Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Kellsie pre op

Kellsie is ready for surgery

Monday, November 11, 2013

Halloween 2013

Jeff has most of the pic on his camera, but these two I took with my phone. Zoe went as a zombie baby (because Kellsie went as a zombie and zoe wants to do everything that Kellsie does)

Jakob got his costume from Aunt Kim. He was going to be a zombie too, but when we got this shirt and hat, he changed his plans.

2013 State Fair

I only took a few pics this year. 

 We went on military day. They had all the military out in full gear with guns and uniforms. IT WAS AWESOME! The boys (especially logan) liked it. Jakob liked going into the tank and Logan liked the older guns.
 we had to take kellsie in a wheel chair because she was not strong enough to walk yet.
 Jakob in a tank
 Lukas as a cow boy
 Lukas in corn box
 Logan in corn box
 Kids on tractor. I take this picture every year. But I have been told that SOME of the kids are a little too old for this picture.

Zoe liked the endless supply of lemon aid we bought.

Family Service Project

There is a couple in our church who has a really big garden. We went over to their house to help them pick the potatoes. IT WAS SO MUCH FUN! WE loaded the potatoes in the wagon that zoe and Lukas are in. Then after we were done, the man taught the kids how to drive the tractor. The kids worked hard and we got all the potatoes done. After we were done, they asked the kids if they would like to take some sweet potatoes home. WHAT A TREAT! We made some french fries out of one of them. And zoe loves to eat them raw!

Next surgery`

Kellsie has her next surgery in the am. She is super excited. I know most kids would be worried, but not my girl. She is thrilled that she will be able to walk normal. I can't wait until after she is done and I can make sure she is safe and sound. I will keep this site posted.

Family Pictures 2013

Today all the kids had off of school. Jeff was off of work. Nothing we HAD to do. So we went and took family pictures. Here are just a few that we took. Jeff is still working on a bunch more.

 Kellsie loves her Logan

 WE didn't ask them to hold hands. Zoe ran off and Lukas took off after her telling her to come back to take pictures. She stopped, turned around and walked back with her. Such a sweet moment!
 They were just best friends today. It was great!
 My two boys that are so similar in personalities. I love it!
 The kids pictures didn't turn out too well. Jeff took a bunch but couldn't get them to all look at the camera at the same time. BUT, that's how all our pictures are, so it's all good.
 I love converse! I was thrilled when Kellsie wanted to start wearing them as well. Soon after Logan announced he wanted some too. We found Lukas a cool pair of green ones on sale and then found zoe some. Jakob is the only hold out of my kids. So I BEGGED him to wear some for this pictures. Logan let him borrow a pair! But after the picture, he took them right off! LOVE IT!

 My boys...I LOVE THEM!
 Jakob is the happiest kid in the world! I love watching him...he makes me happy!

 Zoe loves Kellsie! Loves her to death. She is always kissing her...in this picture, she had wet lips...gross!

I love that my kids love each other. Some days or moments are hard, but on a whole they love being around each other. I am thankful for Jeff who was able to capture the love and happiness in our family. The pictures turned out great Jeff! Except the ones of us...looks like we need to teach the kids how to NOT take blurry pictures! HA!

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