Wednesday, October 26, 2011

PIctures that Tina Took

My friend Tina took some newborn pictures for us.

This one is my favorite! I love the hot pink skirt and this printed and framed with go great with the Christmas give Aunt Kim is sending for Zofia's room. Can't wait!!!

Thanks Tina! These are amazing and you were great with our little girl. Thanks for not throwing in the towel when she wouldn't stop crying. I don't think she likes her picture taken! HA!


About time little girl!!! 
We have been waiting for you!

On monday, October 10th, Jeff calls from work and says he is going to work a night shift the next day. I tell him the baby is never going to come so it doesn't matter what times he works. The next day Jeff is getting ready to walk out the door from work and I say "I think my water broke". He turns and says " Think or know? " 

About a month before Zoe was born we found out that I was positive for Strep b. An infection found in about 30% of women. I had never had it before and it doesn't really do anything to the mom, but it can cause problems with the baby when delivered. I was told I needed antibiotics but I couldn't take them until I went into labor and I had to finished them before she came. They take 4 hours for the whole round of antibiotics to be given. We were worried because when I am not induced my labors are only 5 hours and I was already dilated to a 4. If we didn't get the antibiotics they would keep us 48 hours and watch for complications like pneumonia (and a bunch of other things online that stressed me out). Also because I am RH Neg that means that my babies are all jaundice they are suppose to get worse with each child. With Lukas it was really bad and we were in the NICU for a week just for that problem.

So we had been praying and praying that Heavenly Father would take care of her and help her come home safe.

We went into the hospital and it turns out my water didn't brake it was just leaking. BEST THING EVER! They were able to start me on antibiotics and then after the first round they broke my water and started another round of antibiotics. They did find that Zofia had malconia (where she poops while in my tummy). This is not good because if the baby breaths it in, it can cause problems. 

At 9:59pm Zofia Anne Giras was born.  8.2lbs and 21" long!!!

The NICU Docs were there to suction her out and make sure he was ok. And she was!!! 

After some hugging him Jeff was off to pick up the kids and bring them back to meet their sister. Lukas would not come hug me because the IV's were still in and it was freaking him out, but he was thrilled about the baby! They all took turns holding and loving her. Jeff took the kids home and Kellsie stayed the night with me and Zoe. The drs made us check twice for diabetes because they said she was really big for being 9 days early. I told them that the drs dates were wrong and she was 2 days late. They didn't believe me until they ran the tests and she came back normal.

Since we had all the antibiotics and she was low on jaundice levels they sent us home.


Since Lukas was in the NICU after he was born, our family is invited to the NICU reunion every year at the hospital. It is a ton of fun. They bring in games, food and entertainment for the families.

This year as we were walking in we saw the storm troopers. We had just re watched starwars, so Lukas knew who they were. He was so excited he tried to follow them everywhere. In fact I couldn't take a good picture because he wouldn't look at me he kept looking at them.

 They had a ton of prizes for the games. He liked the puppy dog mask.


Logan update

Logan is in 5th grade and goes to the same school as Kellsie goes to. He was worried at first, because he didn't know anyone and it was a middle school. But he found out that they have a flag football  team and life was good. At first since he was a 5th grader he was 2nd string defense. But by 2nd practice he was moved to 1st string defense. Now his dream is to play quarterback in the NFL and then go one to own his own team and stadium. So this defense thing was ok, but not what he wanted.

Then the quarterback asked for Logan to be put on offense. The rest of the season he played offense. Protected the quarterback multiple times, interceptions and he caught the ball too (I am sure there is a cool football term for that, but I don't know it and I don't want to ask Jeff). 

As it turns out the person at school who signed them up had put them in the wrong age group and they ended up playing high school teams. So they lost every game, but they sure looked good! Logan can't wait til next year when he can play against kids his own age (and as a mom watching, it would be nice not to see my son block against a kid with facial hair and tattoos).

Logan is the highest level in Math . They moved him up to 6th grade math, but he really wants to go to 7th grade math. His teacher is teaching him on the side, so he can move forward. Logan just learned that he LOVES to read. He only liked to read before, but now he is on fire. He is working on the Percy Jackson series along with reading one book for class and the Rangers Apprentice for a book report. It's getting expensive to have all these readers in the family.

Logan is great with Zofia. When she gets upset he sings "We are Family" and she quiets right down. Its nice having all the helpful siblings to love and care for Zofia.

Jakob Update

My sweet adorable Jakob! Jakob is in 2nd grade and at the school without any siblings. He was sad at first, but then he found out that he has tons of friends there, so he is not alone. He likes to play football and soccer at recess and sometimes games on the playground with the girls, but he doesn't like to be the prince! So the girls let him play the bad guy in whatever make up game they are playing.

Jakob is doing great at school this year (and every year) he has gotten 100% to 101% on each of his spelling tests. He gets an extra % if he can do the bonus word. He is in the highest level of reading and his name goes on the wall every month (not really sure what that means, but it is a big deal and he gets really excited)!

When we were waiting for Zofia to come, he would pray every day that she wouldn't come until the weekend so he didn't have to miss any school. The day the kids were going to come to the hospital to see Zoe, he asked if we could take him to school instead. But latter he choose to come to the hospital.

He is great with Zofia. He wraps her up and sings to her until she is asleep. He is a natural!

Kellsie update

 Kellsie is in 7th grade (middle school) and is really enjoying it. She is especially having fun in her English class. Her teachers has them do some creative book reports. Like she just turned in one where she had to make a "cereal  box" with the theme of her book and even include a prize. It was adorable!!! I didnt' take a picture, but take my word for it. This week she is turning in a "travel pamphlet" from a place where one of her books is set. Of course she picked twilight (big surprise)!

She had to do a paper based on a tv show that was out. She was having so much fun with it, that the 5 page paper has turned into a 15 page paper and she is still going. After she turned in the paper for class her teacher took her aside and told her with a little more foreshadowing in her work she could see kellsie writing young adult books. Which is funny because that is exactly what kellsie is trying to turn that paper into. So far the book is great and she is adding more and more to it every day.

Kellsie stayed with me the first night at the hospital. She looked after the baby while I was sleeping or eating the meals. She even brought more outfits  for Zofia to wear and change into.

And here is Kellsie and Zofia. Kellsie just changed Zoe's clothes to match the strip of blue in kellsie's hair. FUNNY!

I sure love Kellsie! She is so amazing! She was asked to serve as the Beehive President at our church. Its the president for all the 12 and 13 year olds in the youth group. She helps plan the weekly activities and attends youth meetings with the Bishop to help grow the youth group. I have been really impressed with her leadership skills and I can't wait to see what activities she plans next.

Lukas Update

 So before Zofia was born Lukas was trying to figure out why all this little girl stuff was coming into the house. Hair bows especially. I put one on him at the shower thinking he would hate it...he didn't.

 Lukas likes to play with the laundry baskets. Of course he has to take all the clean clothes out before he can play with them. LOL!
 Lukas at the Dr. office waiting

 He's not playing with my little ponys, he is playing with horses!!!

 Lukas loves hats, and me made this fruit snack box into a hat. Wore it for a couple hours. Funny kid.

 Lukas with a snow hat... in AUGUST!

 Lukas cleaning the table after dinner. Such a good kid at pitching in and cleaning up.

That's Right! Lukas thinks he is ready to potty train. The only problem is that I don't want to do it! Potty Training is not fun at all and it requires all your energy and emotional stability and I am low on both! But every once in a while I let him "Pretend". We bought him the little seat with Elmo and Big Bird swimming and he spends most of his time looking at the pictures. Whatever works! 

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


I love it! The 2012 Presidential Race is here and as always the crazy people like to say things out loud.

Today I watched a supporter of Perry say that the Mormons are a cult. That was nice of him. He went on to say that about every religion except his. He talked about Christians and that we "mormons" are not. I am totally confused. The name of the Church I attend is "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints" we were nicked name the "Mormons" because of another book of scripture which we believe in "The Book of Momon". We believe the Bible to be the word of God as well as the Book of Mormon. They back each other up and both talk and teach of Christ. So as I pulled up the dictionaries version of a Christian, I just laughed.





[kris-chuhn] Show IPA
of, pertaining to, or derived from Jesus Christ or Histeachings: a Christian faith.
of, pertaining to, believing in, or belonging to thereligion based on the teachings of Jesus Christ
of or pertaining to Christians: many Christian deaths in theCrusades.
exhibiting a spirit proper to a follower of Jesus Christ; Christlike: She displayed true Christian charity.
decent; respectable: They gave him a good Christian burial.

a person who believes in Jesus Christ; adherent ofChristianity.
a person who exemplifies in his or her life the teachings ofChrist: He died like a true Christian.
a member of any of certain Protestant churches, as theDisciples of Christ and the Plymouth Brethren.
the hero of Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress.
a male given name.

The Savior I know loved the sinner and did not cast stones or call names. He loves everyone. As followers of Christ we should be striving to do the same things. I feel bad for the man who, on public tv, said some horrible things about people trying to be Christlike. I hope he understands what he has done and changes his attitude or at least keeps his mouth shut.

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