Wednesday, November 28, 2012

That is all for now

I have a ton of pics I have to get up. But I have to pick up the kids from school.

I wish I did better at keeping up on this. so many fun and entertaining stories that go along with the pictures.

Happy Decorating!!!

Here are some of the decorating pictures. The kids really love to decorate for halloween. Maybe because it's Jeff's favorite holiday. Spider webs everywhere. Large spiders, pumpkins and goblins are all over our roof. Grave stones in our yard with fake blood all over the place. And this year Jeff used my cute scarecrow decorations and made a crime scene out of them and my car. Of course fake blood was and is still all over the rocks in the front yard.

canning tomatoes

A friend from the church called and said her tomatoes ran a muck and said we could come over and pick some. When we got there she has 4 large garden boxes full. She said to take them all. So we did. After we load them in the car we went back and pulled them all up for her. We went home and canned a bunch of tomatoes and massive amounts of salsa. Jakob had the most fun pealing and cutting them. And Jeff and Jakob made all the salsa.

First Build a Bear

For Lukas's Bday we took him to build a bear to make his own bear. Of course he picked a puppy and he had a blast brushing his hair and giving him a bath. Kellsie loved helping him. I am so grateful I have such a loving daughter who likes to help with her brothers and sister.

Jakob and Zofia

Arn't they adorable???

Jakob's 9th bday!!!

Jakob was so excited to turn 9 this year. He really really really really wanted a bow and arrow for his gift. We kept telling him it was too much to throw him off the track. We were a little worried because Lukas was with us when we got it and he kept trying to tell his brother.

I don't have any pictures of his cake, because he didn't want any. he wanted banana splits with all the toppings. And we didn't light candles because the ice cream was already melting from the hot fudge.

We have some hay bails out backed that are stacked and targets are attached. The boys (with Jeff) go back there all the time to shoot bow and arrows and their bb guns. What a fun life they have.

Thanks Giving

This year we taught Zoe how to eat olives. The highlight of the Giras Thanks Giving meal. And it kept her occupied for a while so we could eat.

Zoe wasn't the only one who liked the olives. All the kids did it. Of course Kellsie was a little sad that her fingers are too big to put them on without spiting. I guess she is realizing that she is growing up.

This one is for you Uncle Tim!

happy halloween

As always Aunt Kim's box arrives right on time. Trick or treat bags, Halloween socks and shirts, candy, and gifts for all the kids. all of the pictures of Logan came out blurry  sorry dude! The highlight of this year was the millions of tattoos she sent.


Every semester the kids take their report cards to Krispy Kreme doughnuts and they get a doughnut per A. I think it is great that the doughnut place does that. Totally cool. Zoe just likes the hats!

Fixed it???

Jeff fixed the app on my phone. I should be able to post more

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