thinks he is hibernating. I think he is hiding just to torment me. I think all snakes know I don't like them and they sit around planning how to stress me out.

We told the kids that the first one to find him wins 5.00. But so far....NOTHING!

In face if we don't find him we will have to cancel Kellsie's slumber party. That would not be cool.

Kellsie's birthday

Today Kellsie turned 9 years old! She woke up so excited, but by breakfast she said" I really don't feel any different". I think she was expecting some overnight change. She already left for school. I just finished the cupcakes for her class, so I will take them in. Tonight she wants pinapple upside down cake for dessert. I have never made that before, but my friend Leah used to make it for me in highschool on my birthday, so I will give it a try. My baby is growing up!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Girl Scouts take to the ice

Last Saturday the Girl Scouts went ice skating. Laurel took the girls and I went canning with church. The pictures are from Laurel's webpage (I stole them, ha ha ha). The girls are so cute, I wish I could have gone. Kellsie loved it. But she always loves ice skating. She said her feet hurt more than normal, but that should change soon. GO GIRL SCOUTS!!!

President Monson

On Monday, Feb 4th Our New Prophet was announced!

The New 1st Presidency of the Church
Thomas S. Monson is the new president of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, it was announced today at a news conference in the Church Office Building. President Monson, 80, succeeds President Gordon B. Hinckley, who passed away January 27th.

The new world leader of the Church has called to serve with him in the First Presidency, the top governing body of the 13-million-member faith, President Henry B. Eyring, 74, first counselor, and President Dieter F. Uchtdorf, 67, second counselor.

President Boyd K. Packer, 83, is the new president of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. The vacancy in the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles will be filled later.


I have a couple horrible fears. One is that something bad will happen to my children. I think every mother has that one. But on a more personal note: Sharks and Snakes are my fears. I watched Jaws too much growing up in San Diego, that I always have dreams of getting eaten by a shark. But I think even more terrifying than that is snakes.

Growing up where I did (ranch style property) there were more snakes that I would have liked. One time we found an enormous snake in our computer room. Our neighbor came and pulled it out and took it somewhere else. Another time when the cubscouts were over, my brother David found a Gardner snake and chased me around our property with it (at least it was not a hammer this time). And another time when I was cleaning up the yard, I saw a rope on the ground, I started kicking it around (for fun) until I saw it was not a rope, but a snake(of course I was in bare feet, so the slimmy sucker touched my skin). A couple other snakes popped up here and there, and I hated those too.

The reason for the walk down memory lane is that Jeff's snake Elvis 2 got out. Jeff came in last night and asked me if I had seen the snake. Dumb question! If I has seen the snake he would have heard me screaming and crying! Jeff does not know when he got out. It could have been upto 3 days ago. That sounds like a horrible head start to me. To this snake is about 3 feet long now, a little widder than a big pencil. He is bright red (but that hasn't helped us find him yet).

The thing is, he could be in one of the trashcans, laundry baskets, shoes, heater vents, beds(that is right, they can climb! I slept with the blanket so tight around me last night. I woulnd't even let Jakob in to hug me), closets, toys, cabinets, couch you get the picture? I need to go stay in a motel. Jeff stayed up really early in the morning looking for him, but nothing. Jeff is sleeping right now and I don't understand that. The snake is still loose. Of course it has been cold the last couple of days, so he could have died. That would be great!

Please keep us in your prayers. That snake has to been found!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Clifford the Big Red Dog!

On Feb the 13th from 5pm to 8pm at Carlos Rey Elementary School we will be having Clifford the Big Red Dog hand out and take pictures with the kids. This is going on the same time as our Book Fair. so you are welcome to come and check that out as well. Bring your own camera to take the pictures!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Update on Kellsie

Sorry it has taken me to long to update on Kellsie's feet. The new specialist we saw on tuesday told us some very interesting information. They spent about 2 1/2 hours with us, talking, asking quesitons, and looking at Kellsie's feet.

This is what the Dr is now saying: There is nothing wrong with Kellsie's feet (except for what the previous dr did to her. I will address that latter). So, on March 20th they will inject both of kellsie's calf muscles with BOTOX. While she is at the hospital, they will put a cast on each of her leggs (all the way up to her knee). These will be walking casts. They will be on for 4-6 weeks. This is supose to streach kellsie's calf muscles, so they are not massivly tight like they are right now.

Then after the casts are off, she will be able to walk normal. She does have flat feet slightly, so they are going to put her in an arch support, but just a minor one. This will help turn her feet outwards slightly helping with the bone on the inside of her foot that hurts (because the old dr. was messing up her feet). It will also (in theory) help with her bunions (that she got after wearin gthe incerts that the other dr put her in).

So there you go. Her life in a nut shell.

Now as for the old dr. He had Kellsie in inserts. On the day I ordered them, the DR told me I had not paid my deductable and that the insurance co said I needed to pay it that day. Since I have had three babies, I know a little about deductables and how they work. I told them they had to submitt a bill first to the insurance co and they would send me a letter letting me know what I needed to pay. The Dr said they would not order the inserts until I paid. The inserts would take 2-3 weeks to brake in and kellsie's school started in 3 weeks and I did not want her in pain for school. So I paid the money, knowing that they would end up paying me the money back.

So the insurance co sent me a letter telling me that the dr never verified it was ok to order the inserts and that since they went agaist their written contract, I was not supose to pay them and either were they. Now the dr and ins co are battleing it out. But the dr did call me and tell me that if the ins co would not pay the rest, that I should come up with the other 150.00 (after I have already paid them the 250 deductable) to cover their costs.

Now that I have found out that the inserts have been the reason for Kellsie's pain and that they have been doing more damage, I am so not paying ( I was not going to pay anyway, but now I am really not paying).

I need a nap!

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