Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2014 a New Year

I see people posting about how happy they are to be in a New Year. That 2013 was hard or horrible.

These are my thoughts on 2013 and this 2014...

I had a great 2013! My husband is perfect. Perfect for me! We go on dates every week to make sure our marriage stays strong. I love hanging with him, playing with him and working with him. We are not the same people we were when we got married...thank heavens! We have evolved and changed and we are solid. Do we have fights...YES. Do we disagree...YES. But we work it out. We talk it out. And he figures out that I am right (I wish). We balance each other.

My kids are amazing. Not perfect, but amazing. They are growing and changing all the time. They are smart, they work hard, they go to school, they say their prayers, they read their scriptures, they go to church and church activities, they obey the commandments and they love me. Do we fight...YES! Do we disagree...YES. But we love each other and we work it out. We talk and talk and talk and pray. And we always work it out. No giving up! It's not in the plan.

I have a home that we own (still owe mortgage for a while, but it's ours), we own two cars (no payments), we have little dept (one Kohls charge, but its small and we try and pay it off right away. I just really like those coupons. Maybe next year I can let that go).  Jeff has a stable job. He is good at it. Very good at it. He works hard to make himself irreplaceable. I can always depend on him to provide for our family. I get to stay at home and take care of the kids. Mostly that means I am in the care driving a lot, but that also means when they are sick, I am here. When they want to play, I am here. When they want to yell at me, I am here (and they are in time out). I guess the point is, that I am here, in our home when they need or want me. It's hard to do. Takes a lot of hard work on our part and a lot of Faith in our Heavenly Father, but we are doing it.

I have good friends. Some that live here and some that live all around the US. I am grateful for blogs, facebook, texting and phone calls that keep us close. I am thankful Jeff has good friends (some that are a little crazy (Jeff, Tim and Eric)), ones that like to have our families do things together. I love that my kids have good friends. Ones with the same values that we have.I am thankful for their love and support when our life is not going as planned.

I am thankful for health insurance (even if its not very good),and honest auto mechanics, all of which we have used a lot this year.

The only thing I am not thrilled about is more birthdays...it means I'm getting older and getting more grey hairs...but it also means I have learned more and grown more. Just wish I could do all that and not get grey hair. Birthday's mean Kellsie will start driving and not be at home as much. That Logan will go on more campouts with the scouts, Jakob will be in middle school, Lukas will be in kinder and Zoe will be my only kid at home during the day. But that also means they are growing and learning and living as well. And Jeff will also be a year older...always older than me!

Is my life perfect...no. But then again what fun would it be if it was.

I wish I liked to clean, I wish I could sing better, I wish I talked to my siblings more, I wish I was thinner...

But it doesn't matter what year it is...life is still good.  There will always be problems, trails and set backs. But there will also always be blessings and strength. Our family seems to always come out on top with the blessings. Thankful for my knowledge that Jesus Christ died for me and that I am a child of God. I'm thankful I get to go to church every sunday and learn how to be a better wife, mother and Child of God. Bring on 2014, I'm not scared...it will be hard like all the others, but it will also be blessed like all the others. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

New Years Eve Party Plans

For dinner: Nachos, Potato skins and hot wings.
(nacho cheese in the crock pot, potatoes boiling and hot wings waiting until Jeff cooks them)

For snacks: Rice Krispy treats (that Logan made), dip (that kellsie made), Soda, crackers and cheese (normal cheese for me, spray cheese for my kids. Thanks Dad for introducing them to the nasty spray cheese that they have to have every new years eve because you have it) and sparkling apple cider.

We will be playing board games, watching movies and doing our second year of playing dance, dance revaluation on the x box. Bets have been taken and this year we think Zoe will win. She is adorable when she dances and I don't think any of us can top what she can bring.

I love our family traditions. I loved talking to the kids about what we were going to do and what we were going to eat. Same things...and they were super excited. Soon our kids will be out of the house and not be coming home for new years eve...what a sad thought. But that time is not now...now is party time at the Giras house.

Dress code: P.J.'s!!!!!!

Monday, December 30, 2013

Kellsie's Foot update!

That was one long dr apt! Kellsie can be 50% weight bearing for two more weeks and then she can walk with the boot for one more week and then SHOES!!!!

The xray shoes that the metal "plug" has moved, it's still doing it's job, but since it is in a little different place, we need to watch it. Might need to be taken out at a latter time. not sure. The big thing is that the foot is a little over corrected, so there is little to no pressure on the pad of her big toe and that area of her foot. This might fix over time, but if not it could cause problems with another part of her foot. There is a possibility that surgery will be done again to correct that and take out the plug. but time will tell. This is still an amazing miracle! We were told of many complications and the two simple ones (above) were the only ones that we are really facing.

I'm so grateful to Heavenly Father for guiding us to the dr. who could help us. I am grateful for the priesthood blessings she got letting her know all would be well. I am grateful for the prayers from family and friends on her behalf. So many family members would call to talk to her or send her treats and fun things in the mail (Aunt Kim and Grandma Logan) to keep her mind off of the pain she was in. Visitors from church and friends who would call. Thank you for all your love and support!

Now we wait and see. So far her pain level is nothing!!! But she hasn't walked on two feet since july! I can't wait for her to start walking again. We will be having a lot of physical therapy to teach her how to walk (using the correct parts of her feet, which she has not ever done her whole life). Dr said he was hoping to take away 50-75% of her pain. As of now we are thinking 75%-90% will be a better estimate.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Sick day

Kellsie woke up feeling sick, i told hee to go back to bed....jakob.was in his bed crying because his tummy hurt...logan not feeling good. Poor babies r sick. Reminds me how grateful i am that i am a stay at home mom and i can stay home with my little ones.

Sunday, December 1, 2013


I wish i took more pictures of Thanksgiving...zoe helped me make mashed potaotes, lukas and zie helped me make rolls and jake make a chocolate pie. I sure love my kids.

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