Thursday, April 8, 2010

my kids

I am so glad that I get to stay home with my kids. I love them so much and I am thankful that I have a husband who works hard, so I can be with my kids! Thanks Jeff! I love you!


I like to crochet! I do it often! So I have yarn by my counch all the time. In a container, not in plain view. So why does he always go right for the yarn? Do you know how much tme it takes to untangle and re roll yarn? ALL THE TIME HE DOES IT!
So Kellsie made this cute litle toy out of yarn. Lots of colors and things to pull and lick. HE loves it! Thanks Kellsie! You rock!

What is with all the licking? He got this stuffed rabbit for easter. the poor bunny's ears are all wet.

And the spitting. A new trick! So much fun!

Any questions?

Logan...and Lukas

Logan was laying there looking all sweet... Then Lukas showed up. What a pain!

Wrestling with Lukas

Lukas and Jakob love wrestling! They do it all the time! And they play like that all the time!



Isnt he adorble???


Eating the Easter Eggs

too young to eat eggs yet!

They couldn't wait until sunday. Had to start eating them right away. Not sure if the dye was even dry yet.

Dying Easter Eggs

Lukas didn't feel very good on sat night. Runny nose and pink cheeks. Poor baby!

The kids still love dying eater eggs ( I include Jeff in that part as well. He enjoys it more than the kids I think). And I am very proud of Jeff this year. He did not spill any dye on my table! First year ever! Way to go babe!

Kids School Pictures

Here are the kids school pictures for this year! I love them. Jakob loved them too. He said he looks really cool! No self esteem problems there!

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