Wednesday, December 31, 2008

More to be thankful for...

Hey, I think I have a kidney infection! I hurt and I don't like it! But I am grateful I am pregnant and that I have a baby growing inside me.

Another lesson on sunday

So in Relief Society (for you non Mormons that is the women's lesson on Sunday), Kristien taught about "Enjoying the Journey". It was on a talk that President Monson gave in the last General Conference. Kristien did a great job and I really felt the spirit.

She talked for the most part about being grateful for the things we have. She gave an example of when we are pregnant and we are sick and tired, but we need to be thankful for the growing child in our belly and the miracle of birth. Of course this came about 10 min after I was in the bathroom tossing up the brownie that I ate in the class before. At the time I didn't like her example very much...

So after days of reflection...

I am glad to be pregnant. I mean it comes as a surprise since Jeff and I thought we were done having children. We had made plans about me going back to work part time next Aug (by the way, I should be giving birth in Aug) when all three of the kids were in school. I was working on the "next Stage" of my life. I was finally able to think about my family without being sad that I was not going to have anymore children.

So then I start getting stick and tired. A little moody (not much, I think Jeff over reacts). And surprise, I am having another baby. I love children (at least mine, other peoples kids aren't the best to hang out with, but I love mine!) and I wanted to have 13 kids and one point. But I just thought that was over with.

I am now back to reality! So the past couple days I have been trying to show Heavenly Father how grateful I am to be pregnant. I don't know if it is helping the physical state of pregnancy, but the emotional state is getting better (not for Jeff, I still complain to him, but that is his problem and he has to take it like a man). So thanks Kristien, perfect timing on your lesson. THANKS!

Sunday's lesson

So on Sunday I didn't teach a lesson because it is the end of the year and I get to teach new kids next year and on a new topic. So I did Momon Baseball (with review questions).

The boys team hit a single, so this was their question. "This is a one word answer. How did Peter walk on water". The answer is Faith. I know there is more than one answer to this question, but in the lesson we went over and over this point, "Faith". So after a long time of the boys not know it, one of them gives me the answer...Are you ready?


I am so glad I spend so much time preparing my lesson on Sunday's. I am also so glad that the boys learned so much from listening to me!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

2008 Christmas Letter

Giras Family Christmas Letter-2008

Kellsie: Our little girl is not so little anymore. Kellsie is very active in Girl Scouts. She was one of the top sellers for Cookies. She is at the top of her class in School. She just got her 3rd grade state test scores back and she is proficient in everything (the highest score). She loves reading and we can’t seem to buy her enough books. And she loves animals. She has a new pet rat “Pinkie” and her dog “Harley”. And she attracts stray animals. Kittens, dogs, you name it, they find our house and she is compelled to take care of them. We are glad she has such a kind heart.

Logan: Football Forever! He is the captain of his recess football team. He is the quarterback. We hear stories every night about how he won the game with his amazing pass. He is going to play football for the Cowboys. And he is going to BYU to play football there also. Logan is also at the top of his class. He has not gotten any wrong answers on his math tests. In fact the teacher is ordering advanced math games for him. He went to 4 Judo events this year. He took 1 first place, 2 second places and 1 third place. He also earned his Orange belt this year.

Jakob: This was his last year of preschool. He goes into Kinder next year. HE loves to play football with Logan, cook with Dad, Play computer with Kellsie or snuggle with mom. He is very smart on the computer. Last he told me I could find what I needed if I went to www. He knows so much about computers at such an early age. Jakob also got two pet rats for his birthday. He named them Eragon and Darth Vader. He takes really good care of them. Jakob starts Judo in January and he can’t wait. Jakob is always making us laugh. He has a great sense of humor.

Jeff: is still the General Manager with Staples. He likes (for the most part) the people that he works with. He comes home happy and not stressed (my favorite part). Jeff has been able to spend a lot of time launching rockets with Logan, playing football with the boys or playing Wii with the kids. He even took Kellsie Christmas shopping and neither of them came back crying. He spends a lot of time with us and he is an amazing Father and Husband.

Katie: I am still volunteering once a week with Humanitarian Aid making blankets for various groups. I volunteer in the kids classes and was PTO President for a couple of months before I resigned. Long story. Call me if you want to know more. I am still Kellsie’s Girl Scout troop leader and love it! For the past couple weeks I have been lying on the couch doing nothing. Jeff has me on strict orders not to do anything. I am pregnant again and he is driving me crazy protecting me. But I know he loves me (to death!)

Vacations and Trips:

We went to the Zoo and bio park many times this year. We love going there and checking out the animals and fun things to do.

We went camping at Fenton Lake. We took a short stop to climb the rocks and caves. Took tons of pictures of our adorable kids.

Went swimming in the Rio Grande River. That was fun and dirty.

We went to San Diego. My brother Randy got married to his sweetheart Caitlin and we went down to see all the fun. They were married in the San Diego Temple and we were able to be there with my family to watch. Then we spent time with our friends the Gillens. The kids played lazer tag for the first time and we got to catch up with our friends Matt and Kristi. We went to Disney Land. We had a blast. On the way back to San Diego, we stopped by Hollywood and walked around.

So much has happened; it never fits in a letter. Stay current with us through our Blogs:

We love you! Have a great Christmas and New Year!

The Giras Family

(Jeff, Katie, Kellsie, Logan, Jakob, Ransom, Harley, Babalu, Elvis2, Pinkie, Darth Vader, Eragon and some fish)

Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Day

This year we each drew names for stocking stuffers. We each got 7.00 and went to the dollar store. I love it! The kids had so much fun and they really put a lot of thought into the gifts. Jeff bought for Kellsie. Kellsie bought for Jeff. I bought for Logan. Logan bought for Jakob and Jakob bought for me. Jakob bought me a washcloth that grows in water and has a monkey on it.
Logan asked Santa for his own room for Christmas. Santa couldn't pull that off, but he sent me the stuff to sew him a skate boarding blanket for his bed.
Grandma Joan and Pa Pa ed sent Jakob a penguin backpack. The color looks great on him too. He loves penguins.

Aunt Kim sent a ton of clothes for each kid. Logan loved the striped church pants the best. He got to wear them to church on Sunday. He really did look cool.

Kellsie got mostly cloths this year. She got two hoodies and on Christmas day wore both of them. She always loves the clothes aunt Kim picks out.

I took a ton of pictures, but I only am posting a few. The kids love Christmas Every year. Grandma and Pa Pa Ed sent them massive amounts of clothes. Which they needed because they just keep growing! My mom and Dad sent money and with the money we bought them each a Wii game. Jakob got Ben ten, Logan got Tony Hawk and Kellsie got Dogs2.
The kids and Jeff played Wii the rest of the day, while I relaxed and rested from the Flu I had the past couple of days.
I didn't get any cards sent out or cookies made, but Christmas was still amazing!

Christmas Eve...

Every Christmas Eve we read Luke 2 and rein act the birth of our Savior. The kids dress up. Kellsie is always Mary, because she is the only girl. Jeff reads the story and then becomes the ever famous DONKEY! Logan is Joseph and Jakob is the innkeeper, Shepard and wise men.
For some reason this year they all had ants in their pants and it was hard to get the Spirit there the whole time. Notice the pictures of the boys. But at least they listened and we discussed the Scripture Story. That is what is important.

Logan's Holiday Preformance

The second grade classes all did a couple of song the wed before school was out. I went to the early performance and Jeff came with me to the afternoon one. I could have gotten a better pic of Logan but the lady in front of me kept moving.
Logan did a great job signing. And I loved his hat!

First Snow of the Year

The kids bundled up for their first Snow day of the school year and we went out side to play. Jakob had a blast climbing the Tree/bush in our yard. Well it is our neighbors, but it is so big it is mostly on our side, so I let Jakob have some fun. Kellsie didn't come out at first. She did make us hot chocolate and bring it out to us. Sweet child! Then she came out in Capri's. WHAT? No gloves or hat? I guess that would mess up her style.

All snow balls all the time! Logan was in his element.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

My hubbue

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Football forever

This morning I was telling my children that Uncle Tim was sending them a savings bond for college. He sends them one every Christmas. After we get them we talk about what the kids want to go to college for.

This year (and I think every year she could talk) she wants to go to Vet School. Big surprise. The girl loves animals. She gets it from Jeff and Aunt Kim. THey love animals too. But not from her mom. I don't like anything!

I asked Logan what he wants to be when he grow up and then follow into what classes he wants to take in school. He says he wants to take all the classes that teach about FOOTBALL! I tried to convince him that there were no classes about football, but he doesn't understand. I asked him what he wanted to do if he couldn't do football. Ask a question...get an answer... He told me Baseball. Well, I asked!

Then came time for my sweat little Jakob. I thought he would say spider man or batman, but he told me he wanted to be a Chef. That's cool. And new. I know he likes to cook, but I didn't understand how much. I told him that he could use the money for culinary school, but he told me that he doesn't need to go to school to cook. He can just be a dad.

Thanks Uncle Tim. I love that you make education a priority in your neices and nephews lives. YOU ROCK!

I love my kids. Nothing brings me greater joy than listening to my children.

funny story

So we were talking to the kids about the Pregnancy (Yes I am pregnant. And I am sorry to anyone who has been yelled at because of my massive hormonal changes. Mostly that means Jeff).

Jakob told me that he knows the child is going to be a boy. I was trying to get him to open his mind a bit about the possibility of a girl baby. He then told me he knows it will be a boy because Jesus told him it would be.

Too funny!

I then tried again about the girl baby and Jakob told me. Mom, I know it will be a boy because Jesus dosn't lie.

Well since Jakob is right, Jesus doesn't lie... I think we are having a boy. Of course I am only a couple weeks along, but I will put my faith in Jakob.

Of course Jakob also wants to name the baby Mohawk. WHATEVER! I need a nap!

Can't find the camera

So I have tons of pictures from all the activities we have done. But I can't find the camera! I took pics this morning for Christmas, but now it is gone. I hope I didn't toss it out with the trash. That would be bad. More to come...when I find that darn camera!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

...until the fat lady sings

Today I resigned from the PTO. Boy did it feel good. I ran for the position to change something that was going on, and I now feel that I did. More drama has come about since it hit the fan, but today at the PTO meeting I laid everything out, showed the proof and resigned.

Now I am not one for backing down from a fight, but with this PTO thing I have wanted to back down three or four times now. Drama with women just sucks!

Some personal things changed in my life and I needed to have a lot less stress in my life, so I eliminated about 79% off the stress at today's meeting.

Tomorrow I am going back to helping at Humanitarian Aid. Back to my family. Back to my life. I can't wait.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Snow Day

I think all the kids must have said a prayer last night, because all the Albuquerque Schools are closed due to snow. Jakob was dressed to go and play at 7AM. I held him off until 9am. They boys went out front and played the the boys next door. Kellsie came out in Capri's and no shoes, I managed to get her in shoes, but the Capri's stayed on. It really wasn't that cold anyway. Pictures to come as soon as I have a couple more mins.

I have to check the boys room. Their idea of clean is a little different than mine. Then I need to finish painting some Christmas gifts, copy the Christmas movie I made and then mail out the boxes.

I am usually done with all the Christmas stuff by now, but my life got a little more complicated, so Christmas is taking a little more time. So I got Jeff involved in helping ( I am hoping that he can help me dig out of the pile of things I have to paint, sew, bake and wrap.)

Since Kellsie and Logan don't believe in Santa anymore they have asked me if I will let them wrap gifts and put them under the tree this year. I think I might take them up on that (all except their gifts. I will do those).

I hear the boys...they aren't happy voices...gotta go.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Doing the right thing...I am worn out!

I have been standing up for what I believe is right for the PTO for 3 months now. It is never going to stop. I am tired.

On the lighter side, I have two Christmas Parties today. One for Girl Scouts, which I am really excited about. The other one is the Church christmas party. Santa will be coming and Jakob is really excited!

Jeff is off today, and I get to spend the whole day with my family! Life is good.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Anyone Else?

Anyone Else behind on Christmas? I think if I have two full days with nothing else to do,but finish projects and wrap them and box them, I might still get the gifts mailed out to family this week. Too bad I don't have 2 full days available.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Will the drama ever stop

So this whole PTO thing is blowing up again (it really hasn't stopped, but it slowed for a while). We had to vote out our VP and our Tres had to step down because of conflict of interest. And now you would like that WWlll is happening.

I am getting really upset. I only ran to stand up for what I believe in and I (and others) are getting slammed for it. The teachers can't really say anything to the administration because they work there. But we have a select amount of parents who are hell bent on saying bad things about us, trying to get us in trouble, saying untrue things about events that are happening. It is horrible.

I feel overwhelmed and sad and ticket off all at the same time. When is it time to give up? Do I let them win and let them go back to being dishonest? Am I OK with that? I feel that since I know what was happening it was my responsibility to stand up and make my voice heard. When that didn't work, I had no choice (in my husbands mind) then to run for Pres and make the change from within. I have done everything in my power.

The majority of the staff like what we have done and what we are doing. They like having us here, but if the select few are going to always win the battle, I don't know what to do.

Enough of the rant. I have 4 missionaries coming to my house for dinner and I need to clean.

Logan and Football

Logan plays on a football team during recess at school. He started one of the teams last year and now there are 4 teams who take turns playing each other at recess. Every night at dinner he talks about the plays and drills they do.

I look at Jeff's face and he is so proud. The whole football, male bonding thing.

Anyway, last night at dinner we were talking about the football team again, and I asked what the name of his team was ( Last year it was the Bills).

Are you ready for this? His football teams name is The Pinkies!

Jeff is not happy!

The reason why they named the team that is because they like rats and Kellsie's rat is named Pinkie and because they all like pinkie's (the finger). Jeff tried to get him to change the name to bears or dragons or something manly, but to no avail.

I think it is totally funny and even funnier that it is driving Jeff crazy.

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