Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sleep works wonders...

So I have had three good nights of sleep and today I had a good amount of energy. The kids and I really cleaned down stairs (except the bathroom). Cleaned under the couches, window sills, a couple of windows, but not all of them. The kids scrubbed the kitchen floor. They did so much work. Every time they did a small job I would give them a pop sickle. They must have had at least 10 each. But well worth it. My kids are good workers, and I love that quality in them.


Saturday, June 27, 2009

Logan's shopping trip

Grandma Joan, this is for you. He explains all the stuff he bought on his trip. The GS cookie boxes in the back ground are not really cookies, I am using them for storing the baby clothes that little baby Lucas cannot wear yet. But I do wish they were Girl Scout Cookies.

Logan's birthday shopping

Grandma Joan sends the kids money for their birthday each year to buy clothes and get caught up on the basics. My kids love it because they have more of a say on what they buy to wear.

Jeff took Logan shopping today to get some of the things he wanted/needed to get.

a tshirt that says etreme speed


shoes for school
He also got socks, a belt and a watch. He still has some things to get, we will post as we get them. Thanks Joan. I love seeing how much money they want to save when it is theirs. He got some great deals and some great items. THANKS!!!

Our night of Art and Drama

They had a week to do these drawings/paintings
They statues were also done in a week

This painting is from a cartoon. Jakob was all excited.

Last night our next door neighbor girl, Mary, had a performance for the drama class she was in the past two weeks. She is the one with both her hands up waving. She did an amazing job with improve. we laughed and laughed.
After that the same department but different kids had an art show. IT was free, so we walked on over. The kids were in middle school and early high school. I was very impressed with their art. The kids like it too.

Logan's birthday box from grandma

Grandma Joan always sends a birthday box and since it is Logan's birthday soon, a box came this week. Of course she sends gift for everyone... Jakob got a remote control car and a shirt (not pic)
Logan got a mini skateboard

Baby Lucas got a onzie. Too cute!

She sent a great big bad of marsh mellows. WE opened them up for each of the kids to eat one. I could bairly finish mine, but the kids had a blast finishing theirs. I think I will make rice krispy treats out of them.

Logan got a tshirt
And Kellsie got a Barbi Doll 50th anniversary. OF course she was upstairs playing with it so fast I did have time to take a picture.
Thanks Joan. You sure know how to make the kids happy!

Kids earned a really nice dinner

So last Saturday Jeff asked the kids if they would clean out our old fridge, so we could sell it. The kids asked him if they cleaned it and sold it by the next day if they could have the money to take the family to a really nice dinner (it was father's day weekend). So he said yes.

They did a great job cleaning it and they sold it the next day. They took us to a place called Azuma's( If i am spelling it right). They cook the food right in front of you. The kids had a blast. and it was nice to take them someplace really nice to teach them better table manners. They all acted amazing and said please and thank you to everyone they talked to. I was so proud of them.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Feeling Bad

As I was writing the "complaining" post, Kellsie was in my bed room cleaning it and organizing it for me. HOW SWEET IS SHE! I am so blessed to have my kids who have worked so hard to do chores around the house. They are amazing. And Jeff comes home from work every night and does dishes and helps with any other cleaning project I have. So I will stop complaining (at least for today).


Logan's Baptism

Please mark your calendars for Logan's baptism on

July 11th at 6pm

at our Church on Sage. Jeff is in charge of making the invitations and as soon as he is done, they will get mailed or hand delivered (mostly hand delivered, because I think it is horrible to pay that much for a stamp).

We are so proud of Logan and the choice he has made.


I know I complain a lot when I am prego, but get over it. It is who I am!

I set up my sewing table yesterday and got all my material organized, so I could finish some projects before the baby comes.

***Curtains for the boys room (not going to happy. Way too tired to measure the window)
***2 burp cloths for the baby (our of Buffalo Bills material, so the baby can spite up on Jeff's fav team)
***blanket for someone for Christmas (I don't want to saw who for, because it would mess up the surprise and because it might not get done in time)
***2 receiving blankets for baby lucas (unless Jeff figures out a better name that is not stone)
***1 chargers baby blanket
***2 boppy covers

I got two burp cloths done and I was wiped out for the day. I SUCK!!!

So today I take all my stuff. I wanted to get it done at humanitarian Aid. I got one blanket almost done (Thanks to summer to cut it and pinned it for me. Otherwise it would have never gotten done). and 1 blanket pinned.

I NEED MY BODY BACK!!! I need to function! I need a nap (well I already took one today, but I could use another).

Enough complaining. I am going to try and finish those two blankets.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


So my sister Susan went to her first classes yesterday at BYU!

I am so proud of her. It is hard going to school that far away from your family, but she is going to have an amazing time. I am already trying to get a box of goodies ready to send to her.


Friday, June 19, 2009

Mr Stinky Feet

This was at the end of the concert. The kids went to have their CD's signed.
We meet up with the girls across the street and Josh and Alex. What is so funny about bunny ears? Jakob is starting to do the Looser sign with his pics again. I again, blaim that on Jeff.

Bradshaw visit

AHHH! My pics went in the wrong order again.

The Bradshaws came down to the Temple last saturday and we went to visit them. Afterwards we went to Sams Club together. As you can see I stayed in the back for a while. I wanted to see peoples faces when they thought all those kids were Gina's and Dougs.
Jakob and Timmy...need I say more?

Jakob and Timmy again...

Kellsie and Else

Logan and Elsie

Cub Scout Family Day

Jakob and Logan racing the boats the boys made during the week. Contrary to when this photo was taken, Logan won the race.
Logan working with leather. He made a necklace from leather, stamps and beads.

Logan with the den flag for opening ceramony.

Logan with his bottle rocket. His went one of the farthest. He had the most fun at this station I think.

Cub Scout Day Camp Water fight

Kellsie already wet, but still having fun.
Logan ready for battle
Jakob all ready to fight

The den had to make their own fort using boxes. This is Logan's den's attempt to stay dry...it didn't work.

Here is an overview before the battle started.

The fire dept was supose to show up for the fight, but I think they were on a more important call.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sibling Class

When we lived in El Paso (Arm pit of HELL) we took Kellsie and Logan to the hospital for Sibling classes. They showed them how to put on a diaper, hold a baby, feed a baby and all that fun stuff. I taught them all that too, but they had a lot of fun at the class.

I called the hospital here and they do them also. But they charge 15.00 for the first kid and 10.00 per additional child. 35.00! Yeah, why don't you add it to my sonogram bill or my 1 hour or 3 hour glucose test bill. AHHHH!

So I guess my kids will just have to listen to me on how to take care of a baby. No fun at all!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Albuquerque People

Mr. Stinky Feet will will be at the alamosa library at 3pm tomorrow (Thursday). My kids just adore him. In fact our CD is all messed up, so I need to buy another one anyway...good timing!

Jeff's in trouble now...

I called Jeff's mom last night and told her about the HORRIBLE names Jeff was trying to name the baby. She is going to work on some baby names and email them to Jeff. THANKS for the help Joan...I was fighting a loosing battle.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Crib Beding and clothes

All the crib bedding is on the crib and all the baby clothes are washed and in baskets. I need to get some good sized boxes to put the bigger clothes in, so I can put them in the closet.

I am getting so excited for this baby. If we could just agree on a name, life would be great!

Monday, June 15, 2009


Happy Birthday to my niece Laura!

Fun anniversary

Last night (Sunday) was our official anniversary. Jeff grilled the family steaks (Kellsie and Jeff had a side of shrimp) with Lime Kool Aid (Kellsie's choice). Then we watched "Remember the Titans" as a family.

We have not watched that movie in a long time but it is one of our favorites. Kellsie and Logan are getting old enough to understand the race theme in the movie and it was good to see how appalled they were at the way people treated each other just because of the color of their skin. Logan loved the football theme and wouldn't take his eyes off the tv just in case he missed a good play. Jakob played with puzzles most of the time.

It was nice and relaxing and fun spending time with my family.

Baby Lucas (Jeff still does not like that name) woke up for the last 1/2 hour of the movie and Logan kept his hand on my tummy the whole time just getting kicked and kicked over and over again. Logan kept laughing. Gotta love those moments of pure joy.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Update on me and the baby

I had another Dr. Apt yesterday (I get to go every week now). I told her I had been having contractions everyday, all day since Monday and that I was really tired. She was planning on checking if I was dilated and then we had the most amazing, great conversation in the entire world...

She said if I was dilated and she checked, she would have to put it in the file and put me on bed rest. Which would be a joke considering the 3 kids I currently have and the GS day camp and other activities we already have planned. She said if she didn't check me then she didn't have to put me on bed rest. NICE!!!

Then she checked the heartbeat. STRONG! Then she told me the baby was head down and asked me how long he has been like that. I told her since Monday when the contractions hit. I also told her that my tummy was really, really, really sensitive when anyone touched it. So of course she touched it and when I cringed, she told me that baby was really strong and the massive amount of movement and kicking was causing the tenderness.

I told her that Logan was almost 9 lbs and that JAkob was induced two weeks early and was 8 1/2 lbs. She said that at 36 weeks she will start giving me Primrose to drink and strip my membranes and anything else she can do to help me have this little one early. But she also said (and this is the part that is so exciting) "If I last that long". Wouldn't that just be great?

Jeff is not as happy as I am. The baby is due Aug 11, which is his back to school time and tax free weekend at work. He got special permission to take vacation at that time. He really doesn't want to work that time period. Well, I am really not taking his concerns into consideration. In fact my conerns don't come into consideration. It is all up to little baby Lucas (Trying out the name out loud. Jeff hates it, but I don't care!).

Anyways, I am pumped and now I really want to make sure everything is set up, cleaned and ready for the baby. I had better get working on the charger blankets. I am making 3 of them, so I will have 2 more charger blankets than the 1 buffalo bills blanket I have.

Its wonderful...

Last night Jeff and I went on our 12 year anniversary date. We went to PF Changs for dinner and then (this is where the 12 year part of marriage kicks in) we ran errands. Jeff had to go to 2 Staples stores to pick up inventory for his store. Then he took me to the mall to get some nursing bras (He was really tired of hearing me complain about shopping with the kids). Then he took me to cinnabon for a treat!

We had already had a long day at cub scout camp and then I had a Dr. apt for the baby, so I was EXTREMELY TIRED! He walked slow and he didn't tease me too much about the waddling.

I really can't believe we have been married that long. Time has gone by really fast (I tease about it going slow, but I am just kidding). I still love spending time together, going places together, dreaming together (mostly of going to Disney World or Hawaii without the kids). I can't wait to see what the next 12 years has in store for us. Hopefully this baby will come out before the next 12 years pass us by.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

What happens if...

What happens if they teach your oldest son how to fix bikes at cub scout day camp?

My own fault

On Wednesday I was having contractions all day. I was totally tired and unable to function. Jakob said he was board, so I told him to grab a puzzle and I would watch him do it.

The puzzles and games are kept in my china hutch that is in the kitchen (mostly because I don't have any china left and I needed space for games). Jakob told me the doors were too hard to get open ( I had not put knobs on them, because he use to open them up and dumb all the games out, but now he doesn't do that anymore). I told him that he was smart and could figure out a good way to get the doors open.

Please keep in mind that I was really tired and I was laying on the couch, trying to ignore everything around me.

Well, Jakob came to me really proud. He had taken the insides (the panels) of all the cabinets out. That way he could just pull the games out without opening the doors ( ex: the middle door has 3 panels still in place, while the others are missing theirs). He was so excited and proud of himself. I didn't have the heart to yell at him.

I showed Jeff when he got home and he just laughed. I haven't tried to put them back together yet. I might just ask Jakob too.

Lunch at the park

This proves that at least Kellsie and Jakob are Jeffs kids. My kids would never be this crazy.

This is Jakob drinking apple juice. What is crazy about this you ask? Well it was the fact that he also mixed it with choc. milk.
This is Kellsie showing you the sandwich that she is eating.

This is Jakob trying to fit in everything in one bite!Let me say that I am way too tired to stand up for my beliefs right now, so no one mention my adversion to free lunch at the park. I know I am going ageist what I think and feel, but I am too tired to make lunch and explain (again and again) why we don't do lunch at the park to my kids. They will this summer!

Cub Scout Day Camp

I was only able to take a couple pics before and a couple after they start each day. But tomorrow I will have tons...

Logan got his camp shirt today. He is really excited! The theme is dinos. They are doing science projects (hatching eggs, volcanoes, etc). They learned how to shot BB Guns, Bow and Arrows and rubber band guns. Logan is excited that he hit the target with the BB gun and he knocked off 3 cans with a bow and arrow. He said the sad part today was that someone was not obeying the rules and when he was loading his gun, it went off and hit a little boy. Did not brake the skin according to Logan, but was still sad. I am just glad it was not Logan who got shot or who did the shooting.
This is the Spirit stick that they won yesterday. The did the most chants, shouting and yelling. He was so excited!!!

This is his friend Jace.
More to follow...

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Cub Scout Day Camp

Logan started Cub Scout Day camp yesterday. He was really nervous at first. He has never done to a camp before or ever been away from me that long (except school and I show up there during the day).

But when I picked him up he couldn't stop talking about all the fun he had. He learned how to fix bikes, he shot a BB Gun, a bow and arrow, went bowling, played football and put together a dinosaur.

Today they are having a bike rodeo (safety course) and a bunch of things I will find out at the end of the day.

I am glad he is having so much fun. Friday is family day and Jeff took off. We are all going down to see all the things he has been working on. I have to leave a little early to get to a Dr's apt. I just love these weekly checkups. NOTHING IS BETTER!

We were planning on going to the dino museum yesterday after I picked up Logan (free from 4pm to 5pm,), but I was way too tired to walk more. Today I was going to take them to the pool after I picked up Logan, but I am already waisted. So lunch at the park is all that is on the table for today.

Can comeone take a nap for me?

Monday, June 8, 2009

The wait is over!!!

Here are the pics I promised of Jeff LOOSING in the water fight with the our kids and the girls across the street.

After they ran out of balloons, they started filling up containers full of water. This is Jeff right after being pinned by the fence. He is trying to grab onto Logan to get his container of water.

Jeff went inside to change out of his work clothes and get some containers of his own. Look at his face...thinking he has a shot of winning.

Jeff pinned by the fence by a bunch of kids.

Another amazing pic of Jeff by the fence not able to leave.

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