Sunday, August 31, 2008

Funny story

So after church our Bishop gives the younger kids suckers for being reverent during church. This happens every day except the first Sunday of the money which is fast Sunday. So today the kids all lined up to get their sucker and they found out that the Bishop ran out. No big deal right? WRONG! There were at least three kids who went away crying and the rest were sad.

I just think it is funny. I am sure the Bishop didn't know how emotionally distraught these kids were going to be. And by the look on his face he felt really bad. But the drama that came from some of the kids was just to funny. My kids are a little older, so they didn't cry, but I did feel sorry for the little ones that didn't get their weekly sucker.

I shouldn't laugh, but it has been an hour after church and I still think it is a funny story.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Long Time...

Very long time, since I posted...sorry.

Girl Scouts is taking up a good chunk of my time right now. We are doing TO's (Troop Organizations) and we are trying to hit every open house in our area. It is a little crazy getting things ready. I had to do 2 science boards (one of badges and one of events), it took way too much time to put together. I was up until 2am finishing them on Sunday night.

Wednesday was out kids open house, so I helped with the ice cream social from 5:30 until 5:45p and then went to another table with Amanda and helped sign Girl Scouts up. I am so thankful Amanda was there, so did most of the work. She was amazing. Another superwoman friend!

I am also working on our troop stuff, making sure that is ready for our first meeting. I have help. Sharon is helping with the field trip paperwork (that takes up so much time) and Summer is helping out at the meetings and with Driving.

The fun book for the Girl Scouts came out with the activities that council has come up with for the whole year. I had been going over them and Laurel and I have been working out what ones we want and can take the girls too.

Book Fair is right around the corner and Stephanie and I are already working on it. Stephanie does all the creative stuff ( the hard stuff that I could never do) and I do the meetings, dates and people stuff. So I was working on the final date for the fair this fall. We had a date picked out and then my brother has to go and get married on that week. I can't believe he thinks he is better than the book fair. WHATEVER RANDY! So we changed it again. It is not a major thing, it just takes a lot of time on the phone.

And I was really blessed to have a lot of people want ceramics. Most of them are done, now. I finished the major ones with Jennifer Grahm this week. She did a large nativity, Christ in the Garden, a turtle, a Holy Family, a SW Vase, and she found a bunch of stuff at the ceramic shop, that she painted and brought to me to fire. I am happy that she likes ceramics as much as I do. I only have one more Nativity left to finish for Summer. I had it done last week, but when I was moving them to another shelf, I broke like three of them. Too funny. Well, not at the time, but it is funny to think about now.

And lastly, I have been at school a lot. Logan's teacher is really using me to set things up in the class room as well as using my amazing ability to cut things. Almost every night she sends me something to trace, cut and or laminate (FYI I think I cut up about 100 circles for their reading worm, boy did my hand hurt). Then there is the PTO thing. They are voting on a new board next month, but until then, I am still the sec and I had to go to a meeting, set up for the ice cream social and do a whole bunch of flyer's, letters and meeting notes.

Which is why I am really tired. Tonight I am going to a Girl Scout TO at Edward Gonzales and tomorrow is popcorn for the school, cleaning out the storage unit (so they don't keep paying 60.00 a month) and then ( I hope) we will go and see the Hulk at the 1.00 theater. This is all if my old body holds up.

I did go and get my hair cut yesterday. I had a brake so Stephanie watched Jakob while I went and got it cut. There was a major communication problem and my hair looks horrible. Kellsie tries and comforts me by telling me how great it looks. She even said she would go and get it cut just like mine (she is my favorite). Logan said my hair looks good. He went on to say that if it was a little longer and not cut so bad, he would like it better (at least he tried). Jakob said that he didn't like it at all (not my favorite) and Jeff said he loves me for who I am and that I should pay more money for my hair cuts (BUTT HEAD).

I am hoping for a restful one screw that up!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Kellsie's Room...again!

I just went into Kellsie's room an hour ago, to see how she was doing cleaning it. She was so good today, that I thought I would help her out and clean a little...BIG MISTAKE!

Under her bed, in her closet...

I just don't understand. I talk to her about being proud of your room and your belongings and taking care of them. She tells me that most of her friends mom's don't care if their rooms are messy or their mom's or maid clean them. AHHHH! What do you say to that?

I just reminder her that being part of this family means having chores and pitching in. I am not seeing a maid in our future anytime soon (and even if we could get a maid for a couple hours a week, bathrooms, kitchen and my stuff comes first).

Logan keeps his stuff looking good. Jakob (for the most part) keeps a clean room.

I have to brake Kellsie of this habbit before she goes to college and gets smacked around by a roommate.

The thing that kills me is that yesterday I checked her room before Girl scouts (if it was not clean, then she could not have gone), but I didn't check the closet.

And I think I need to start having the girl scouts stay down stairs when they come over. Kellsie keeps telling me that some of the girls make major messes and don't clean up after themselves (after the last slumber party, I agree).

Anyway, enough venting for now. Thanks for listening!

Friday, August 22, 2008

It's all about the food

Here is a picture of the special burrito that my brother and Dad brought up for me. It takes up the whole plate. The sauce was on the side so it didn't get soggy (great idea Robbie, you rock). I ate it as soon as I unpacked it. It was the best thing ever!
Here is a picture of Jakob eating ice cream. Grandpa sends him 5.00 every once in a while to buy ice cream for the family. So as soon as we picked my dad up, we went to the store and bought a whole bunch of ice cream. We had ice cream every single night he was here. The kids were in heaven!


So when my dad was hear he noticed a screw in my back tire. So we went to the tire store and dropped off the tire to get fixed. The boys watched Dad take the tire off and Logan wheeled the tire into the store for me, while Jeff put the other tire back on.

I have had massive amounts of nails in my tires, but never a screw. Too crazy!

Picking Up Grandpa

While we waited for Grandpa to come in on the train, Jakob played Grandpa's favorite video game... MRS. PACMAN!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My family

So my dad came to visit us from San Diego on Friday. And then my brother Robbie and his wife Melea ( I love that name) came up to visit on Sunday. They all left last night (Tuesday). I loved having them here. I miss family and it is hard being away from my siblings.

So I will be updating pictures over the next couple days. I already uploaded a video of my dad and the boys.

Rio Grande River with the kdis

Here are the pics from when me and the kids went to play in the River. Enjoy!

Logan's wound

Here are the pictures of when Logan hurt himself. All the bandages are off now, and it is all scabbed ov

er.. Notice the Cow Boys blanket he is laying on. He loves the Cow Boys. And in the picture with him is my friend, the amazing Amanda!

Grandpa And the Rocket

They boys took their pump rocket outside to fly. Grandpa was able to get it to fly really high! Thanks Chris for the cool gift. Logan loves it!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Of course

My Dad is coming in on the train today at noon, so last night I was trying to wash all the bedding, do bathrooms and sweep and mop.So I send the kids upstairs last night about 5pm to play on the computer and not touch anything, since I already cleaned upstairs.

5 min latter, I hear screaming from Logan. Now Logan exaggerates pain...all the time. So I finished closing the washing machine and go to the stairs to hear the story of why he is crying.

To my surprise he has about a 7+" slash up the side of his stomach. Lots of blood (non on the floor, thank heavens), so I carry him to the sink to clean it out and see what we are dealing with.

Nothing punctured, but I thought it would need stitches and since I didn't feel the urger to go to the ER and spend 10 hours waiting for someone to help us (not to mention to 50.00 co pay), I said a little prayer. I then thought of my dear friend Amanda. She is a nurse. So I called her and asked if I could bring Logan over to see if he needed stitches.

She of course being amazing, took care of the whole thing. Since Logan tore off the skin, there could be no stitches, but she cleaned it really well and put some liquid band aid stuff over the middle part ( I guess there is a small patch of skin, so she is trying to hold it closer together).

I get to clean it twice a day until it starts to heal. There is a massive piece of gauze around it to keep it clean.

Moral of the story. When you are playing Zoo with your siblings and you are standing on an office chair (that has wheels), make sure a child pretending to be a tiger, does not push the chair so you fall onto the dog crate.

I need a nap!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


So today Stephanie and I went into school right before it was over to get all the prizes ready for the teachers.

***note*** those 10K books came with a ton of paint by numbers, growth charts, teacher books, science kits, drawing books and the list goes on. We put them all out, so the teachers could come in and get prizes for their kids (attendance, test scores, reading, etc).

We were there 1 1/2 after school let out. It was great to get so many books and prizes into the class rooms. But it is always a bunch of work moving the boxes up and down and all around. The kids get to play with toys or on the computers, so they are always happy to be there.

And I liked the fact that both of my kids teachers got a bunch of good stuff to help with their class.

On Monday, Kellsie teacher gave me some stuff to cut out and laminate. and Today I got some paper from Logan's class to cut out. I like being able to help the teachers with that stuff. The more I help them, the more time they have to be better teachers to my kids.


So I was putting away dishes and notice that I don't have any Tupperware. So I go to the fridge and there it all it.

I start cleaning...and cleaning...and cleaning and now we have no food. I found 4 bottles of BBQ sauce (all the same kind) opened and 1/2 used. So I combined them all. We had 2 syrup bottles, tons of Salad dressing bottles, and the list goes on.

In fact I found something that resembles the color green but I can't figure out what it is. It was in a zip lock bag. Mold. In fact, the original color might not have been green at all! How gross is that!

Anyway. I need to go grocery shopping and fill up my fridge again.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

First Day of School

Today was the first day of school. Jeff worked a night shift, so he could come in with us and meet the teachers. We dropped of Logan first. So grown up. I was sad, but I didn't cry ( I was under orders)! I hugged him and Kissed him. Jeff did the manly hug and we started to leaven when Jakob ran and tackled/hugged Logan.

We then walked over to Kellsies class room where the teacher talked to us and the kids for about 10 min. She showed us all her animals 2 guinea pigs, 2 birds, 2 dogs, and a snack and gecko is coming this week. Kellsie is in heaven! I on the other hand will not be able to volunteer in the class room, EVER! After the little meeting, I went over and hugged Kellsie (NO KISS) and she said, "Can you take Dad out, before he makes a big deal". I turned around and it was too late, Jeff was too close to stop him. But he was good a hug and I love you and that was it. He had teased her about a big mushy goodbye.

So we get home and guess what? Jakob has no one to play with! So he went upstairs and him and Jeff built a zoo together. And then Jeff left. Guess who was the playmate the rest of the day? We played 4 Wii games and watch a cartoon together, then we did some cleaning together. HE FOLLOWED ME EVERYWHERE! And I really liked it. I love spending time with Jakob. I could have done with a little brake.

We then picked up the kids. Logan was thrilled that the copy center didn't get the 2nd grades' homework packed done and they won't get any homework until next week. He loved his teacher and made a new friend along with Anthony already in his class. He was a little dismayed that he knew most of the girls in class.

Kellsie loved her first day. For homework, she watches the Olympics and writes about it. Nothing too scary. She got to play with some of the animals in class, and she liked that. Kellsie's good friend Destiny was in her class so they played together and recess. No boy drama as of today, but the rest of the school year is left. I can't wait!

Jakob was thrilled to have them home! But of course instead of Logan being happy that his brother missed him, he was more irritated that his little brother was following him around talking and bugging him non stop. There have been a few fights. They vowed to never speak to each other again (but as I am typing, they are playing in the bedroom and they are talking). Too funny! I hope that part gets better.

I took the kids out front today and they rode bikes and did some other imagination type stuff while I poured and cleaned ceramics. We just took baths, so we are doing good on time.

I am headed down stairs to cook dinner, watch the Olympics, put the kids to bed and clean and fire some ceramics. Wish me luck!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

And I keep saying yes...

Today Sister Faull asked me to help her put together some paperwork at school on Monday. As I am really busy as it is , I told her I couldn't. I felt really bad.

So in class today, she asked me to teach next week. Well I already teach Sunday school and my Dad is going to be in town that day, but what they heck, so I said yes. What was I thinking. Well I know what I was thinking, I felt bad about saying no the first time.

So on top of getting my kids ready for school and having fun on Monday. First day of school on Tuesday. Wednesday I am watching Zach for a couple hours (but that will be great, because he will keep Jakob entertained and I can get stuff done), Thursday is humanitarian aid and I am going to Scholastic warehouse after that. And on Friday I pick up my dad and I also will be planning 2 lessons and cleaning the house and doing homework (which I hate, but that I do because I am an amazing mom).

I am going to cancel Kellsie therapy apt this week. Every time I pray about what to do next with her feet, I just get "give it time". That really doesn't help at all by the way.

Well, I am off to help Kellsie figure out where she wants all her posters, pictures and stuff in her room. She has designed the layout by using information she got doing a Girl Scout badges. I LOVE GIRL SCOUTS!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

I found something good about Albuquerque!

Last wed we went to the River with the Girl Scouts (the Rio Grande). We were there to work on 1/2 of our water is fun badge. We were suppose to watch for wildlife, check out the current, watch and listen, stuff like that. The girls were at the rivers edge to watch a baby frog when one of them lost a shoe in the water. Of course she got wet and then the rest of them wanted to get wet.

Here is where is gets fun. There was a little inlet where the current was really slow (but still a current, so we didn't have to worry about standing water). All the girls went in except for one (she was wearing her nice white school shoes). I went in too. I had so much fun (except for when I felt something slimy under my feet and yes I did scream like a girl!). The girls kept saying it was their best meeting ever. And I agree. Of course my car was a little sad with the massive amounts of mud that were left, but that can be cleaned.

I am going to take my kids back on Monday so they can play. I know my boys will love it. But this time I will bring towels and water to clean up with!


Laurel gave us a stool that she was not using and it was just in time, because Jakob was telling me that he could not hang his clothes up because he was not tall enough. Solved that problem! I told him he could paint it all himself. He started with Red (the color of their room, so I was happy). And then the next three legs were different colors. Green, blue and yellow. At lease he was happy.

Logan's rocket

Logan and Jeff have been working on a rocket for a while. Painting it, gluing it and now flying it. We went to Carlos Rey park and watched Logan launch it. It took about 7 min to set up. 5 Seconds to fly it and then about 1/2 hour to find all the parts after it landed. But Logan, Jakob and Jeff thought it was very cool. I was really proud of Logan for all his hard work. And Jeff, well I just think he is such a hottie when he does things with the kids. I LOVE YOU JEFF!


So two days last week and three days this week I watched one of the Girl Scouts, Mariah, while her mom went to work. This was great for many reasons, but the main one is that Mariah and Kellsie had a blast together (I know you can't tell from this picture, but Kellsie is really happy). This is them painting ceramics together. Anyways, a total blessing! I loved having her in my house!

Girl Scout Sleep over and planning meeting

At the end of last month, we had a Girl Scout sleep over and planning meeting at my house. Here are some of the pictures. After the planning meeting the girls worked on tying quilts for the VA and UNM Hospital Preemie unit. After that they worked on making PUFFLES all night. To make puffles you use massive amount of yarn and wrap it around your fingers. Then you cut the ends off and make it all puffy. Then you clean up yarn for a whole week! Most of these pics are of Kellsie, because she is my favorite Girl Scouts.

Bio Park and Zoo

A couple weeks ago, we went to the zoo and botanical Gardens. Quick comments on the pictures. Three kids in a tree. I LOVE IT! Kellsie and a blue fish. I LOVE IT! Jakob in a really big shovel. I LOVE IT! Jakob by the Jelly Fish. He just really likes them. I am glad you can kinda see them in the pictures. And the last one of me trying to lick Kellsie. I just love my daughter and I am glad I get to have fun with her.

ALbuquerque Museum and Park

Last wed we went to the Albuquerque museum (free day). We only took one picture inside and that was of the kids grinding corn. The rest of the pictures were outside with the sculptures. There is one of Jeff with Kellsie over his shoulder because her feet hurt. and the last one is of Logan at the park.

There was a group of kids about 3 or 4 of them with two moms and they were horrible. In the museum you are suppose to speak in low and soft tones. Of course with little kids you are teaching them and working with them. But these kids were about 7-9 years old. One of them had a cub scout shirt one. And they were so loud! They were touching things, slamming doors, running talking so loud. And never once did either of the mom's tell them to stop. Towards the end, Jeff and I would say "shhhh" or "don't do that in a museum" or "stop slamming that door over and over again".

I was amazed at the moms who allowed this behavior. But besides that, we had a really great time.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Laura Rocks

So my niece called me and told me that there would be a surprise on her blog for me the next day. Of course I love surprises and that one was so cool! She made me the above header for my blog that says " Katie's Blog" with pictures of all my kids. I love my kids and I love the header. Thanks Laura, you rock! And I love that you used my favorite color, PINK!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Books, Books everywhere

Last school year, the lady who works for Scholastic called and said her warehouse manager wanted to talk to me. When I went in for Book fair training, the manager told me that had tons of books that they clearanced out, but they didn't have space to sell them and asked if I wanted them (our school library gives a free book to each kid who turns in a monthly reading calendar) Anyways we worked out getting 10,000 books for 10,000 dollars. The cool thing was that when she was going through the ware house she found boxes (and I mean boxes) full of old coloring books and paint sets and she gave to us for free. Along with journals, teachers manuals and the list goes on.

So yesterday I took the kids in the school library to find a new place for the books (they were put in the "pit" of the library and they need to find a new home. The kids and I moved about 1/2 the boxes into new places.

Today Stephanie and I went in with our kids and moved the rest. The boxes never ended. We also moved all the fun stuff (coloring books, teaching aids, baseball cards, etc) into another pile and organized them for the teachers to come in and take what they could use for their class rooms.

Even though the day was long and my back hurts, it feels great to know that we now have enough books for the reading calendar for the whole school year.

We even took some prizes and books out for when we do the book fair. I am already excited about it.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Way too funny

So I saw this on the view and I couldn't stop laughing. It is an allpurpose jab.

In the front room

Jeff caught 2 ugly tomato worms (or whatever you call them) a couple days ago. He put a bunch of tomato leaves in a canning jar and poked hole in the top . The kids had a blast watching them eat all the leaves. They grew really big and fat.

So this morning I am in the front room and the kids are in the living room looking at the worms. They notice that the worms had died. So this is what Logan said "They died because they were too fat. Now we really have to get mom to loose weight so she doesn't die" OK, I am in the next room and I can hear that!

So here are my thoughts, they are random.

Logan has been really concerned with my weight for the past month. He talked to me about it and I have been trying to eat better (not that I eat really bad to start with) and not eating too late (that is the part I am bad with).

I know the thing I really need to do it excersize. Now I am not a couch potato ( I kinda wish I was), I am pretty active. Running earns, cleaning, pouring ceramics, cleaning, cooking, cleaning and running around with the kids. Even when I do sit down I have at least one kid on me. I really should be thinner than I am, just with the those things.

This past year or so, I have come to the realization that I weigh what I weight and that I am pretty happy with my life. Would I like to be thinner? YES! YES! YES! But I would like a million bucks too. Doesn't mean it is going to happen anytime soon. But I have great kids, a good life (except for the living in New Mexico part) and I there are other things in my life I would like to improve on instead of loosing weight right now. I just wish that my physical understanding could match my sons. But since it doesn't I guess I am going to have to step it up and figure out how to work exercising into my life. Besides the fact that I HATE it!

How much does Lipo cost?

Sunday, August 3, 2008

My class is growing on me

So I teach Sunday School at church. I teach the 12-14 year olds. I had a really rocky start this year. I have some hard kids and I was struggling to keep them under control.

Anyways today's lesson was on Self Mastery. I started the lesson showing a picture of a 2009 Mustang. I asked if they would like on of their own, if they would like to drive it and so on. I then asked them if they would like to drive it if it didn't have brakes. Of course the boys said yes, but that is not the point. The quote that went along with the car picture was "A person without Self Mastery is like a car without brakes"

We talked about how Christ in the garden prayed that the pain would be taken away, but that He would do his Father's will. We likened it to some of the things we do in this life. We fast once a month (giving up food and water for 2 meals). And even though we enjoy food, we want the greater blessing of peace that comes with that type of fasting. And so on.

At the end of the lesson we read a scripture in Proverbs that talked about us being a city without walls if we are not Master's of ourselves. So I divide them up in groups
(per the lesson) and had them come up with their own Proverbs using the begging of the lesson as an example.

"A Person without Self Mastery is like _____________________" (In the begging of the lesson the line went " A Person without Self Mastery is like a car without brakes")

The team that came up with the best proverb won a candy bar next week.

Team one said " A Person without self Mastery is like a cookie without choc. chips"

Team two said" A Person without self mastery is like a world without a Prophet"

Team three said "A person without self mastery is like church without Sister Giras" (that's me)

Of course I am bringing them all candy bars, but the last one is my favorite! Suck ups!


The last post I did seemed a little down and that is not how I meant it, sorry. I just meant to say that money is just a little too tight for comfort. We still have the money we need to live and do the things we need to do.

I basically wanted the post to be about how grateful I was (am) for the things that are taking place in my life. So...I am grateful, not poor.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Gotta love the prayers

So we have been praying about what to do with Kellsie's feet. Surgery, not surgery, two surgery's. It is just a bit too much. We still don't know if we are doing surgery or not, but for not we need to keep sending her to therapy. And of course that is costing us way too much money. Jeff and I were talking about me picking up a second job to pay the medical bills for a while. But of course I can't work on Monday's or Tuesday nights, because Jeff works those nights. I can't work wed because of Girl Scouts. And I can't work Sunday because of Church. That leaves Thursday and Friday nights ( I say nights because I won't work in the day while I have kids at home. A decision made by me and Jeff a 9 years ago). And even if I find some crazy person to hire me two days a week, if Jeff needed to work those days for some reason, I could not. His job is way more important to the family than mine.

So here we are...what to do. My friend from Girl Scouts calls me and tells me her normal babysitter for her daughter (9years old) cannot babysit two days this week and 3 days next week and asked if I would do it. Of course I said yes. Her daughter is great and gets along good with Kellsie, I was not busy those days and Sharon is my friend. Then she insisted on paying me. What a blessing. She just paid me today for the two easiest days and I have enough money for two therapy apts. Next week will pay for three apts. WHAT A BLESSING!

I have also sold some ceramics and that is paying for Dr bills that insurance doesn't pay 100% on. I am just so excited and Thankful to my Heavenly Father for watching out for us. . Money as you know sucks! I hate dealing with it! But it is nice to know that since we pay tithing every week, we are blessed. I LOVE BLESSINGS!


So as I told you before, my mother in law (Joan) just got road runner Internet. This is a really big deal because she has only seen how AOL has worked and that is very slow. So now that her computer is going faster, she has been sending me pictures. Here is one of her Hubby (Jeff's Dad), Ed.


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