Sunday, December 27, 2009

The new church clothes for the boys

on Sunday's it is really hard to get the boys to get dressed. They fight and complain. But for Christmas they got a bunch of new church clothes. New pants, suites, shirts, ties, and church shoes for Logan.

This morning they got up. Took baths, got dressed with very little stress. The only problems were choosing which ties and shirts to wear. Now they have too many choices.

They did look really handsome for church!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Kellsie getting Lukas to laugh


From Santa: Kellsie got a Camera, Jakob got LEgos, Logan got a guitar, and Lukas got a
exersaucer. He is watching Logan play madden while he is sitting in his chair.

Christmas from Grandma Joan and Pa Pa Ed

Lukas totally scored for Christmas. He got a whole bunch of tshirts. I don't have him holding any because he was too busy sucking on the blanket Kellsie got him. I can't wait until he fits in these. They also got him a booster seat, and small basketball hoop, socks and toys.
Kellsie got this cute crop jacket, a whole mess of tshirts (a lot with different peace and safe the earth symbols) and scrapbooking supplies.

Jakob also got a new suit, church pants, tops, tshirts, jeans and heeleys.

Logan got a new suit, church shirts, ties for church, church shoes, more shoes, jeans and t shirts and heeleys.
Thanks Giras Grandparents. You guys always make sure they have the clothes they need and like. I will email more pic of the kids wearing their new clothes. We will do a picture fashion show. THANKS! WE LOVE YOU!

More from aunt Kim

She got her brother (Jeff) buffalo Bills platters. This is NOT a gift for me in anyway shape or form. Jeff is going to drive me crazy using this at every dinner meal!
Kim got Lukas a cute little hat. He liked it until we all started laughing (at how cute he was) and then he started crying. It is so soft and cute. Along with socks. YOU ROCK KIM!

Aunt Kim Rocks!

Aunt Kim totally spoiled the kids for Christmas (and every Christmas and birthday). Jake got dress shirt, jeans and a jacket.
Logan got a jacket, tshirts and jeans

Kellsie got socks, sweaters, jacket and tshirts

She got Lukas some cool clothes and a totaly cool Christmas Moose from build a bear. HE LOVES IT! Of course he went right in his mouth. The poor moose was so wet with drool and slobber. I will need to air him out all night.
Thanks for always thinking of my kids Kim. You know them so well. You sent great gifts. THANKS!!!

Our Family Gift

Our family gift this year was a portable DVD player (to take on care rides and airplane rides) with a couple of movies.

Then Uncle Mark bought us a popcorn popper, popcorn and cool popcorn holders. The kids are jazzed that we get to watch Harry Potter tonight and eat popcorn in our cool containers. THANKS UNCLE MARK! YOU ROCK!

Christmas Eve Tradition

Along with acting out the nativity every Christmas Eve we also let the kids open 1 gift. It is always PJ's. This tradition came along because I was tired of taking pic Christmas day in old PJ's or mis matched pj's.

Aunt Kim called and said she wanted to buy them this year for the kids. They were so cute. All Madagascar theme ones. They also all came with socks. The boys thought they were really cool because they had the none slide stuff on the bottom of the socks. Jakob thought they helped him climb walls. This is him climbing on the cute out in our stairs. After I took the picture, he got in trouble!
Thanks Aunt Kim! They looked so cute!

Nativity on Christmas Eve

Kellsie as an angel and Lukas as Baby Jesus
Logan was Joseph, Jakob was the inkeeper, wisemen and shepard and Lukas was baby Jesus. He kept eating his clothes!

like his mismatched socks? I didn't get him dressed yesterday and I never even noticed. How funny!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Let go and relax

I went to finish my last blanket. Jeff's blanket! I totally messed up. I made the top of the blanket so big and the sheet I got to cover it was too small. AHHHHH!

I also hurt my back again, so I took 2 heavier pain relievers right before I figured out that the backing wouldn't work. I can't go to walmart because I can't drive on what I just took.

So I am letting go and trying to relax. I am up on the computer checking email and facebook. Listening to the boys play football in the upstairs hall way. Kellsie has the baby. Now I am going down stairs to clean up all my sewing stuff and get ready for Christmas Eve.

I can't wait. Christmas Eve is my favorite!

Did I mention that Jeff has the day after Christmas off! I know! Working in retail he never has it off. But he took it off this year and plans on going shopping with me. I hope he doesn't slow me down. He knows I won't wait for him. :)


My youngest brother is coming home from his mission tonight! He was serving in the Kieve Ukraine Mission for the past 2 years. He was suppose to come home on the 22nd, but with weather problems he was delayed until tonight.

While he was on a layover in DC he called on my cell phone to say hi and to talk to Logan for a couple of mins. It was great to hear his voice (even thought I didn't recognize it at first when he called).

My family is going to meet him at the airport tonight. He will be home just in time for Christmas! Thanks to all those who kept him in their prayers while he was on delay.


SO totally Christmas Eve. I have so much to do to get ready for tonight. I need to bind one blanket and tie and bind another one. Then I need to wrap about 20 more gifts and get them under the tree. Then bake cookies for Santa. Pick up pizza for tonight and dep checks in the bank. Then come home and clean the house and get in the spirit to do our Nativity Play and spend time as a family.

I love Christmas Eve. We always do the nativity play and then do our gifts to the Savior. I always feel that we are able to bring the right spirit in and remember the Savior in a way He would like.

So, here is to getting off the computer and getting this stuff done, so tonight can be great! Wish me luck!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Lukas is grabbing at everything

Can't keep his hands off his sister. Kellsie is always calling for help. "Mom, Lukas has my hair. Lukas has my lips. Lukas is grabbing my face". I just laugh and tell her she can take him!

Special Santa Pics


Logan gave Santa a hard time, so Santa put him in check!
My kids with santa (and charger jerseys)

Lukas and Santa

Lukas and Mrs Clause

Jakob and Santa

Cookies for Santa

Friends of ours dress up as Santa and Mrs Clause every year. They made a special trip to our house this year. Jakob still believes in Santa and he was more than excited to find out he was coming to our house. He asked if he could make him cookies and write him a letter. How could I say no. We made him sugar cookies. He made a special flower shaped one with purple sprinkles for Mrs. Clause. His own idea. Isn't he adorable?

Ginger bread homes

Every year we make ginger bread homes (with grandcrackers of course)

Kellsie made the one above at Girl Scouts.

Gift from Grandma

Grandma sent a box of goodies for the kids. Lukas got this really cool shirt that says " What Santa doesn't bring me, Grandma will!" Isn't he adorable?

New Moon Game

Jessica had KEllsie for secret Santa for Girl Scouts. She got Kellsie the "New Moon" board game. Now she has the twilight and new moon game. Thanks Jess, she loves it!

Family Home Evening

Jakob was in charge of the activity for last sunday's Family Home Evening. He wanted to make and decorate and race paper airplanes. What a blast. Jeff's won, of course.

Puttng up the Christmas Tree


So we were feeding Lukas rice cereal in his favorite Bib (if you can't read it, it says "My mom is hot") and Jakob is behind him saying "Look! Lukas is a moose"

Kellsie putting Lukas to sleep?

Is Kellsie putting Lukas to sleep or the other way around?

Thursday, December 17, 2009


Normally I am on top of Christmas. I have most of the shoppinng done by aug. I do have the couple things I buy last min, but on the whole, I have things done and I get to spend time with my family.


I am so far behind this year. I just got the boxes out for my family and Jeff's family two days ago. They will get them just in time...

I was trying to figure out why I am so far behind. And I did. Normally I get a lot of shopping done the day after christmas. Well, the past Christmas I was busy laying on the couch doing nothing but throwing up (THANK YOU LUKAS)! Then most of the rest of the year I was doing the same thing. Then Lukas was born, Lukas was in the hospial, Lukas was busy eating...

Hopefully next Christmas will be better run. But for now, I am done with extended family. Just a couple more (4) quilts to make and I am done! YEA!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

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