Wednesday, August 31, 2011

couple more days...

So today is wed. jeff is off on friday, sat, sun and monday (this never happens). We have to cram so much stuff into those days.

Kellsie and Logan start school on tuesday, so I need to get a couple more things off their lists. Nothing major, but requires running around. I am sure going to miss them when they are at school. Life is going to get really packed and crazy and I have no idea how I am going to do it all, but I am sure it will work out.

Lukas and I will be all alone for a while until Zofia comes. Then things will get a little more entertaining. I love having all my kids. Life is so much fun!

Monday, August 15, 2011


So Lukas LOVES hats. He took KEllsie's snow hat and wears it while eating otterpops. How adorable!

Lukas' chair

Aunt Kim gave Lukas a chair when we visited Buffalo. HE LOVES IT!!! Thanks Aunt Kim!!!
Jakob's first day of school today. he has always been my hugger. And when I dropped him off at school I got NO hug!!! I got a nod! What is that. Years of changing diapers, feeding, cooking, cleaning and washing your clothes and NO hug. I hate this growing up thing!!!

Monday, August 8, 2011


So we have had a really busy summer: Started with all the kids making AB honor roll at school and finishing the last week of school getting ice cream and sonic every day. Then we went right into:

Pioneer trek for kellsie
Girls camp for Kellsie
Girl Scout camp for Kellsie
Girl Scout Parties for Kellsie

Twilight (webelos) camp for Logan
Cub scout day camp for Logan

Playing for Lukas and Jakob

Vacation in Buffalo

Play Dates and Slumber Parties

and all the other home improvement projects, holidays, bdays and church events going on. We just finally settled down and feel we can breath. we have one more week before Jakob goes to school and one more month before kellsie and logan go back. Lukas is going to have a hard time being all alone again.

We have rearranged all the rooms, so we are ready for the sweet little baby girl who is coming sometime in oct.

Then in November Jakob gets baptized and we bless the baby all in one weekend.

I don't think out life will ever slow down, but I am grateful to be the mother of such wonderful kids. I love them so much and I want the best for them. I am also grateful for the best husband in the world! He works hard to provide for us so I can stay home and raise the kids. He always finds the time to play and teach the kids and make sure we go on lots and lots of dates. I also thing he is pretty darn cute!

Enjoy the 50 million posts. sorry it took so long.

Happy 4th!!!

We got back from Buffalo on the 3rd of July. Jeff had the 4th off, so we ran and did some grocery shopping and some firework shopping. the boys are old enough to lite some of the fireworks. Crazy scary for the mommy, but they have a good day who teaches them and makes sure they are safe.

Lukas liked the fireworks in the sky, but as soon as we started lighting them in the street, he got tired and went to bed. notice the drool mark on my shirt? life of a mom!

The Falls with Aunt Kim

I think I am about 24 weeks here.

I normally don't like to be in pics, but the kids kept wanting to take them and I figured, what the heck!

more of the Falls

We went to the Falls (USA side) and the kids went on maid of the Mist boat ride. aunt Kim, lukas and myself stayed on land as I wasn't sure how I would do on a boat that moved while I still had morning sickness.

Grandparents backyard

Grandpa and Grandma Giras have a cool back yard and the kids had a lot of fun playing. Especially since aunt Kim went out and bought a lot of outside toys and bubbles for them.

Logan and Lukas' Buffalo Bdays

While in buffalo they gave Logan and Lukas a bday party.Logan blowing out the candles
Lukas spitting all over the cake
cuz cody
Jakob having a blast!
Lukas wearing his bday crown. he loves hats!

Town Fair with Aunt kim

There was a town fair and aunt Kim took us there. The kids had a lot of fun. They went on rides, played games and ate food.Isn't she pretty?
One of the rides the older kids went on.
out of order again, but Jakob tried oysters and didn't like them.

Kellsie and aunt Kim listening to the concert.

More of the Town Fair

Lukas and Aunt Kim
Aunt Kim paid for them all to play a game and they all won! How much fun is that???

Lukas at his first game. he had to pick a duck as they floated by and then see if he won a prize.

Buffalo Trip

At the end of June we went to Buffalo to see family. We were able to see everyone but Uncle Tim and his wife Kim because they were on their vaccation.

The pictures went all out of order, but the boys were so tired everyday they just crashed! This is a blanket that Pa Pa Ed's mom made.
Lukas loves Grandma joan!
Grandpa playing with the kids and the bubbles Aunt Kim gave them
Cody and Kellsie
Lukas feeding Grandma.

Ice Skating with the Girl Scouts

Kellsie's Girl Scout Troop is no more so they took the rest of the money in their account and played! they went ice skating, to ice cream, to a hotel for a slumber party and then to get pedicures and hair styles. Here are the pics of the skating. Mostly of Kellsie cuz she is my favorite Girl Scout!

There was a lady there who competed and she gave the girls a little lesson
Kellsie, Jessica and Haylee
The girls before we left using paint markers to draw on their face. Such girls!


Jeff took Kellsie to a U2 concert in Denver. they got their early and spent a lot of time taking pictures of themselves picking up people below or squishing their heads. So much alike those two are.

My adorable daughter
How cute are they? Im glad they got to spend some time together!

San Diego Sea World

We went to Sea World (HOLY COW THE MONEY) But the kids had so much fun! Wish we could have stayed there another day. Lukas loves fish so he had the most fun.Here he was watching shammu and sitting on Jeff's lap. He wouldn't even take his eyes off the show long enough to find the popcorn. he just kept his hand in the bag so no one else could have some.
Jakob and Lukas loved the turtles. Jakob is so kind to Lukas helping him get up so he can see closer. what a good brother.
Kellsie took Lukas in the tunnel to see the sharks. all I kept thinking about it Jaws. I almost ran through the tunnel. stupid 80's movie that still gives me nightmares.
Why can't my kids open their eyes at the same time?
The star fish exhibit was way cool. The kids spend a lot of time here.

we also went to do the rides for the older kids while Lukas and I went to see more fish. The kids were really tired by the time we left.

After Sea World we went to aunt Rosie's families house were we celebrated conners bday. It is so nice to be around family. The kids ran around and played the whole time! Rose's family is amazing and we love spending time with them.

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