Wednesday, July 27, 2011

San Diego in May

Me and My siblings
sara Kissing a yucky boy. Oh, wait! That's michael
Casey, Caitlin and Randy
Sara and Michael

May in san Diego

Waiting at the Temple for Michael and Sara to come out. Lukas has handing with Grandpa (he had candy).
Grandpa thought it was funny to try and get Lukas to pick his nose. it was even funnier when I got Grandpa in the picture and NOT lukas!
David and rosie!!!
My beautiful daughter and her Mom (ME!)
Jakob, conner, Logan, Kellsie, Lukas and Casey

More from buffalo

The kids and cody at Uncle Marks House. the kids had so much fun playing with cody! they didnt want to leave and they talk about him all the time!
Cody and the boys
Laura and Lukas. Hard to hold Lukas when dogs are around.
cody was so sweet to take Lukas down the slide anytime he wanted.
the boys were in Cody's pool most of the time. Jakob almost became a fish...thank heavens he didn't.

More from Buffalo

Not in any order because I don't have a lot of time but wanted to get pics up for people to seeFamily at Niagara Falls.
On the plain trip home they asked the boys if they wanted to see the front of the plain. Totally cool!
Kids and Jeff went on maid of the mist.
We went to a town carnival with aunt Kim. The kids each won a prize and went on some rides.
Aunt kim bought the kids bubbles! The best toy ever created!!!

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