Thursday, January 26, 2017

Logan Family Reunion

In july we planed a Logan Family Reunion. The Sad thing was that Jeff got a job offer for Fed Ex Office and it started the end of June, so we had to go without him. My brother Randy did most of the planning. We went somewhere by the NM/AZ boarder to a lake with a cabin that fit all of us. The cabin was beautiful with plenty of space to spread out and keep us comfortable without us driving each other crazy lol.

This was also a pretty big deal because my parents had gotten divorced a couple years back, but they both came so the family could be together. I'm sure it was hard on them, but they didn't show it. It was really good to be back together again. So here are some random pics. Not even close to all the pictures.

This is Hudson (Randy and Caitlin's son). we were playing kick ball and he would only stay on the grass and wouldn't cross the dirt line. So funny. Such a great kid. His middle name is Rambo (Randy's nickname growing up and I think my dad still calls him that). I only use that name because its my favorite.

Mikie, Logan and Robbie. picture speaks all the words I could say.

Randy and Susan at kick ball

We went off roading. Randy, Caitlin, Logan and myself were in Randy's truck. such a great time. First time I have ever done it. Randy let me drive...SO COOL. Then he taught Logan how to drive and he did it for a while. Randy will forever be Logan's favorite uncle.

Lukas, Jakob and Rambo

Me and mt sister

Mikie throwing the ball at his wife Sarah. not the best pic but I wanted Sarah to remember that she owes mike pay back.

Jakob and Melea (Robbie's wife)

Jakob and allison (Mike and Sarah's daughter)

Logan teaching Carly (mike and Sarah's daughter) and zoe how to make brownies

Grandma and Jakob

Logan and grandma

We also got to go shooting. So much fun. I only brought a couple of guns because I didn't have Jeff to help, ut my brothers brought theirs. Robbie showed people how to use the ones they didn't know how to shoot. We had a shooting competition. Randy or Robbie won I think. Randy got extra style points for the above picture.

Mike and Allison

Susan and Melea

Logan and Grandpa

Susan and Kellsie

Grandpa and Zoe

The cabin had a porch that was big with a basketball hoop and where we played cornhole. Lukas wasn't suppose to play in the cornhole tournament because he was so young. So I was already paired with Jeff. But Jeff wasn't there, so I could pick another partner. I picked Logan. then a new team was made (a fake team really) of Lukas and myself. The last two teams standing in the tournament was Logan and myself and Lukas and myself. Lukas and myself won!!!!!

Kellsie shooting

Logan shooting the cross bow

Lukas, Rambo, Carly and Zoe in the bathtub after the lake (which was cold and the kids were done swimming 10 mins after we started.

Logan and Allison

Logan, Lukas and Jake

Me and Randy

me and my sister

Caitlin and Rambo. Randy, Caitlin, Rambo, Robbie and Melea went biking

off roading

me, Logan, Jakob, susan and Melea

Logan and Jake with susan

Grandpa and Lukas

off roading, I think we are missing robbie in the picture because he took it.

now we are missing randy because he took it. And we are all posing like Randy does when he shoots (see above pic)

Family pic on the last day

Last day pics

Jake and carly

zoe and susan

siblings pics (without David because his family wasn't able to attend)

Logan hugging  a bear

On the way home our GPS took us a different way (and I didn't realize). it took us 4 hours to get there and 8 to get back. a Piece of our van was coming off and dragging under the car. It was the undercarriage (I think). Logan and I stopped a bunch of times to tuck it back under, but then it would make its way loose and drag again. We finally had to cut it off and go without it. Finally we found the right freeway and made it home. It was a LONG drive. Plus it was  a thursday and Jeff was coming in Friday  to move that saturday we had a ton to do and I was 4 hours behind.

But the reunion was amazing. I had a blast. So did my kids. the food was amazing...

Story about the food. Randy asked if We would be in charge  of the food. I was assuming that because I am good at deals and cooking for large numbers and because Jeff is an amazing cook, that it would be perfect. Then I found out Jeff couldn't come and I had to cook by myself....ahhhhhh! It worked out great. randy cookied the first night and Robbie and Dad helped me with the pulled pork. Kellsie helped with all the meals and cooked some amazing pumpkin muffins that Melea loved.

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