Saturday, September 3, 2011

Baby Shower gifts!

So Kellsie (my amazing daughter) gave me a baby shower with my friends from Girl Scouts, their daughters and our neighbors. Kellsie did an amazing job decorating, planning, hostessing, etc. It was so amazing and fun. Here are just a sample of the gifts my wonderful friends gave us.Kara gave me this cute outfit. Ballerina skirt with tights and a shirt that says princess. ADORABLE! This might be her first church outfit!
Stacy got this shirt that says "Daddy did my hair" LOVE IT!
Laurel and Jess got me this outfit, that says my mommy is the best.
Sharon and MAriah got this adorable bath robe. Turtles how cute!!!
Kara brought this as well. Plaid skirt with shirt and matching hair thing.

I am so blessed to have such great friends with amazing taste!!!

Random aug 2011

We went to the aquarium a couple weeks ago. Lukas loves fish and I love air conditioning! The pictures is not the best because it is with my phone. But still so cool.
I took boys to judo last wed. Its a combo dojo and boxing ring. While the boys were working out, Lukas was boxing. It was way too funny!
My friend summer wanted to work on her cake decorating skills (which dont need work at all). Kellsie made the cake and summer decorated it. Even though the team sucks, she did an amazing job!

Route 66 Diner

We went out to dinner last night to Route 66 Diner. It was so much fun. Boys got frito pie, Jeff and kellsie got hamburgers and I got green chili chicken enchiladas. Lukas ate off everyones plate. Food was great. Afterwards we got 2 of their amazing shakes. Chocolate covered strawberries and apple Carmel. YUM!
Jeff teaching Lukas how to play angry birds while we wait for the food.

kids at zoo

Jeff took the kids to the zoo to play. Took the picture at the kings chair.

Lukas pretending

Lukas thinks he is ready to potty train. He is so adorable! I love him!

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