Thursday, January 29, 2009


I am really excited! Today I kept down oatmeal, 1 glass of water and a small bag of BBQ Chips (don't laugh, I just had to have them). I am hoping that means I will be all better tomorrow and that I can go back to eating normal food (like a hamburger, that would be wonderful)!

Again, thanks to all my friends who have called, emailed, stopped by or brought treats. Especially Summer who has picked up Jakob once a week to work with him on his reading. She says she needs him for her class she is taking, but I think she is just doing it because she is an amazing friend. THANKS SUMMER!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Jeff has allowed this small window of time...

Jeff has allowed this small window of time... to blog and check my email.

Just to add to the ending of the last blog. Melanie came by with some treats latter yesterday. After she left I asked Jeff what they were. He told me Oatmeal Cookies with Rasins (my least favorite food). I told him it was the thought that counts.

Latter that evening I found him hiding in the kitchen eating the treats that Melanie made. Choc chip cookies with brownies covered in fudge. NICE JEFF!

I have not tried to eat them yet. Mostly because I am still feeling sick and can't keep them down, but also because I am scared that Jeff will take off my arm.

I did eat one of Summers choc cookies. They were fantastic, just not when I had to throw them up. Sorry Summer.

Thank you for all the treats my friends. They have helped the kids and especially Jeff feel emotionally better. And Kristi, Thanks for the flowers. They brightened up my day and helped me feel loved! THANKS GUYS!

Almost 12 weeks...

As some of you already know, it's been a very emotionally and physically stressful weekend. Early Sunday morning, we thought that Katie had another miscarriage. While this situation seemed like Katie's other miscarriages, something was a little different,both physically and the way we were emotionally. Even the next day when we broke the news to the kids, both Logan and Jakob insisted that the baby was still in Katie's belly. Logan asked for a doctors note as proof and Jakob told Katie that she did not enough faith. At the time, these comments were not as funny or ironic as they are now. So we went to the Doctor on Monday, of course, he did not seem optimistic. He brought out a "old School" ultra-sound machine. He then told us, "come look at this" was a heartbeat. Of course Jakob was there and he said,"I told you so!" The doctor could not say for sure what casued the issues on Sunday morning, but said that it most like was a subchorionic hematoma. We then had a real unltrasound done. The baby and Katie appeared healthy, the baby had a strong heartbeat and was very active, even at 12 weeks old.

As a family, we wanted to say thank you to all our family and friends that kept us in their prayers. Thanks for those that called, visited, sent flowers, and dropped off dinner and especailly the treats(since Katie is still very nauseous, she forced me to eat the treats against my own will). We appreciated all the thoughts prayers and support...Jeff

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Great Day!

Today was my first Dr. Apt. I had been stressing all day yesterday thinking horrible thoughts and stressing myself out. But I heard the heart beat today. Lots of tears.

I am going to loveless woman's hospital and I am seeing a midwife named Tammy. I already love her, and I don't like too many dr's, so loving her is pretty major.

She told me I was high risk because I have PCOS and a high rate of miscarriages. I added that I was also overweight and old. She laughed and said that we lived in New Mexico and I was on the slim side (do you see why I love her).

She is cool with me taking herbs (no other dr has been), she said I should eat whatever I feel like until I can feel better (take that Jeff!). and she set me up with an ultrasound for next monday.

I know it is going to cost money, but I would love some more data telling me the baby is strong and healthy.

Anyways, I am a happy girl!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I wish this day was over...

This morning I was awoken by Logan who is still not feeling good, but now says his ear hurts really bad. So I gave him some Motrin and let him sleep with us. But he didn't sleep. He (and me) were up the whole time. Jakob joined us for a couple hours, but then I got him back to sleep.

Logan fell asleep about 10am. I have a dr apt for him at 2pm. I have to pick up Kellsie from school at 1:20 (any later and I am not allowed to pick them up). The only thing that sucks about that is the office to sign her out is no where close to her class and the parking lot is not close to her either. Lots of walking for someone without sleep and who is already throwing up.

I called Laurel and asked if we could cancel Girl Scouts tonight. With all three kids still sick and me not feeling good and no one sleeping I just can't do it. I hope this day goes by faster.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Last Day?

I kept the kids home today. They were sick still and I won't let them go to school when they are feeling bad. I think They will be fine to go back to school tomorrow.

Gotta love sick kids. Poor babies!

Saturday, January 17, 2009


Last night Laurel picked me and Kellsie up and took us to a Girl Scout thing. The girls were working on their World Thinking Day Project. They took Italy for their country and they were putting together their poster and making their aprons. I wasn't feeling good (I know a real big surprise) and Laurel asked me if I had heartburn. WHAT?

Long story short, we went to Walmart afterwards to buy TUMS and Kellsie's Bras (No padded. Found what we needed in 5 min). I took some TUMS and felt so much better. I am still not keeping food down, but at least it doesn't hurt like it did before.

THANKS LAUREL! Thanks for doing what the 8 Doctors before did not think of. Doctors suck! By the way my first apt is this thursday. I can't wait to hear the heart beat. Of course the rest of the stuff I could do without. Especially when they want me to do blood work to see if I have AIDS. I always tell them I don't, but they look at me like I have no idea what my husband does behind my back and that he might have given me Aids. WHATEVER! Again with the Stupid doctors.


So yesterday Jakob was acting a little funny. And it turned out he was getting sick. By 5pm he had a fever and he was achy. Poor Baby! He came to me and told me to feel his head because he thought he was sick and that he was pregnant. I told him he was sick, but not pregnant.

Along with Jakob and a fever and cough, Logan has a really bad cough and Jeff was sick when he woke up this morning. Needles to say we are staying home from church tomorrow and getting better. I know this is selfish, but I sure hope I don't get it!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Too funny not to share

Without getting into my daughters personal life too much...

So Kellsie needs new bras. Nothing too major except that I only drive to and from the kids school. I am still not feeling good and driving is just not on the things to do list right now.

Jeff had thursday off and he said he was taking Kellsie to Walmart to buy bras.

Now this is major since Jeff will not buy any girly stuff. He will not even hold my purse for fear that someone might think it is his.

So Jeff helped her pick out the bras (keeping in mind my instructions no black or red or hot pink bras, etc. After a couple HOURS at walmart bonding over this embarrassing situation for both of them, they came home with two bras. Both under wire (for a 10 year old girl are you kidding me? Why are they making them like that?) and one a padded bra.

After I laughed for a really long time I explained to Jeff what a padded bra was. Needless to say he told me Kellsie could not wear it and he would take them back.

I am proud of you Jeff! I will continue to tease and mock you, but I am thankful for your help!

Monday, January 5, 2009

I thought it was a good idea

So Jakob has been smothering me a little. He likes to hug my tummy and kiss me and love me and love me and love me and love me...

So this morning I was trying to take his mind off me a little. I got out our last baby doll and took out on of the diapers I already started buying (positive thinking). I showed him how to put the diaper on and take it off. I showed him how to hold a baby (to the head doesn't toss about) and how to wrap the baby up. Good idea? WRONG!

It worked for about 10 min. He was so cute and sweet with the baby. But then he started driving me crazy ( I know most of my craze is just the hormones, but ahhhhh!). He has the baby kiss me on the face over and over again (did I tell you the baby has a hard head, I think I have a fat lip). Then the baby gets hungry and there was no way I was pretending to nurse a pretend baby, so I told him the baby liked pickles (sorry Jeff, but I think Jakob used the whole pickle jar, but it was keeping him busy, so I didn't care).

I just need to rest without all the love! Sound bad? Well it sounded bad writing it. I love my kids, but I need a little more space. They are so worried about me and the baby, that the personal space is gone. Poor kids. I guess I just need to suck it up and nurse the pretend baby!

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