Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Shaking things up

Trisha is starting a pool on when I will finally have this baby! Choose a day and a 6 hour period on that day. She will keep track and maybe there will be a prize! By the way if you guess 2 weeks late and you are right, we are not friends. Email to trishaking@yahoo.com

Thanks Trisha, this will be fun!

Monday, July 27, 2009

My sister

I just talked to my sister and she was whining because I haven't blogged about her visit to see me. STOP WHINING! Don't you know I am prego and it is all about ME!

I am really excited about Susan coming down in Aug. I left San Diego when she was really young, so I haven't gotten to spend a lot of time with her without a big family event (wedding or mission) taking all the time. I will hopefully have a baby when she comes down, so I am hoping that she will change all the diapers for me, to show me how much she loves me, but we will see how that goes.

Kellsie is excited to watch twilight with her (like I haven't watched it a million times with her already). And both Susan and Kellsie like to read, so I am sure they can talk about books the whole time.

Logan wanted to know just how much time Aunt Susan will be playing basketball with him. I told him after she was done changing diapers, she could play with him.

I just hope that I can fit in a little sisterly bonding between basketball and twilight. Maybe some shopping...I know both Susan and I LOVE that.

Just kidding Sue. I can't wait for you to get here. I love you!!! Good luck on your papers.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Feeling better

Our family is feeling a little better about the baby not coming out in our time frame. On Friday we had a " Bummer, the baby is not coming out today" Party. We had soda with dinner and candy and a movie at night. The kids still ask me how I am feeling every five mins, but at least they are not sad when I tell them nothing is happening.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Bummer of a Dr apt today

I had a dr apt today. I was totally excited for it, until...

So just to recap the past couple months:

- The Dr said she would not put me on bed rest once I started dilating. I had gone on bed rest or medication with the other three because I have preterm labor (contractions the last 2-3 months).

-Last Friday I am dilated to a 2 and the baby is at station -2. I am 50% effaced. She said if I go into labor while she is at the hospital she will brake my water.

- Saturday night I go into the hospital I am dilated to a 3. She thinks I am 75% effaced and at a station -1, but she can't remember (getting a little dittzy I think). She says they will admit me if I am a 4 and tell me to walk around the hospital for a couple hours. She does not brake my water. WHATEVER! Leave after 20 min of walking. Totally board.

- Today I am still a 3. And the baby had gone completely back up. No station. She can't even tell how effaced I am. she thinks I will go full term. WHAT???

I am having contractions EVERYDAY! Not the hard real ones, but the ones that wear you out. I end up on the couch most of the day, which means my kids are in front of the TV (which brings on the fighting).

The kids and I (sometimes Jeff depending on how cranky I am) hope that the baby will come that day or that night. What a crush! We have been waiting thinking the baby will come at any moment and he just goes back up? He is so grounded once he gets here!

Then the dr says they will no induce (even though she said they would set up an apt for that at the apt today) just because I have bigger babies. WHY NOT? Don't I pay for the procedure anyway? Full term (according to her) is 38-40 weeks. I am 38 weeks on Sunday. Make up your mind or at least remember what you said the prev times we have talked. She is driving me CRAZY!

So I have no idea when the baby will come. The lady setting up the next 2 apts said we will wait 2 weeks before setting up anymore (that would make me OVERDUE). She quickly laughed after I shot her a really mean look.

And totally weird side note. They measure your tummy (it is suppose to be the same measurement that you are weeks). Two weeks ago, last week and at the hospital I was measuring 35 weeks (too small). But today I measured 39 weeks. Massive growth spurt. Does that mean anything? Could mean a BIGGER BABY!

So basicly nothing to report! Just venting. And allong those lines. Jeff is being way too positive about this. He needs to be mad and angry with me. What is he thinking not taking my side. He has another 2 weeks of me, he better sway with my emotions if he knows what's best for him.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


So last night someone called and royally ticked me off. And since I am prego, I have a really hard time keeping my feelings to myself. I think I did an ok job not telling this person off. But I really need to have this baby before I say something that I can't recover from.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Totally Funny

So Melea made a couple of onzies for the baby. She printed out some iron ons and put them on white onzies for me. The first one is a charger symbol on the front of the onzie. The second is a Buffalo Bills symbol on the Butt.

I will take pics and post them as soon as I find where Jakob put them away. They are so cute and I can't wait for Lucas to wear them. THANKS Robbie and Melea. That was way thoughtful and perfect!

Girl Scout Day Camp

Kellsie had Girl Scout Day Camp this week. I was suppose to go and work with the Juniors, but I backed out. I wasn't sure if I could do the job and have contractions at the same time. Kellsie went without me (something that was hard to do for me and for her). There were some other girls from her troop that went, Jessica, Mariah, Allyson and Savannah.

Kellsie and Mariah Kellsie and Jessica
The theme this year was fashion Day Camp. I only took pictures from the last day. They had learned how to dress up and put make up on like a clown. They made the tie dyed shirts that Jessica is wearing. And they did a fashion show with the costumes that they put together.
Kellsie wore mine from when I was a clown at the state fair about a million years ago. I was proud of her for dressing up and stepping out of her comfort zone. she had a blast!

My family

My brothers Randy and Robbie work in heating and air conditioning. they called me a couple weeks ago and said they were coming up to install an air conditioning unit in our home. I was so excited. I hate our swamp cooler and it doesn't even work that well. Randy and Robbie came up on Friday morning with their wives (Caitlin and Melea) and stayed until Sunday morning. Here is Caitlin and Jakob playing football.
Randy and the boys playing keep away. Not sure who is winning here.

Robbie hugging Kellsie.

Robbie and Melea (Robbie is the second oldest brother). When I thought I was in labor last night. Melea came to the hospital with me and Jeff. She was really supportive and happy to be there. She even read a bunch of the "What to expect when you're expecting" book before we left. I think she knew more about labor than I did.

Caitlin and Randy (Randy is the third oldest brother). Caitlin came to my dr apt on Friday. It was nice to have her there. She asked a lot of questions about pregnancy. I think I might have scared her a little. My pregnancy's suck, so she might never have children all because of me.
My house is so cool right now. I don't feel like I want to die! My brother's rock and I love them!
After my family left this morning I cried a little. It's hard not having family here or close by. I know how much my kids love them and miss them when they are gone. The kids were really sad. Jakob even cried with me.

Hospital Last night

Last night (sat night) I started having contractions. They hurt, so we started timing them. They started coming faster and harder, so we went to the park to walk for a while. Except by the time I got there, I walked around once before the pain was just too bad. Jeff was afraid I would have the baby at the park, so he told me to call the hospital and tell them we were coming in.

My Sister in Law, Melea was here in town and she came to the hospital with us. I had contractions all the way there. They got me into bed, strapped me to monitors and all the contractions STOPPED!!!

They checked me and I dilated to a 3 ( I was a 2 on Friday afternoon) and the baby was a -1 (-2 on Friday afternoon). The Dr. said I should stay there and walk around for a couple hours and start the contractions again. We walked around for about 20 min before it wasn't fun anymore and I told them I was going home.

I had contractions off and on the rest of the night, but nothing major or close together.

The kids were really bummed when we came home without a baby.

Jeff had to go into work today, and my body is tired from all the labor yesterday. So we stayed home from church. We plan on watching movies all day and letting me relax.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Way cool surprise

My friend Kristi send me a care box and I got it today. She wrapped each gift and put a little tag on it.

***Life savors (the kind my dad use to always buy, wintergreen)
***Facial cleansing wipes (for the days when I am just too busy)
***Lip Stick (the perfect color)
***Outfit for Lucas (It said "Surfer Monkey" on the shorts) Too cute
***Air freshener (when I just don't have time to clean) I totally went to Wilmart for one of these this morning, but once I got there I forgot to buy it)
***Red Vines (my all time favorite candy)
***2 packs of cute hair clips (for when I need to leave, I can still look cute)

Thanks Kristi! What a pick me up! I had so much fun opening the gifts. Jeff got a great gift from Kristi's hubby too, but because Kellsie reads this blog I can not type it out. But thanks Matt, they are more for me than for Jeff.

Grandma learning the Wii?

Nothing is funnier than watching my mom learn how to play the wii. Everytime she asked a question, all three kids would answer at once.

My Mom and the kids

I wish I had taken more pictures while she was down, but these are adorable. Grandma with the grandkids.

Totally Jeff's side of the family

WE had left over soda from Logan's party and some bendy straws from Aunt Kim. So Jeff convinced Jakob (once again) to suck soda up his nose. What amazed me what not only did Jakob do it, but he did it over and over again. Like I said, this is Jeff's side of the family!

Logan's baptism

Logan's baptism was amazing. The spirit was so strong. Logan was so excited and scared at the same time, but he did it and we are so proud of him. Jeff baptised him and confirmed him. What a blessing it is to have a priesthood holder in my home.

Logan and cub scouts

Logan asked Grandma Logan if she would help him work on some cub scout requirements. She helped him learn how to fold a flag, use some tools and cook breakfast and clean up afterwards. He thinks it is pretty cool to have grandma sign his book. THANKS MOM!

Logan's Birthday PArty

For Logan's birthday we went to the park with some of his friends and played kickball. He had a lot of fun.

He also got some amazing gifts. Whoonu, a family game is the funnest game we have played in a long time. WE played it for hours on Sunday. You should invest in the game. What a blast.
Here is Logan, embarrassed because we are singing to him.

Logan got 2 transformers. None of which I can figure out how to change. I am thankful he can.

He also got a metal detector. He went to the park today with Jeff and found 35 cents.

Here are the kids playing kickball Happy birthday Logan! We love you!

Logan's Birthday Cake

Logan wanted to decorate his own cake this year. So I made a bunch of cupcakes and iced them all together. He choose was he wanted it to say and he wrote it. I think he did amazing!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

what? What? WHAT?

So I am all ready to have the baby. All baby stuff is out. All bags are packed. I AM READY!

Except for a name for this little one. As you know I would like a normal sounding name, like Lucas, Austin or anything else...NORMAL!

Jeff on the other hand has come up with Stone, Mathias and Kristov. Stone is the name he is pushing the most.

Last night I said my prayers and BEGGED Heavenly Father to help us choose a name that would fit into our family and not EMBARRASS us.

That night Jeff told me that he is fine with Lucas. In fact he says he has always liked the name Lucas. The only thing is that he wants to spell it Lukus. I don't really like the spelling, but hey, it's not stone. He says we should keep our options open and that he still likes stone, but Lucas is fine too.


All that stress! Does he think he is funny? Yes, he does. I already knew that. At least his mom can rest easy (Sorry for the massive stress your son has put you through).

So everyone likes the name now, except Jakob. But I bet if I give him a dollar, he will like the name Lucas.

Friday, July 10, 2009

New Funny Story

We went to albertson's last night for some grocery's. I stepped in a pile of water and it splashed all over my feet. I said (kinda loud, cuz it scared me) Ah, I just got water all over the place.

Then Logan's eyes get really big (and I mean big) and he yells (and I mean yells) mom's water broke!

As people start to look my way, I tell him that my water did not brake, that it was water already on the floor. And then he says (again, not to soft) that my pants are wet too.

First of all my pants were not wet, but people around me were looking.

You would think that would embarrass me? Nope! Par for the course at the Giras household.

But I can assure you that there was no glass or water braking. I am still prego!

Fuuny Story

So Logan has been praying (since we found out we were pregnant) that the baby would be born around his birthday (July 7th). So of course I have been having tons of contractions for the past couple of weeks (I am sure to the answer of Logan's prayers).

So on July 7th (His birthday) he keeps asking me if I hear any glass brake. I totally don't get what he is saying, so I keep telling him I didn't. Then we go to Sam's club and we stop and eat lunch there. Logan crawls under the table ( I thought to pick up a napkin) and puts his head on my tummy and tells me that he hears glass braking.

LIGHT BULB!!! He means water braking.

I explained to him that most of the time the water doesn't brake until you are already at the hospital and sometimes the dr has to brake the water. But he remembers the stories I tell them about when my water broke with Logan and how I thought I had wet my pants.

He asked if a hammer would brake my water. I assured him that he was coming no wear near me with a hammer. Gotta love how boys minds work.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Mind on overload...

What do you do when your mind is on overload and you have a ton of things to do, but you are prego and your body is just not working with you?

I bake a ton of cupcakes before My mom flys into town on Friday afternoon. I pick her up from the airport and take her right to Logan's birthday party.

I take my mom to cannery until 10-11am, then come home and get ready for Logan's baptism

Family party for Logan. Special dinner.

And between all that I need to make sure mom has time to help Kellsie with her Jr. badges. Time for her to help Logan with his badges, and help Jakob with his preference at the time.

If their is still time I need to work on my lesson for Sunday. Work on my talk for the baptism and help Kellsie with hers. I still need to review the video we got for the intermission of the baptism, but I need to figure out how to set up our VCR, because it is a VHS tape.

I wanted to get Logan a new white shirt and tie for his baptism, but I don't see how that is going to work it's way into the weekend.

And all day Thurs I will be cleaning up the house, finishing laundry, grocery shopping for the bday and the weekend (maybe I can pick his shirt up at walmart?) and trying to stay calm and relaxed for the baby.

My mind is on overload. Let's take bets to see when I am going to have a melt down. Winner gets to take me to McDonald's for a big mac (no cheese).

Monday, July 6, 2009

Laundry Day...Need I say more?

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Logan's Baptism

I tried to hand out invitations on sunday, but most of you were out of town. Please attend and show Logan your support.

Your Invited to the Baptism of

Logan Jeffrey Giras

On Saturday

July 11, 2009 At 6pm

At the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Sage Building

located on the corner of Sage and Unser

35 weeks today

Today I turned 35 weeks. That means on next Sunday I am safe to have the baby. Please make your suggestions on the early labor post and on the name poll to the right. So far I am winning on the baby names and all Jeff's names suck. Just as it should be. THANKS FOR VOTING!

4th fun

We were going to go to the Balloon Park this year again, but we were a little worried I wouldn't make it. Jeff didn't feel like picking me up off the floor everytime I fainted. So we choose to hang out with the kids all day. It was a great choice. We had a blast and I am glad it worked out the way it did.

The kids brought out their glow in the dark sticks from Aunt Kim.
Jakob was glued to Maureens (our next door neighbor) hip the whole night.

Jeff taught the kids fire safety as he let them light jumping jacks.

Logan showing off one of the fireworks he got. "Mad Mommy" anyone else seeing a theme?

Logan, Jeff, Ransom and Jakob. Ransom hates fireworks, so Jeff brought him out to work with him for a little bit.

How Many kids...

How many kids does it take to light a sparkler? I don't know how your sparkers worked, but ours sucked this year. As soon as we would light one, it would burn up. The kids couldn't wait to try them, but they were so frustrated at the end, we just stopped.

More pics that go with the below blog

This was Jakob's first drawing. He drew me happy and not fat. He didn't like the other drawings. He said they wern't very nice. I can always count on him to stick up for me.
Then after he saw the one that Jeff drew of me that said chargers suck, he drew a really big one with a happy face that said Buffalo's suck. What a good boy I raised!
The neighbor girl jumped in and did one of me too. I must not look or act like a monster to her. I like her and Jakob the best.

Who would have thought

Kellsie brought out the side walk chalk to draw cute little 4th of July things on the side walk. Who would have thought that one suggestion from Jeff would have turned out to be...well. Look and see what they did. They all took turns drawing me prego. This was the biggest one that Jeff did. Jakob is sitting inside the mouth to show you the scale. On the shirt is says "Chargers Suck".
This is Logan drawing me If you take a close look I have the baby in my tummy, but at least I don't have a mad face.

This is one of KEllsie's. not too bad on the physical from, but...look at the face. Am I that upset?

Kellsie's first one. At least I am happy. And I have my hands on my tummy.

Jeff's first one. HE SUCKS!!! But it is a good resemblance of my feet.

Out side pics

After Target and grocery shopping we came home and played out front with the kids for a couple hours. They rode bikes, scooters, played basketball, kick ball and wrote horrible things with sidewalk chalk (pics to follow).

Target Fun

After breakfast we went to go see Monsters Vs. Alien at the 1.00 movies. After that I convinced Jeff to take me to target to get the last of what I need for the baby. Nuk pacifiers, diaper bag and a nursing nightgown (or one that will work). I only got the pacifiers, but the kids found these cool sunglasses.

Red, White and Blue

We woke up on the 4th and had a Red, White and Blue breakfast. I know there are a ton of ways to do these, but mine had to take no energy.

We had blue berry waffles, with either strawberry or raspberry jelly and whipped cream. I didn't take any pics of the food...well because we were eating it. But I did get a pics of Jeff causing trouble with the whipped cream.

Friday, July 3, 2009

How to induce labor

I don't want any warning comments on this page!

Only helpful hints!

I found a website with some things I can do to induce labor (at 36 weeks of course). If you have any great ideas, please comment. I have eliminated the 1st thing to induce labor, because my daughter reads this, and I don't feel the urge to explain right now.

1. _______________ (Blank for a reason)

2. Movement. Movement such as walking, skipping, lunging, swimming or swinging (on a park swing) can help labor to begin. It is believed these activities help the baby rotate into a good position for childbirth. (right, like I can even move right now. Swinging just sounds like so much fun. But if you see me at the park, don't laugh).

3. Relax. The more you stop obsessing over when your baby is coming, the more likely labor will start. Labor will not begin in a stressed body. (This one is think is funny)

4. Foods. Everyone has a favorite food that they claim will start labor. Spicy foods like pizza or sausage can help (Bring on the hot food. Brandie, I need more chili sauce).

5. Fruit. Tropical fruit like pineapple, mango and kiwi actually contain an enzyme that may help tone your cervix. (I will use our whole food budget on pineapple. Any good recipes?)

6. Talk to Your Baby. Some cultures believe that babies that have not been welcomed will not come into the world.

7. Acupressure and Chiropractics. Uncle Neil...COME VISIT ME!!!

8. Castor Oil. Castor oil (I know some people don't think this works, but man...)

9. Herbal Supplements. Primrose oil , red raspberry leaf tea (My dr said I can start taking primrose oil at 36 weeks. That is 1 week and 2 days away)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Aunt Kim's 4th of July Box

Aunt Kim sent each kid a bag of goodies. One outfit, pack of candy rings, glow in the dark sticks, pop rocks, tattoos, stickers, bendy straws and 4th of July socks. This is the only pic that would upload. The rest said they couldn't be uploaded (sorry Kim, I will try again tomorrow).

Here is Jakob's basketball shirt and shorts. I asked him why he wasn't smiling and he said he was trying to look cool. Too funny! Jakob took one of the bendy straws out and played with it for about 30 min. He was so excited, that it went in and out and bent. He drank tons of water, just so he could use the straw. Amazing what amount of money we spend on toys, when a bendy straw works just as well.

Thanks Kim for thinking about them. YOU ARE THE BEST!!!

Gifts from the baby shower

I am unable to put up all of the pics of the gifts I got, but here are a few of them. After the party was over I looked at all of the gifts again, it was so much fun. Sorry that some of them are sideways. I am too tired to go back and fix them.

I got 2 cases and one pack of diapers. 2 cases and 1 pack of wipes (Look at how big those boxes are). Socks! Arn't these cute? He is going to wear these every day. Unless jeff sees the ones that say Daddy's little boy, and then he will be wearing those.

WE got tons of clothes! I am going to have a hard time picking out clothes to dress him in, they are all so cute! This one says "Heaven sent"

Summer told me this was the perfect gift. I am going to start reading it tonight. Jakob already started reading the 2 baby books that summer got me to the baby.

I love these!!! Thanks Michelle! I didn't start using these until Logan. I use to use Thin Maxi pads cut in 1/2, but these are much better. Michelle, thanks for reminding me about the limited time I have left, not to smell like a cow!

I got some lavender bath shampoo and wash too. I used it with jakob and loved it! It smells wonderful and helps them get calm for their bed time.
Thanks to all the ladies who came to the party. I had such a great time, and I felt really special. Thanks for thinking of me and taking the time to celebrate with me!

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