Monday, March 22, 2010

Samoa Girl Scout Cookies

Our troop has a ton of Samoa Girl Scout cookies , if you would like any, please email or call me.


Sante Fe Here we Come

On Thursday we just really needed to get away. It is Girl Scout cookie time for me and Kellsie and that always adds a little drama to my life. Cookie booths and collecting money and running around cookies. I thought my head was going to explode. On top of that church activities, the kids activities.....

Jeff just finished inventory at work.He had worked 10 days in a row and he was ready to go anywhere in the world.

We chose Sante Fe because it is only 1 hour away. we could leave Friday morning and come back sat afternoon (just in time for another cookie booth). We found a cute little hotel with an indoor pool and a rec room with a ping pong table. Jeff found a place to take the kids sledding. He also found some places to eat that were featured on the food network. We left and had the best time ever. I want to do it again this weekend (come on money tree...GROW).

Swiming in Sante Fe

The kids loved the hot tub. I am not sure what Jakob is doing to himself, but sometimes I try not to ask.
isn't he adorable?

I didn't have any swiming stuff for Lukas, so Jeff ran to walmart to get his floatie. And I dug in some clothes that our neighbor Kara gave to us from her boys and I found a suite. THANK HEAVENS! He looks really good in orange too.

We got a hotel with an indoor pool, so we could do some swiming. The water was still too cold for Lukas, so after about 5 min, Lukas and I headed back to the room for Lukas to take a nap.

Sante fe/lunch time

On friday after we went sledding we went to "Barts Berger Bowl" (another Drive In's, Diners and Dives" place). The food was good, but the prices were high for hambergers ate in a place without real windows. Once we saw that it started to snow, we ate really fast and ran to the van. This is what it looked like within 5 min of it snowing.
Logan eating his hamberger

Sing in front of the place we ate.

What it looked like within 10 mins of it snowing. We hadn't even got back to the hotel yet.

Kellsie and Logan in front of the "Guy" sign.

Sledding Baby

We went up 8 miles past Sante Fe into the mountains to try our hand out at sledding. The kids have never done that before (me either, having lived in San Diego my whole life). They had a blast. We only left because the kids were getting too cold and wet.
Jakob made this snow man all by himself. Notice the scarf that he asked me to make him the day before. I worked hard on that scarf! At least it went for a good cause.

Lukas was not in the picture because he was asleep on me.

Lukas only went down the hill with Jeff. I have video I will post latter. Sorry about the shaking of the video...I was laughing way too hard!

Sleding bumps and scaps

When we got to the snow. Jakob took off and sled right into a hard pile of snow. His right side of his face was scratched and bruised. Poor baby. But that didn't slow him down at all!

Back Yard Pizza/ Sante Fe

Jeff likes to watch the show "Drive In's, Dinners and Dives" on the food network. The food always looks so good, so while we were in Sante Fe we stopped by one of the places.

Backroad Pizza
They had a gold Mrs. Packman game that the kids took turns playing. I was of course the one with the highest score. Years from Watching my dad play Mrs. Packman. Is that the arcade game we had in our house for all those years?
They had a pool table upstairs. Jeff was teaching the kid how to play. They could have stayed there for hours.

WE had the peperoni and sausage pizza. I have to admitt that I have had better pizza. A lot better pizza. The place was cool to hang out, but not for the food.

Here is Kellsie and Lukas standing in front of the poster of Guy from the food network.

Balloon Museum/ St. Patricks Day

Lukas was amazing in the stroller. He looked around, tried to grab people as they walked buy, but really good.
Here is Kellsie making a hot air balloon out of tissue paper. The kids loved this activity. A grumpy Old Man was running the craft, but it was still a lot of fun. We stayed her about 1 hour making a balloon for Kellsie, Logan and Jakob. They ended up being about 3 feet tall. VERY COOL!

There was a wind area where the kids could make and cut different shapes and see which ones stayed in the air longer. Which ones did the most spinning, etc. Jakob LOVED this one!

Here is a little view of Logan's balloon that he made.
They also made paper air plains and flying them in the grassy area (I do know I said grassy in Albuquerque. There are only two places that have grass here. The balloon Field/museum and in front of Albertsons. Don't ask. It drives me crazy that they waste so much water on a grocery store parking lot).
They had a parachute come out and did a whole bunch of games with that.Lukas and Jakob loved that one the most. That area is where my camera died, so I don't have any pics of that.
They had a puppet show. Pa Pa Ed, the kids want to know if you can make them some wood puppets. They are called Limber jacks. Just FYI!
They had more crafts and booths set up. Totally fun and we could have spent another couple hours there, but they were closing.

Uncle Mikie, this is for you!

This is a picture of the cool Jacket that Jakob was telling you about. If you get a jacket like this, then all the girls will want to kiss you. Jakob is showing you how to stand and lean cool as well. WE hope this helps in your endeavors.

Cookie Booths

I have to bring the boys to most of the booths Kellsie has. The boys are so good. They bring their toys and play to the side while Kellsie is working her Mad Cookie Skills. Sometimes they even stand by the door and ask people to buy cookies. I even overheard Logan ask a guy to buy cookies, so we could sell them faster and he could go home. What ever works Logan!
Lukas has been pretty good as well. I brought his play area and put blankets up to keep the wind out. He had fun!

Kellsie is a doll. She works hard and I am proud of her. She is earning tons of money to pay for her Girl Scout activities!

Cookie Season Is Here!
Booths! Booths! Booths!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Lukas Update

What can I say, he is adorable! He is a blast to play with. He laughs all the time. He loves to watch people and Eat everything. Baby food is not enough anymore. He wants food! When Robbie was down we had BBQ ribs for dinner. I was feeding Lukas smashed up pears, but he was tossing a fit. I picked him up and he started grabbing for the ribs. We gave him one and he stopped fussing. Of course he looked like a dog with a bone.
Lukas sleeps a lot during the day. But as soon as we pick the kids up from school he is up until bed time. I thought it was just the way it was, but then I realized that he loves being with his brothers and sister. They play with him all the time. Why would he want to waste the time sleeping?

He is such a character. I love him! I love him! I love him!

Kellsie Update. Growing, Growing, Gone!

AHHHHH! My little girl is not so little anymore. She is staring to go back to her funky way of dressing. Her style is changing and I love it. She is wearing more of what she likes instead of what her friends are wearing. Kellsie is busy with getting all the cookie orders out to the people who ordered from her. And she is filling in cooking booths during the week. A little crazy, but is pays for the Girl Scout Activities.

Kellsie is finished with her Faith in God award. She just needs her interview with the Bishop. She worked hard on it and we are really proud of her. She is doing great in school. Getting amazing grades and loves working on school projects.

She is a blast to be around. She gets more Jokes and is extremely sarcastic (like her Dad). She talks to me all the time. Telling me about her friends, school, girl scouts and family life. I love that she is open and honest with me. She tells me what she is doing and why.

Logan update

Logan is having so much fun at school. He loves playing tether ball with his friends. This is broading his love of sports to tether ball and football instead of just football. He has a best friend Colby and they play together all the time.

Logan loves cub scouts. He goes every Tuesday night (unless he is sick). He even asked us to buy him extra car kits, so he can make and race them in his room. We did and he does.
Logan is becoming such a man around the house. Taking out the trash and carying heavy boxes for me. He is always willing to help me with the things I am doing.
HE is at the goofy stage of growing up. Telling Jokes (that he made up) and making funny faces and silly poses. He is always making us laugh.

Logan is great with Lukas. He is kind and sweet and loving with him. Lots of hugs and loves! Logan is my sweetest kid! He doesn't like Lukas to cry, so when he starts getting upset, Logan is picking him up right away.

Jakob Update

Lukas looks more and more like Jakob everyday. So to remind me (and everyone else) Jakob will pick up Lukas and hold their faces together and ask us if they look alike. And they do. Jakob is so amazing with Lukas. They play together all the time. Jakob will get him toys and wrestle with him. They are already best friends (until Lukas starts to brake his toys, then I am sure things will change fast)
Jakob is very, very, very cool. Last month a girl in her class (Juanize) kissed him. I thought that would gross him out, but he liked it. WE had to have a big long talk about the rules of the house. Having to be 16 to have a girl friend and not kissing until they are 16. He was not thrilled with the rules, but he did say he would obey them. He was mad that the next day Juanize kissed Adam. He told me that she was not following the rule about being 16. He wanted me to change our family rules to be younger for kissing. RIGHT! I'll get right on that Jakob.

Jakob is so great at helping around the house. He loves to water the plants and cook. He is getting really good at cooking. He remembers to wash his hands and clean up afterwards. I hope he becomes a good cook as Jeff.

Honor Roll for the kids

On thursday day I spent most of the afternoon at the kids school. Kellsie and Logan made honor roll for this semester (and last as well). They don't do honor roll for kinder, but I took a pic of Jakob anyway.
Kellsie didn't want to take one, so her friends sandwiched her. Angela is on the right, kellsie in the middle and Evany is on the left. Evany is kellsie's best friend in school. She went to the movies with me and kellsie for her bday. We went to see New Moon (again). They both are Team Edward in case you were wondering.

Robbie and melea's visit

My brother Robbie called me last week and asked if him and Melea could come down for a visit. Of course I said yes and did my little happy dance! They came in late on sunday night and left on thursday morning. I wish they could have stayed longer. We spent a lot of time playing Band Hero. Here is Robbie on the drums
Here is Melea on the guitar. She was amazing at singing. I think she even got 100% on one.

Here is a pic I took on thurs morning before they left to go back home. I had to leave to take the kids to school. Right as I was pulling out of the drive way, kellsie thought the kids should all jump out and throw snow balls at uncle Robbie (yes it snowed the night before, so they had enough snow for snow balls). Nice thinking Kellsie!

Robbie tossing Lukas in the air

Robbie feeding Lukas

Uncle Robbie, Aunt Melea and Lukas

I was so bad at taking pictures while Robbie and Melea were here. I tried to remember, but I still didn't get a lot of Robbie and melea with the kids. Except for Lukas. I got tons of them with Lukas.

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