Monday, July 26, 2010


June and July were really busy for us. People coming to visit, cub scout camp, girl scout camp, vacation and normal things all got thrown in. Feel like I just came out of a storm, a great and wonderful storm! I am just getting back on my feet.

Sorry that the posts are all out of order. Did what I could, when I could do it.

The kids start school on Aug 16th, so I am finishing off the last of the school shopping and the Bradshaws are going to visit us for a couple days in Aug. Watching one of Kellsie's friends before school starts, working on cub scout stuff with Logan and my working on my church calling.

Jeff is busy with back to school sales at work and tax free weekend is Aug 6th.

Lukas' first bday is Aug 6th too, but since we won't be seeing much of Jeff, we will push is back a week. No big plans for that. He is only 1. The lady across the street wants to buy him an ice cream cake for his bday, so we will invite them over and sing to him. Let him make a mess, then open some gifts until he gets board. Take tons of pics.

Then, school life starts back up...

In Sept the boys have a judo thing in Phoenix, I am hoping that some of my family can meet us up their, so we can see them.

Enjoy the pics...

After Santa Fe...Surprise the BRADSHAWS!

On saturday night we were trying to plan our last day of vaccation (we just winged it). We called up the Bradshaws who were an hour a way in Los Alamos and asked if we could come for lunch and to celebrate Logan's bday. Of course they said yes (Gotta love Gina!) Katie, Abby and Kellsie
The Bo Bo Brothers (we call them that because on Diego, there are these 2 monkeys, the bo bo brothers, who always get in trouble) Timmy and Jakob

Gina lighting the candles for Logan's bday brownies

I dont know what happened ot my camera, but here are all the kids...10 of them!

Here are the 5 boys. Now there are 5 girls and 5 boys.

Then off to...Santa Fe!

After the Hotel and Water Park Jeff wanted to go to Santa Fe. Why? Just to get out of Albuquerque! WE got another hotel and went...SWIMMING!

The kids were so tired! So much in such little time!

Jakob loved the fact that we got a kitchen. We were spending the night from Saturday to Sunday and didn't want to spend any money on the sabbath. Right on Jake!

Hotel and Water Park

We didn't have a lot of time for a family vaccation. And I didn't want to go camping with a little kid who couldn't walk, so we...Went to a hotel and WATER PARK in Albuquerque. Best Choice ever!
They had a bigger pool with a couple of basketball nets.

They had a big lazy river. The kids were in there most of the time. They had a blast!

Hotel and Water Park 2

Lukas loved the inter tubes
They have a great surf area where the kids could a boogie board. This is a horrible one of Jakob, but I couldn't take a picture fast enough.

Kellsie did a great job. but again, the picture is just too dark.

Logan did great! All the kid got up on their knees and they all tried to roll, but none of them made it over.

Jakob kept trying to bit Jeff's tattoos!

Hotel Game Room

With the Hotel and waterpark package they have us 10.00 for the arcade and game room.

4th of July

Lukas' first 4th of July. He really liked the fireworks!

The kids are getting old enough now to lite them. Scary for me, but fun for them

This kid just cracks me up!

The girls across the street came over and we went around the corner to see some fireworks at Vicky's house. WE had a blast!

Jake and Dad

Water Time

The kids hitting a boxing sprinkler. Bought it last year on clearance for 1.00 and that might be the best toy in the whole world.
I bought this little pool for Lukas for 2.00. He just sat there watching the kids play. I had to set up in the garage, so the sun didn't bake him!

My lot in life...

So we all have these things that are hard for us or we just don't like. Mine is animals. I really don't like taking care of them and all the work that goes in to caring for them or getting the kids to care for them.

When I married Jeff I didn't really get the full understanding of how much he liked animals. So when we were first married we got a dog, then another dog, then a rat, then a pot belly pig (yes you heard what I said).

Then we had Kellsie. I didn't know God was going to send me and adorable, talented WILL DIE for animals rights activist! She sees a lost dog or cat and she starts crying. She sees animals and wants them ALL! She wants to open her own animal shelter now (IN MY HOME). and the boys are almost as bad! So at Dr. James office (his home is right next door and most of his children live close by) his son's dog had a littler of puppies. Adorable puppies. He told my kids they could each have one.

Guess who got to be the big bad mom? NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! I don't think so! And I can't let Jeff in 20 miles of the place now, because he would come back with at least 1 dog. And every time we go for an appointment, I have crying kids on the way home because I won't let them have a dog. Did I mention that we already have 2 dogs, 2 snakes and our 3 rats just died!

Kellsie's Feet

Kellsie still sees Dr. James once a week to work on her feet. I thought you guys might like a visual of what we do. Here is the "cave" room where he does the muscle manipulation and massage. The walls are like a cave and the ceiling is like the solar system. Totally cool
Here is the "Sauna" room. This 1/2 is the jet tub where she has to lay for 15 min to relax so he can work on her.

The waiting room as this rack of bottled water. Sometimes the girls in the office let the boys restock the waters (they think it is a blast). and Lukas likes to take all the waters down.

This is the front of their office. It is about 45 min away from our house in the middle sand and rocks. They built it themselves.

He had Kellsie doing workouts on the re bounder for 15 min a day. To get the muscles working in the correct way. Lukas like to give his support!

Camp Sweet Tooth

So I am late on posting these pictures. We had a massively crazy 4 weeks. Here is Kellsie's Girl Scout Day Camp. This was her last year of going to day camp as a junior. So sad! Next year she will go as a leader.

They did a Sweet Tooth cooking camp. They learned how to make choc chip cookies, a dish from south America, choc covered cherries, cupcakes, smoothie, purple cow. They learned how to use all the kitchen equipment and how to make recipes healthier. Kellsie had a blast! And I was able to spend the whole week with her! Here are all the juniors that attended the camp
Here is Kellsie making cupcakes. They made them without oil. They didn't sub anything else, just no oil. The kids said they didn't notice a difference. Must trying it next time.

The last day they had a cupcake challenge (like on food network). They had 15 min to draw their design.

Then they had to decorate it with the ingredients they had on hand (which were a lot). Kellsie's other one looked better, but I guess I only took a pic of the one that she didn't submit. she did a Lilly pad with flower on top. She took 2nd place. All our troop placed in the cupcake challenge.

Camp Sweet Tooth 2

The boys were in the Kiddy Corral most of the camp. This was the caddett that played with Lukas most of the time.
At the end of camp, they gave them their patches on a chefs hat. Totally fun.

Jessica and Kellsie liked to feed Lukas pickles during lunch.

Kellsie and Jessica making choc covered cherries

Kellsie and Jessica decorating their aprons

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Logan's Bday continues

Because of the 4th of July, our family trip and Uncle Tim visiting, Logan's bday was celebrated in stages. The last stage being the sleep over with a friend. Jarom came over on tuesday to sleep over after cob scouts. Logan wanted cheese cake, but couldn't choose the flavor. So he got one with 4 flavors. NICE WORK MOM! Logan and Jarom

Logan opening his gift

Jarom and Logan using the bday gift

That's right he got an air gun. Like a BB gun with plastic pelets. Logan wanted a BB gun for his bday, but it just didn't happen. He was so excited. They went out that night for a couple rounds of shooting, but had to come in because it was getting too dark.
The next morning JEff took them out with soda cans and a target (a picture of a dallas cowboys fan) and let them shoot some more.
Thanks Jarom for coming over, Logan had a great time!

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