Monday, October 15, 2012

Zoe's 4th of July

aunt Kim bought her the cutest 4th of July capris, but she has a major accident and by the time we got to Freedom Fest we had to change her into the back up clothes. FUNNY!

cub scouts

The military came to the cub scout pack meeting and showed the kids how to fold the American Flag. It was amazing to watch the men show how they do it first. Such reverence and love. I was very impressed!

Monkey see...monkey do

Lukas' bday

Same problem with Lukas' bday pictures. Having trouble getting them to download. But here is the cake Kellsie made for him. He is really into cars right now.


While my sister Susan was down we went to the NM EXPO. This kids got to shoot a variety of guns and bows and arrows. They learned about fishing (already knew, but fun anyway).


As with all babies/toddlers, they like to get into EVERYTHING!

She pulls the books off each book shelf multiple times a day.

She loves to get into the fridge and pull out food.

And if there is a box in sight, she will sit in it!


Lukas is so great about sharing with Zoe (when he is in the mood)!

kellsie and decorating

At the youth group, they taught the girls cake decorating. Kellsie made this! Totally cute!

Jakob and Zoe

Jakob doesn't like to get up in the mornings and go to school. he is always so sleepy. So I told him that if he got all ready to go, he could go back to sleep on the couch until we were ready to leave. This is how i found him...

canning tomatoes

We have a friend who called and said she had a bunch of tomatoes she wasn't using and asked if we wanted them...of course. Jeff, the boys and myself went over to pick them from her garden. We canned a bunch and Jakob and Jeff made and froze a bunch of salsa. Jakob loves canning, so he was the biggest helper. Logan watched the little ones and Kellsie was on the other side of the table cutting. But didn't want her picture taken. We ended up canning 5 quarts and 10 pints of tomatoes.

zoe bday

Zoe turned 1 years old on october 11th. We celebrated it the sunday before with just the family. Kellsie made this adorable princess cake. PINK! PINK! AND PINK! I have more pictures, but they are having problems coming off my phone,


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