Tuesday, December 25, 2012


We have some amazing friends who dress up as santa and mrs clause every year. We missed taking pictures at their place because a friend was sick. So they came to us. Lukas has never been happier! Latter that week santa's wife brought over a framed picture of santa and lukas. he took it right up to his bed. It is now in my living room so he can show everyone.

Christmas PJ's

Christmas Eve the kids get to open one gift. it is always new pajamas. That way in the AM, they all look cute. Aunt kim started buying the kids pj's a couple years ago and they are so much better than the lame ones i use to get. Lukas loved them so much he wanted to wear them out in public. which is a big deal because he normally doesn't like to wear anything buy undies. a home run aunt kim!

Random Christmas Pics


Nativity was a little interesting this year. Zoe was mary. Lukas was Joesph. Logan was a shepard and king. Jakob was innkeeper and king. Kellsie was a donkey (lots of jokes, but someone had to do it and Jeff is getting too old). Zoe was not interested in following the script. But that's ok. The point is that we read from the Bible about the birth of our Savior and then we did our best to recreate it. Great memories!


i posted a pic of kellsie below, but it is not with her new hair straightener, it is makeup. can't find the straightener pictures. oops.

Aunt Kim

Aunt Kim did it again! Out spoiled our own kids. I am always so amazed at the thoughtful and PERFECT gifts that she gives my kids. kellsie got a hair straightener (now she can stop coming into my bathroom and using mine. Pajamas (kellsie comes home from school and gets her pj's on. SHE LOVES THEM. And cookie monster to top it off. PERFECT!), a beautiful necklace and a gift card. WOW! Logan got a leggo game, shirts (which he loves and Jeff really wanted the skater one, but bigger), socks (designed by a skater who i forgot his name) and a gift card Jakob got a similar leggo game so they can play and build together, shirts, skater socks and a gift card. Lukas got a romote control dino, a stuffed dog (which Zoe keeps steeling), pants, shirts and a jacket that is so soft. Zoe got clothes and a my first princess doll. She carries it around and wont put it down. It is so cute!!! Kim as always thank you for putting so much thought and effort into the gifts. The kids love you so much. And you are a pretty cool sister in law as well!

Family Christmas Gift

Guess what the family gift for Christmas was??? That's right a 22! The kids were so excited! We took them out to the mesa today and taught them gun safety and then put up targets. I was very impressed at the level of respect that my kids showed for the gun. Of course the training never stops, but it was an amazing start! The kids all hit the targets. Not to brag, but I was the best shot. jeff came in a close second, but he still lost!


Kellsie Shooting the 22 and holding her adorable baby sister. They are so cute together. kellsie really liked shooting and she was really good at it.


Here is zofia NOT shooting the 22. She did enjoy finding rocks and putting them in her mouth. I did NOT enjoy getting them out of her mouth.


Lukas shooting the 22 and playing with the bow that Kellsie bought him. He says that arrows go father if he just throws them. HA!


Jakob shooting the 22 and his bow that he got from his bday.
Logan shooting the 22. And a cute little picture of him and zofia.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Christmas cards

<p>Grandma Logan sent the kids Christmas cards. Zoe really loves the cards. She has been licking them for about 5 min. Ha. Thanks mom!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

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Christmas shirt

She looks drugged

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Cub scouts

For pack meeting the fire department came and taught the kids about fires and what to do if there is one in your home. They let the kids climb in the fire truck. So cool.

Tree time

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