Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Pre opt


We are packed and ready to go to the Hospital. Kellsie has her first surgery today. She is pretty calm. I am not so calm. I know everything will go well. The dr is amazing and I trust him. I just don't like being away from her for so long while I am in the waiting room.

The dr said we can stay a night in the hospital to make sure we have the pain meds right. Thankful he doesn't want to send her home until she is feeling under control. I will be with her at the hospital. Big surprise right? Over protective mom smothering her. But she is my baby and I want to make sure she is getting the best care.

We will be home thursday am.

Thankful for my friend caitie who is watching the little ones this morning. Then Jeff will take a longer lunch to help and make sure all is well. Then Logan and Jakob have the little kids until JEff gets home.

They are excited about the endless supply of otter pops in the freezer. Funny thing is that they are only being watched by Logan for 3 hours and they think they are going to eat 100 otter pops. Well, they just might.

I am thankful to Heavnly Father who has guided us and helped us find this new dr. I am thankful for his wisdom. I know how much he loves us and wants us to be happy. Kellsie has waited so long to walk and not be in pain. She is a faithful daughter of God. Always goes to church, reads her scriptures, says her prayers, watches good movies and listens to good music. She is obedient and willing to follow the Lord.  I know she is being blessed because of her work and her desire to do and be good.

I love you Kellsie. I hope this helps relieve some of your burden.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Kellsie and.the dr

We went to a new foot dr. We went today for our first appointment. This is kellsie excited that the new dr will be able to help her. So grateful for our friends and family who have been praying for kellsie. These surguries will not make her feet perfect. But they will help with her pain. More surgeries might happen, we dont know. But this is a good start. Keep praying

Monday, July 8, 2013

Logans bday

Logan turned 12 today!!! We had a great family bday. He wanted brownies, mint ice cream, hot fudge, whipp cream and.cherries. Grandpa logan came to show love anf support.

I sure love my Logan. He is smart, funny, hardworking and fun to be with. Love u babe.

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