Saturday, March 28, 2009


Jeff came home last night with dinner and Roses (for me). They were really pretty yellow roses. Of course Kellsie had to jump in and say that she read that yellow roses are what you give your grandma, but I am not listening to her!


Yard Day

Today Jeff and Logan are over at the Garetts home getting some dirt and rocks for our back yard. Jeff keeps telling me that he is thinking about doing grass again. WHATEVER! I am just glad something is getting done with the yard.

When we first moved in we planted grass, about 20 rose bushes, plants and trees. The only thing left to do was put rocks in the walk ways. Then the summer hit and everything fried! So much time and money went into NOTHING! Now it looks like crap. But I guess Jeff is going to try and change that again.

He is working on the dirt and rock now. Some fixing up of garden boxes, so the kids can plant the garden. Then he is working on a rose garden for me. HE LOVES ME!

Friday, March 27, 2009

They broke it!!!

5 years ago I bought a 500.00 Dyson vacuum cleaner. It rocks!

Since I have been sick and not able to do a whole lot that vacuum has stayed upstairs and the kids have been in charge of vacuuming.

Well today I grabbed it, thinking I would give upstairs a good clean, but NO! The vacuum is broken. The hose has a big rip in it and for some reason the vacuum wont stay upright.

I am so mad!

I loved my vacuum. Did I mention it was purple?

I am MAD!

Kellsie came home last Friday with massive packets of homework for spring brake. When they go back to school, she goes right into state testing. I am talking over 50 pages of homework. That is NOT ok. This homework is suppose to get her ready for the test. Isn't that what her teacher is suppose to do? The last two weeks the teacher has been having them work on a play. WHAT??? And they stick the kids with all that homework?

So Kellsie has been working on pages every night. Totally sucks since we have family activity's we want to do. So I sat down with her last night to go over them and see what she has left. Over half is still not done. No because she is not working hard, but because each page is filled and packed with math and English and other horrible such items.

I can't understand why a teacher would do that to a 10 year old. This is her brake. Time to spend with family not catch up on what she was suppose to do the past couple weeks.

Logan got two pages of homework and they were easy things, done in 5 min.

Rant is over!

Clean up...

The kids are having to help me clean the house today. Bathrooms and bedrooms and scrubbing the kitchen floor. Man they are excited! So happy to help! They keep asking what they can help with next and no one is whinning...right!

Monday, March 23, 2009


We are on our way to the movies and then to the store to try and find me a maternity skirt that is long ( I don't do mini's) for church.

Saturday, March 21, 2009


Logan had a Judo turni today. He took 3rd place. He was a little upset about the last match because the judge didn't see something he should of, so he is learning that in life we have to deal with some things that are unfair. Pictures to follow

Friday, March 20, 2009

Nothing to see

THe Dr. did an office untra sound yesterday, but was unable to see anything. Mostly because the ultrasound looked like it was 100 years old. We have another one schedualed for April 9th. Three weeks away sucks I know, but they are backed logged on ultrasounds. At least we got to see the baby move (like I already couldn't feel it).

I only gained 1 lb the past month. Amazing since my tummy is hudge! I am still not eating very much.

And I am not dialating yet. THANK HEAVEN'S. So I am not worried about walking around any more.

Also on Sunday I will be 20 weeks (half way there).

Thursday, March 19, 2009

DR. Apt today

So I have another Dr. apt today. I am going to try and convince her to give me a sonogram today. I really need to know what I am having, so I an start preparing. I don't like surprises.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009's just not funny anymore

So when I found out I was prego, Jeff immediatly came up with the names of the child. Stone for a boy and Kloe for a girl. I like Kloe as a name, cute and starts with a "K" so I was ok with thinking about that.


My hubbie is a secret wrestling fan. When we got married I found out he watched it every week without fail. He doesn't watch it as much, but he has always tried to name of our children after one of the wrestlers (or Pamela Anderson, but that is another story).

So there is a wrestler named Stone Cold Steve Austin. There is also the former wrester "The Rock" which is what I think Jeff will nick name the child. Other possible nick names: Pebbles???

So do I not like the name because I associate it with wrestling, because I am afraid he will be teased, because it is part of landscaping material or because I really don't like the name.

HELP!!! I need guidance!

More Weeks

I am 19 weeks and 2 days. Thurs in my next Dr. Apt. I hope I can convince her to give me an unta sound. I need to start planning for this child.

Kellsie's Senate Trip

Kellsie's teacher this year is really involved with Animals. In fact that is the reason I asked for Kellsie to be placed in her class. Kellsie lives for animals (drives me crazy, but what are you going to do).

Her teacher and one other teacher at the school signed their kids up for Wile Life Friends. They send them news letters about the things that are going on with New Mexico's wild life.

In January both classes got to go up to Sante Fe to the Senate and take a tour of where a new bill was up for vote on wild life corridors. Kellsie along with a couple other's were asked to talk to the Wild Life people (who were at the Senate) about how they felt about the bill.

The kids did so well that they asked 2 of the girls and 2 of the boys to come up in Feb and testify in front of the Senate on the bill.

Kellsie was one of them. The pics are out of order, but you get the idea.

Here is Kellsie and the other three kids with someone who is important, I just don't know his name.

Here is the train that the 2 teachers, 4 kids and Jeff took up to Sante Fe

Here are the kids with 2 of the wild life people.

Kellsie sitting pretty on the train

They had lawyers come down twice to talk to the kids and help them with their speeches. Here is Kellsie working on hers. I wasn't able to go up to Sante FE, but Jeff said she did a great job. We are so proud of her and her love for Animals.

Logan's School Awards

Logan earned some awards in school. One for Perfect Spelling and one for Perfect Homework
HIs class is so big, I couldn't get them all in. But Logan is on the left bottom row.

Logan's teacher, Ms. Leyva is so cute.

Hockey Game on Kellsie's Birthday

Laruel got us Scorpion Hockey tickets for Kellsies birthday. WE were able to go as a family and we had a lot of fun.

Here is the mascot

Logan is the ultimate fan! He yells, chants and sreams every chance he gets

Jakob likes the nachos. I stopped him before he started licking the bowl.

For Grandma Joan, from Jakob

A while ago you asked Jakob to take a picture of Logan the bear and post it. So Jakob did. I just downloaded the camera and found about 45 pictures of Logan the Bear indifferent places of the house. Enjoy the few I selected.

I don't know where this pictuer was taken. Washing machine?
Logan the bear on a small chair

Logan the bear on my kitchen chair

Logan the bear on my couch
If you still can't see him, I will gladly email you some more. Let me know.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Another Reason I hate Albuquerque

Those of you who are local know that my mini van front window is broken. Nothing horrible, but a crack on the bottom and now a small crack going up the side. Most wonder why I don't fix it and I tell them it is because it is the second time in ALBUQUERQUE that my window has been broken, and I am NOT replacing it until after I move out of here.

Jeff had his front window broken on the white pick up also here. Then he bought a new truck and that one has a small brake now from HERE.

Sat night while at work, Jeff calls. Someone broke the drivers side window on the truck. Nothing was stolen, but the window was shattered. WHAT??? OF COURSE! WHY NOT!

So Jeff took the van into work today and I have the truck with no window. I already took the shivering kids into school (had to drive them with blankets, since there was no window to keep them warm).

I have called around and the cheapest so far is 135.00. Of course it will take me 2 hours of waiting there to get the truck back (with Jakob, how fun does that sound).

We have had more Illegal crap happen while living in NM then we have had the rest of our lives put together.

I need a nap!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

18 weeks and counting

So I turned 18 weeks on sunday ( I think. If someone wants to try and figure out how many weeks I am that would help. I thought I was more like 16 weeks, unless 2 weeks just flew right by me).
So I just checked online and I am 18weeks. THANK HEAVENS! THat is only 22 more long weeks to go. I have another dr apt a week from thurs and I am going to try to convince them that I need a sonogram. I am sure I can fake cry or something. In fact I am so emotional I just need to watch American Idol before I go and I will be crying like a baby!

The emotional crap is driving me crazy! I feel a little bad for JEff, but then I just think about how I got into this mess to start with and then I don't feel bad anymore.

The kids are doing great! Jakob follows me everywhere! Kellsie is helping with cooking, dishes and general mommy stuff. Logan is my slave! Jeff is at work all the time. He keeps telling me it is because a big wig is coming to visit and then he has inventory, but I think he is hanging out at work to get out of dealing with me.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Girl Scout Cookies

I am so sorry for not handing out the GS cookies yet. I have been, well prego! I am trying to get some out tonight. If you just have to have them, call me and I will get them to you. Jeff is off the first part of sat and he said he would be able to help. THANKS FOR NOT YELLING AT ME!

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