Wednesday, November 28, 2007

two days off with Jeff

Jeff had two days in a row off this week. Yesterday we went to Kellsie's honor roll assembly and we loved it! Nothing is better than watching your daughter get an award like that. I think I need one of those bumper stickers...

Then we ran some errand like Best Buy and Toys R Us (places I normally go to, right?). The Sewing Machine dealer did call and tell me that my sewing machine was in, so we went to look at it and ended up buying it. I am so excited to have a sewing machine that works again. So many things I want to make and fix...

Today we went to Logan's perfect attendance assembly. Well Logan didn't get perfect attendanct because we went to Buffalo for a week and because I am one of the few parents to keep their kids home when they are sick (don't get me started on kids who go to school sick and then get my kids sick!). But Logan really wanted Jeff to come to school to see him, so we went to do that.

Of course today is my grocery shopping day and I had to go to Costco. Jeff LOVES Costco! He especailly loves getting all the free samples. I like that part too, but Jeff is a little overboard with the samples. I think it is called stalking or something like that. He said that this is where he recoups the membership fee of 40.00. And I think he did. I know he went back for seconds on the spinich ravioli.

I had two favorite parts of the day. #1 Jeff started cleaning the gargage and it is looking great! He is really good at organizing and stuff like that. #2 I started sewing on my sewing machine. It works great and I am so happy my parents and Jeff's parents gave me Christmas money early so I could buy it. THEY ROCK!!!

Well, I only have Tithing Settlement, Faith in God and a small Girl Scout meeting left in the day and then I can go to sleep (????).

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Never too late to be Thankful

I just realized that I have not sat down and made a list (mental or Physical) of the things I am thankful for.

I have an amazing life! I have a wonderful and fun husband who works hard to provide a good living for our family. He is a fantastic father to my children. He always makes the time to spend with each of them. He always puts our families welbeing in front of all other things. For this I am grateful.

I have a daughter who is smart beautiful and trys to hard to follow Gods commandments. She wears modest clothes without reminding or encouraging at our end. She is great at making family home evening lessons that encourage her brothers to participate. She is great in school. She is bringing home great grades and making good friends. For this I am thankful.

I have a sweet, loving and caring middlr son who will do everything in his power to make me happy. He is the best hugger ever! He works hard in school to bring home great grades. Never missing a spelling word, because of his hard work. He is amazing at helping his younger brother learn Judo and games on the Wii. He is helpful and fun to be around. He knows his scripture storys and has amazing faith in our Savior. I am thankful for my son.

I also have a happy 4 year old boy. He is always willing to help me around the house or climb on my lap an hug me. He is smart and fun to hang out with. He provides lots of laugher in our home. He loves to talk about the stories of Jesus. He is interested in the lessons taught in Family Home evening. For this I am thankful.

I have a home with enough room for my family and any visiting family or friends.

I have a working car with room for my family and any friends who need rides.

I have the freedom to worship God

I have the right to vote

I have friends who are like family (since I don't live by family, that is important)

I have great brothers

I have an amazing sister

I have parents who taught me about the savior and who raised me to be married in the Temple.

I have a mother in law and father in law who love me and love my children.

I have Sister in laws and Brother in laws who I love and who love me

I have teachers for my children who love them and who look out for them.

I have an Older Brother who gave his life for me, so I can live again

I have a savings account

I have food storage

I am thankful that I can sew and crochet (it has saved me lots of money)

I am thankful for the food that is always on my table. For my family, My God and My freedom.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Book Fair

Last friday was the last day for our school book fair. It was my first time running the book fair, so I was hoping I did everything right. About 1/2 hour before we closed down I went and asked the Principal and the VP if they wanted to buy anything before we closed up (just trying to be nice like I ALWAYS AM). They said they did want to buy some books and for me to stop by the front desk and pick up a purchase order for 1,000.00.

They came in (remember this is about 20 min until we close for the whole book fair) and they start making piles of books! Then the Principal asks me to go back up front and get another purchase order for another 1,000.00.

So in about 20 min they spent 2,000.00 in books for the kids at school. I was so excited! Then she told me that she needed a detailed document stating each book that she bought, the quantities , the title, the author and the price. WHAT?????

I was there another hour adding and writting all the information down. But the good news is that the total sales were 5,0001.24. That means our school gets 3,000. in free books for our kids at school.

We have another book fair in feb, so we will see what happens then. I am not counting on 2,000. from the principal. But that won't stop me from asking!!!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Another Book Fair Day

I am learning a lot about running a book fair. Last year when I helped I took the training fro, Scholastic and helped out a couple times checking out books.

This time I took the training, set it up (with some help), running the register and closing out the fair. I really like it and I am having a lot of fun. I have been setting aside books that I wanted and ones that the kids wanted and I added them up today. 45.00 WOW! I don't think I have ever spent that much on books at one time. The Librarian said she was going to use her "Extra" book fair money to buy the books for me. I thought that was very nice and of course took her up on her offer. Again, FREE SHOPPING!!!

I just got done with Girl Scouts. We were working on the badge "Girl Scouts Around the World" We talked about WAGGGS (World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts). They are working with UNICEF and the UN to help with Children's day on November 20th. They are doing an online Art oexhibit to raise awareness of the children's rights document they put together. The girls each picked a child's right they liked and made a art piece that went along with that. We are mailing them in to UNICEF this week. I will send you the link to the art exhibit when I get it. I hope you will like it.

Off to watch CSI...


Friday, November 2, 2007

Book Fair

Last night Jeff and I stayed up until 1am (Jeff 2am) working on the kitchen floors. I am excited to say that all my kitchen (except under the stove and the baseboards behind the fridge) is done. I don't ever want to do tile on floors again!

Today Jakob and I went to the kids school to help set up the book fair. Jakob likes to go to school with me because all the teachers love to play with him and give him treats. Today one of the teachers gave him her bucket of dinos to play with. And another teacher game him a stuffed animal. He also got doughnuts and soda. What a life.

The book fair is all set up now and the librarian is going to give me some gift certificates for some books because I helped her. DO YOU UNDERSTAND THE SITUATION??? I GET TO SHOP FOR FREE!!!

Logan got another A on his spelling test today. He is so happy every Friday for his test... I was never happy about taking a test. But then again, I never got all A's. Kellsie did not have a spelling test this week, and she was glad. Even though she gets them all right, she still does not like taking tests.

I guess that is all for now. I need to clean up the house, we have people coming over for dinner.


Thursday, November 1, 2007

First Time for Everything

Some of my friends have their own bloggs, so I thought I would try. I like typing better than writing, so maybe I can get a journal thing going.

We have been tiling our kitchen floor for the past two weeks. We thought it would only take 3 days, but it never works the way you plan. We hope to be done tonight, but in reality...

I will post pictures when it is done. So far it looks really good. We also installed a kitchen island to help with work space. I love it! I am blessed with a large kitchen, so we are just trying to take advantage of the space.

Ok, we will see how this whole blogg thing works. I hope it will be more exciting in the future.


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